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John Carpenter ha hablado sobre la linea temporal de la nueva película de 'Halloween'

Por: Cesar Cortez

John Carpenter, nuevamente, ha salido a la palestra con respecto a la nueva película de HALLOWEEN que él esta produciendo además de estar detrás de la música, y tal parece que trae una gran novedad acerca de la linea temporal de la historia. 145 more words


Judy Greer Tipped For Halloween Reboot.

It appears Arrested Development actrees Judy Greer could be fleshing out the role of Jamie Lee Curtis’ daughter in the forthcoming Halloween reboot.

Talks are underway to add Greer to the cast  and if confirmed she would play Karen Strode daughter of Laurie Strode, a role which Jamie Lee Curtis recently annunced she would be reprising. 133 more words

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Alien Covenant

Viewed – 03 October 2017  Online-rental

I was optimistic about this one.  I was initially a little hyped when it hit theatres considering that director… 345 more words


Alien: Covenant (2017) izle

Alien: Covenant (2017) izle
Koloni gemisi Covenant’ın mürettebatı galaksinin oldukça uzak bir köşesinde, keşfedilmemiş cennet olarak varsaydıkları bölgenin aslında karanlık ve çok tehlikeli bir yer olduğunu anlarlar. 25 more words

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Alien: Covenant (2017)

Once more we shall send only our most competent, highly trained, and qualified astronauts to venture into space for the good of humanity. Or failing that we instead send the crew from Alien: Covenant, a film that heavily relies on ‘Alien: The Greatest Hits’, whilst being dominated by performances from Michael Fassbender and Katherine Waterston. 903 more words


Jamie Lee Curtis Returning for "Final" Halloween Movie

The one slasher horror franchise in need of redemption returns to theaters next fall.  

Well, this is a nice surprise.

On Friday afternoon, Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions announced that Jamie Lee Curtis is returning to play the iconic Halloween franchise character Laurie Strode in what is being called the “final” Halloween movie in the franchise.    204 more words


Thoughts on the return of ‘Halloween’

As I sit here sippin’ on the last moscow mule of the weekend my head starts to think about Jamie Lee Curtis. Sure in my ripe old age of 38 there were moments when she could have been deemed a crush, but more in a TRUE LIVES sense than Laurie Strode. 504 more words

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