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Alien: Covenant (Review)

Let me be Clear, I am an Alien fanboy, the beautiful photo above has been my lock screen photo since it was revealed months ago. You can read… 775 more words


Review: In Space, No One Can Hear You Laugh at “Alien: Covenant”

Kevin: Nearly five years after “Prometheus” intrigued, confused, annoyed, and in some cases enraged audiences, Ridley Scott is back with a follow-up that appears to be just as polarizing as its predecessor. 1,823 more words


Alien Covenant, Dark Universe and Bad Movie Descriptions - MMGA Episode #15

Steely Phil replaces Adam on the 15th episode of the Make Movies Great Again Podcast. On this episode, we stump each other with Bad Movie Descriptions, attempt to sum up Alien Covenant in one word, gush over Tom Hardy as Venom and try to make sense of Universal Pictures’ new ‘Dark Universe.’ 98 more words

Broken Promises: An "Alien: Covenant" Review

By: Daniel Reynolds

It was a bizarre decision to have Guy Pearce appear in Prometheus exclusively in old-aged makeup. Five years later however, this pays off in the followup,  855 more words


'Alien: Covenant' Review

It’s no wonder “Alien: Covenant’s” title changed from “Paradise Lost.” All the promise from its “Prometheus” predecessor is hard to find in this return-to-gory sequel. 490 more words


Alien: Covenant

Prometheus divided fans of the Alien Franchise because of its notorious lack of “xenomorphs,” the iconic, penis headed movie monsters that we first encountered in 1979’s… 1,179 more words


Flash Movie Review: Alien: Covenant

IF a person wants to learn how to drive a car there is a set of rules and regulations that must be followed to get a license. 547 more words