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Dear Lars Løkke


I’m Danish. I’m also British. I grew up and have lived in England for the majority of my life, but through careful and considerate parenting, I have always felt at home in Denmark – I can speak fluent Danish and try and stay as up-to-date with Danish politics as I can, to make sure Denmark remains as large a part of my identity as possible. 452 more words


Denmark: Not so happy now

A few thoughts after being interviewed by RTE (Irish radio, which you can listen to here) about Denmark’s decision to confiscate jewellery and cash worth more than 10,000 Danish Kroner (£1,000) from refugees. 174 more words


1 January 2016 Denmark

Hello 2016. The news of the day tells about injuries caused by fireworks, a few fires, and how many times the fire and rescue people had to jump in their red trucks to save the day. 279 more words


Danish Referendum: Why the UK should be watching

I originally wrote this opinion piece for the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten, which they translated into Danish (you can read the Danish version here.) 550 more words


Denmark: No easy answer to the refugee crisis

An equal society, a happy nation, the least corrupt country in the world. Denmark has a lot going for it, particularly when it comes to soft power. 590 more words


Another one of those "too close to call" elections

 The winner! Lars Loekke Rasmussen, who led the winning centre-right bloc,  Photograph: Nils Meilvang/EPA 

While we in the U.S. are busy with public tragedies (shootings) and comedies (presidential candidates), there’s been another national election in Europe! 131 more words


Danish Election: Denmark turns right

I wrote this piece this morning for The Huffington Post and you can see it on their website here. Otherwise, it’s in full below, with some extra comments from Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s husband, Stephen Kinnock. 678 more words

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