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Photos: Kevin Jonas and Wife Danielle Expecting Baby No. 2

Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle are expecting their second child. Kevin made the exciting announcement via Instagram. He captioned a photo of himself reading a pregnancy book while Danielle is seen snacking and wrote, “Preparing for baby number two!” 53 more words

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Danielle & Michael | Adoption Profile

“Adoption has been part of our lives and has touched our hearts in so many ways. We want to share all that we have and are excited to become parents through the miricale of adoption!” ~Danielle & Michael

Asset Management Systems | Danielle

From cradle to grave. Start to finish. Beginning to end. It’s all about management. More specifically? Asset Management. The term alone, asset management, seems like it will be full of technical jargon and so complicated you’ll be asleep within minutes. 74 more words

Dear Danielle...

Dear Danielle, thank you.

Dear Danielle,

I don’t know where to begin when writing this letter to you. If only there was an easy way to say ‘thank you, I love you, stay away from me and I hate you’ all at the same time. 516 more words


Be nice people...

You never know what someone is struggling with. Don’t call them fat or skinny, call them beautiful. Don’t call them slut or whore, call them wo(men). 92 more words

Where Am I?

Caught between nowhere and everywhere,
at the intersection of lost and confused,
alone in a crowded room–
Kept company only by my detrimental thoughts.

-Danielle Shelan


Consuming you like a disease as vile as the black plague.
Forcing you to numb the pain with shots
in arm, in mouth, in head. 
Staring off into the distance with your blood shot gray eyes
as piercing as the teeth of a wolf–
as beautiful as its fragile prey. 81 more words