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Guylty *ooofs* again for the first time in yonks

Read Guylty’s analysis here. Sorry — saw this earlier today and thought it was fan art, which I don’t usually post here. It’s an official image.

Richard Armitage

Just Wondering Again About Meyer vs. Miller

Remember when Berlin Station’s newest transfer was Daniel Meyer, not Daniel Miller?

From this article on Donald Trump’s advisor

Daniel Meyer, a senior official within the intelligence community, described Schmitz’s 

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Giffing Berlin Station, or... PreoccupiedOnceAgain?

Confession: I have not been overly PreoccupiedWithArmitage for months. Now, that’s not to say that I didn’t jump in and arrange to see Love, Love, Love… 831 more words

Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage and spy story interview tropes -- 1

Still doing it with the hands, and actually looks younger, although he has tons of makeup on in the first picture. 27 more words

Richard Armitage