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Rejecting Court Documents????

A few days ago, court order modification paperwork was sent to the defendant, Danielle Haney (Gemberling) in an effort to return to court and have the custody order looked at and modified.   267 more words


Guy Skateboards Across the Hood of a $200K Car in Ybor...

Well, this wasn’t a smart choice.

Surveillance footage from 7th Avenue in Ybor last Friday caught a guy skateboarding across the hood of this blue Audi R8… 108 more words

This Guy Just Picked $1,500 Over the Chance to WIN A CAR on 'The Price is Right'

Do you think he’s kicking himself after watching this on TV?

Poor Kevin was playing a game where he COULD HAVE WON A CAR, but when Drew Carey presented him with what seemed like a very simple choice: roll this last dice twice and try to get the car, or walk away with $1,500…he picked the cash, and people FREAKED OUT. 16 more words

Danni wants a Kia Stonic and no, it's not the gin and tonic talking

In a crowded market, the Kia Stonic compact SUV crossover has some stiff competition, so I set out to discern if it’s worth choosing over its many rivals. 854 more words

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Nick Jonas Dramatically Reads Craigslist 'Missed Connections' Ads


You’ve heard of Craigslist’s ‘Missed Connections’ right?

It’s an online catch-all for people who think they’ve passed the person of their dreams in some random place and desperately want to find them. 70 more words

The Best Picture from this Wedding Doesn't Even Have the Groom in It...

If you’re married – you know what it’s like. There’s always that ONE picture from the day that you’ll remember forever.

The poor groom involved in this wedding didn’t even get to be in that picture. 89 more words

The new Citroen C3 Flair assessed by Danni Bagnall

There’s no denying that the new third-generation Citroen C3 supermini model looks great, but it isn’t just about design and even smarter technology ahead of its predecessor, it has been designed with comfort in mind.  615 more words

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