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The Beantown Blueprint

Since 1946 and in front of some the league’s most raucous fans, the Boston Celtics have amassed 17 Championships, 21 Conference and 22 Division Titles and retired 22 playing numbers. 2,443 more words


We Are On Porzingis Watch High Alert!

Whether its early onset dementia or Phil Jackson just hates Kristaps Porzingis with a fiery fucking passion for blowing off his end of season meeting with the Zen Master, either way Phil just went nuclear. 208 more words


Boston Celtics 2017 NBA Draft Preview Guide

Justin Vadenais

After winning the draft lottery and hyping up Celtics nation, Dealin’ Danny Ainge went right ahead and traded the number one pick, getting in return the number 3 overall pick and (here’s where it gets confusing) the 2018 Lakers pick, if it falls 2-5. 803 more words


Robb: Answering Every Question About Complex Celtics-76ers Trade

By Brian Robb, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — NBA trades can be confusing, and the latest Celtics swap is not an exception to that reality. 1,116 more words


Josh Jackson Reportedly Won't Work Out For Celtics Unless They Commit To Him At No. 3

BOSTON (CBS) — Two days ahead of the NBA Draft, Josh Jackson will not work out for the Boston Celtics unless the team makes some promises. 311 more words


Breaking down a minute of the most EXTREME, flop-sweatiest take on The Process ever recorded

Sometimes the Gods smile upon you, my friends. This gem was went to us on Twitter via @rfmchenry1371, a segment from “SPORTS RAGE” starring Gabe Morency. 737 more words


What The Celtics Need To Do Next

So as many of you already know, late Saturday night the Celtics agreed to trade their first overall pick in this years draft for the 76ers third overall pick. 421 more words