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Berlin Station, episode 7, first impressions [spoilers]

I moved into the camp of “don’t care if Richard Armitage wants to continue in this series or not” last week, and more or less stayed there this week. 3,385 more words

Richard Armitage

Frozen Motion: Richard Armitage and the Discobolos of Myron

I’ve been tossing this piece around for a couple of weeks…since watching episode 1 of Berlin Station.   Then I was distracted by a trip to New York to see some play…my account is coming soon. 460 more words

Some polls regarding Richard Armitage and Berlin Station

So, we’ve now seen six of ten episodes and the time when we could say “let’s wait and see what happens” is quickly passing. Here are some general questions that I’m interested in your reactions to. 21 more words

Richard Armitage

Berlin Station, episode 6, first impressions [spoilers]

The TL:DR summary — I didn’t find most of the plot of this episode all that plausible. Even worse, I don’t believe that humans actually behave this way. 3,874 more words

Richard Armitage

Berlin Station, episode 5, thoughts [spoilers]

Below follows a detailed recap with commentary. If I have three things to say for the TL;DR crowd, they would be:

  1. This episode was a great improvement on the last because we actually learned something about the depths of the characters.
  2. 4,341 more words
Richard Armitage

Berlin Station, episode 4, thoughts [spoilers] #richardarmitage

The TL;DR judgment — it took me hours just to summarize what happened in this episode. However, with the except of possibly Steven, very little effort is being made to flesh the actors out as people with emotional lives. 2,936 more words

Richard Armitage