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The English Assassin - Daniel Silva

Warning: Possible Spoilers

Ex-Israeli agent and art restorer Gabriel Allon heads to Zurich, Switzerland to work on a painting owned by a reclusive millionaire. Upon his arrival, Allon is framed for his would-be employer’s murder and thrown into a high-stakes spy game regarding Switzerland’s collaboration with Nazi Germany in WWII. 393 more words

Written Wednesday

The English Assassin by Daniel Silva - Book

I have just finished reading the second book in the Gabriel Allon series, The English Assassin by Daniel Silva. One of the things that separates the Gabriel Allon series from other spy thrillers is that Gabriel works for Israeli intelligence. 761 more words


The Kill Artist by Daniel Silva - Book

I finally managed to find the first book in the Gabriel Allon series, only to find out that this book refers back to three prequels, including one about an operation to avenge the deaths at the Munich Olympics. 476 more words


Moscow Rules by Daniel Silva - Book

In Moscow Rules by Daniel Silva, when a Russian journalist dies in the arms of Gabriel Allon, an Israeli operative, at the Basilica in Rome, Gabriel’s highest level friends in the Vatican are not thrilled. 471 more words


The Messenger by Daniel Silva - Book

I seem to have summer fever. Instead of reading nonfiction with serious content, I have wandered back to lighter fare. Since I am of the firm conviction that even fiction that entertains is not necessarily cheerful and may even encompass some social commentary, my idea of a frivolous summer book may not be the same as yours. 678 more words


What's coming now through July?

The Hawaiian Discovery, by Wanda Brunstetter. Coming June, 2018.
Ellen has received the Amish church’s permission to go to Hawaii and help her friend Mandy through challenging times. 661 more words

Book Review: The Rembrandt Affair.

Finally moving beyond the world of Victoria and steampunk, it’s time for me to start reading thrillers and heists, as I work my way through the rough draft of Under the Rain of Light, an Ocean’s 11 style manuscript I’m in the process of writing.   812 more words