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Bloody Merleau-Ponty

Ah well… It’s all Arty-Bollocks… Right up to the point where you find something you have experienced, and can see it as real.

So, having finished my MA nearly five years ago, and having suppressed the urge to burn anything with Deleuze and Guattari written on the front, I now find myself in the confusing state of mind of wanting to quote a bit of Merleau-Ponty. 586 more words

Object Art,

TV Review | Berlin Station

Berlin Station
Channel: Epix
Starring: Richard Armitage, Rhys Ifans, Richard Jenkins, Michelle Forbes, Leland Orser, Tamlyn Tomita.

Humpo Show Rating | 4.5 / 5

We are Thomas Shaw… 505 more words


Erasure "It Doesn't Have To Be Like That" 1987

Here’s my audio and visual reinterpretation of Erasure’s “why can’t we all just get along” opus. For this clip I have mangled the song’s original rather excellent video, with hopes that my liberties will be excused by those involved. 144 more words


Berlin Station, episode 10, first impressions [spoilers]

TL;DR summary — this was one of the better episodes in some ways, and I wish we’d seen more such visceral exchanges between the characters and open expressions of emotion and effective characterization throughout the series. 3,477 more words

Richard Armitage

[spoilers] Richard Armitage comments on Berlin Station episode 10

Here. If that picture belongs to this episode, we’ll be seeing some people we haven’t seen for ages. And if you watch the vid, prepare to be annoyed.

Richard Armitage

Random Richard Armitage

EPIX reminds us that the season finale is on this Sunday. Do you say “finAHL” or “fiNAHLee”? Richard Armitage said the latter.

Richard Armitage