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2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #24

I think, silly season is firmly on us. Gosh, it’s quiet. Never mind that Pilgrimage had another showing on Thursday in Brussels, facilitated by the Irish Embassy *yay*, and that Armitage himself actually tweeted that he had seen the film. 429 more words

Richard Armitage

Warm Leatherette

Feelings of an energetic spiral motion feeding into itself, forever and ever. A cycle never ending, energetic limbo. Those are the first thoughts that come to mind when The Normal’s, or Daniel Miller’s, masterpiece, “Warm Leatherette”, is played against my ear drums. 302 more words

Some ExtRA Questions

Before I get to the “extRA questions” of the title, I need to share another great ode by Kathy with the world. As always, too good to get lost in comments: 1,485 more words

Richard Armitage

2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #21

Hello, weekend readers. I took the liberty of scheduling the weekly round-up a day late. Not necessarily because I only got back from London on Friday afternoon, but really because I wanted to ride out the unusual level of attention I was getting since late Friday evening when I posted my… 977 more words

Richard Armitage

RA Challenge ♡ #25: Favourite Prop

Hands down, this is an easy question:

The gloves. Because they are a recurring theme. Exhibit 2 + 3:

Lucas – modern day Guy in leather with gloves… 191 more words

Richard Armitage

RA Challenge ♡ #23: F*ck Buddy

Ah yes… sorry for the terminology. And mild NSFW warning for a… let’s call it “off-colour”, if not downright raunchy, post. (But we are all adults here, so let’s say it as it is.) 287 more words