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Episode 113 - The Captain and The Cat - Red Dwarf

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It’s cold outside, no kind of atmosphere, all alone more or less… Any fan of Red Dwarf will be able to complete the rest of that song and of course the only way that you can sing it, loudly, and this is the show that Gerri and Eugenia will be discussing in this episode. 179 more words


Set Report: Series XII – Episode 6 (9th March 2016)

For one final time, Red Dwarf fans gathered at Pinewood on Wednesday night for the last recording of Series XII, all be it several days later than originally expected. 1,849 more words


Set Report: Series XII – Episode 5 (26th February 2016)

While it isn’t the final episode for Series XII, this week did see the final recording on a Friday night after the last minute changes to the final episode of the series. 1,623 more words


Set Report: Series XII – Episode 3 (12th February 2016)

After a difficult recording last week with a late finish and few of the scenes being shot within sight of the audience, it was generally expected that this weeks recording would be a different affair. 1,689 more words


Set Report: Series XII – Episode 2 (5th February 2016)

With the episodes recorded so far in both Series XI and XII, we have been presented with a variety of stories, guest stars, locations and more that have surprised and been memorable. 2,297 more words


Set Report: Series XII – Episode 1 (29th January 2016)

Series XI may have completed filming a few weeks ago in the tail end of last year, but before we get to see it on screens there is still more to record. 1,882 more words


The Easy Riders are back!!

On Monday a new series of The Easy Riders will start on Community Channel starring Danny John-Jules and narrated by Chris Barrie. It will be followed by the film Bucky created and directed by Danny.
Monday 9:30 Community Channel