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Alex Sucks

There is little more annoying than an overrated Big Brother player with a large fan base. These irrational individuals have absolutely no ability to be objective and examine their fav’s game honestly.  3,525 more words

To be or Not To Be....Sincere ***DaniGee**

Sincere: sinˈsir/ (adj.) free from pretense or deceit; proceeding from genuine feelings.

Happy Tuesday!!!!

My pastor has good sermons but his delivery can be a little lackluster. 177 more words

Trade Days 2016 Bigger and Better! | Danielle

Trade Days 2016 saw the Kinetic Media Team exhibiting for the second year in a row!
Last year was all about establishing our brand awareness and that really showed over this year’s two-day event as so many visitors came specifically to find us. 68 more words