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Nevermind Watchdown: S17E3, or I didn't know it was gonna be this sort of show...

Youtube didn’t have E2, so onto the third, featuring the return of Chas “You’ve got my vote” Hodges, and Lucy Porter. Sure to be a very fun time. 487 more words

Nevermind Watchdown

You sing a sad song just to turn it around

Today’s keywords: Let Go of Stress!

I waaaant to do just that. Like seriously. But it’s easier said than done D: Today was such a major asdfghj. 479 more words

One Of These Days

Liberal Party Win In Canada Was A Bad Day for USA

Yesterday the voters of Canada elected Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party to a sweeping majority control of the government.  I am saddened for the Canadian people, who will now face the inevitable decline in their economy and quality of life that we battle every day. 202 more words


Bad Day [Daniel Powter]

You had a bad day….. but then you work at a smile and you go for a ride, and the magic will definitely come back! 47 more words

Great Songs