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Daniel Fast - Day 12: Prayer Walk

I went on my very first prayer walk around the downtown section of the City of Staunton.  At first, I debate on doing it, because of the temperature being in the low to mid-teens.  342 more words


How to Navigate a Crisis... Without Getting Killed!

The story of Daniels life is rife with examples of him, willing stand out in the face of perilous odds. In Daniel chapter 2 we find him in a situation that seemed to be headed towards certain death. 441 more words


The Sun is also a Star

The Sun is also a Star tells the story of a day spent by Natasha, an illegal immigrant about to be deported, and Daniel, a Korean American about to go to an interview for Yale. 655 more words


Questions for Reflection and Discussion (Daniel 9 1-19)

The Uniform Series text for Sunday, January 21 is Daniel 9:1-19, Daniel’s prayer on behalf of the exiles in Babylon. Here are some questions that we might (or might not) want to consider in class: 456 more words


Learning and Boundaries

There’s a phenomenon in people where your location or mental state affects what you remember. This creates a problem in the realm of education because, if learning is context-dependent, what you learn in school may be easily recalled in the classroom, but it may be less able to be recalled outside the classroom (some things, like reading, are obviously retained, but learning to read is a different thing than learning science facts). 694 more words

Hero Saturday - Daniel - 20/1/18

Hero WOD – “Daniel”

50 Pull-ups
Run, 400 m
21 Thrusters, 42.5/30kg
Run, 800 m
21 Thrusters, 42.5/30kg
Run, 400 m
50 Pull-ups

New Year's Dreams

With new years come many hopes, dreams, and aspirations, and dreams seem to have been a common occurrence for king Nebuchadnezzar. He had another dream and again he tried to find the meaning of his dream to no avail. 147 more words