John’s Horror Corner: Hatchet II (2010), an intestine-strangling, curb-stomping, head-smashing good time…after a devastatingly slow start.

MY CALL: Not holding a candle to the former glory of its predecessor, this sequel offers a redeemingly gory third act after a rather boring first hour. 586 more words

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Amy awakens in a seemingly abandoned hospital during a hurricane. As she explores the halls of the hospital she discovers the remaining doctors and nurses are doing horrible things to the few patients left. 746 more words


See No Evil 2 (2014)

Plot: After he slaughtered a number of victims at a historic hotel, Jacob Goodnight (Kane) is now dead and en route to the morgue for analysis. 551 more words

Streaming: Victor Crowley (2018)

Last year horror filmmaker Adam Green dropped a pleasant surprise for fans with the announcement that a new Hatchet film, Victor Crowley (2018), wasn’t just in development, but was finished and due for an early 2018 release. 704 more words

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Movie review: Victor Crowley

Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, and Freddy Kreuger.

All names that have made their mark in the horror movie industry and beyond, such was the impact that these characters had in arguably the golden era of the genre. 360 more words

Movie Review

Victor Crowley -Hacking The Hell Out Of The Hatchet Franchise

With as many horror franchises that exist it’s somewhat easier to forgive myself for just being introduced to Victor Crowley and his Hatchet legacy.
For all those who haven’t traveled into the swamps of Louisiana or, for the fans who have begged to be a victim let’s take a look into what in my opinion is the best and worst of these movies, that have to blatantly remind you of an 80s rival, who comically was hired to portray both parts. 723 more words


Time loop thriller ‘Inoperable’ on DVD & VOD next month

Scream Queen and genre favorite Danielle Harris heads to home entertainment in February in the thriller from Christopher Lawrence Chapman INOPERABLE. Harris stars as an patient stuck in a time loop with some menacing characters while a tornado looms outside. 173 more words

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