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Very positive Spanish review of Berlin Station #richardarmitage (translation)

Here. My rough translation:

It could be that you haven’t heard of “Berlin Station” yet, but it’s certain that you’re going to see it everywhere very soon. 497 more words

Richard Armitage

ICYMI: Berlin Station stuff #richardarmitage

Still trying to catch up with my notifications. I’m sure the devoted fan saw this all last week, but still. Journaling my fandom experience and all :) I took some of these from Guylty and Perry. 92 more words

Richard Armitage

So will we get another Richard Armitage intimate scene?

I confess I’d welcome that. Thorin never made out. Dolarhyde was creepy.

Richard Armitage

More on Richard Armitage and German pronunciation, because I can't stop


Continued from here.

I’ve skipping ahead in the series because to discuss the scene with the security cameras in episode 2 relies on issues I haven’t discussed yet. 1,162 more words

Richard Armitage