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Sausage Party (2016): One of the best animated movies I've seen in a while!

What is it about?

A pack of sausages (even though they are actually frankfurters) live a happy life in your average grocery store with thousands of other food items. 427 more words

Perfect For A Date Night

“Alien: Covenant” gets first poster & earlier release

20th Century Fox has released the first poster for Ridley Scott’s upcoming prequel-sequel “Alien: Covenant” and it included some great news – the film is now opening May 19th. 37 more words


The First Official Poster for 'Alien: Covenant' Will Make You Run

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus wasn’t the most disliked movie of the year, but because of how much excitement and hype revolved around the film, it’s considered a disappointment by many. 405 more words


▣ McBride's Brotherly Quest.

stMain Features No 63

▣ Reviewing Your Highness (2011)

A younger, useless, Prince is sent by his father to help his much adored elder brother on a quest; to save his brother’s lovely bride to be from the clutches of an evil wizard. 1,113 more words

Film Review

"They are eating children! Fucking children!" - Sausage Party Review

If you’re looking for an alternative animated film that’s different from the usual Disney/Pixar and Dreamworks animation, then Sausage Party would be the ideal.  It has all the hallmarks and aesthetics of a cute film that you would normally attribute for a young audience but it’s an adult centric comedy. 1,205 more words


SAUSAGE PARTY (2016) Movie Review: Filthy Goodness…

Finding out the truth about one’s existence isn’t just a journey important for humans. Frank the sausage from Shopwell’s supermarket has heard some extremely disturbing news about what happens after he and his fellow food product friends are chosen and taken out of Shopwell’s and into ‘the great beyond.’ So begins the mad food horror / comedy / adventure that is… 282 more words


Sausage Party - Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)


The dream once was to stick a sausage between a soft bun, but then they learned after such bliss they would be eaten. This is the story of how food learned the truth of their fate and when they fought back. 633 more words

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