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Roger Ebert: The Last Critic Who Mattered?

Bob Verini

This week’s opening night tribute to the Toronto Film Festival’s chief cheerleader, the late Roger Ebert, will beg a key question: Can anyone fill his shoes? 603 more words


"Pink Flamingos" (1972) dir. John Waters

Back when I was 12 years old or so and would be allowed to go off on my own at the local shopping mall, I used to spend a lot of my time at Walden Books. 421 more words


The essential geek library: 'Cult Movies' by Danny Peary

Back in the old days, everything you wanted to know about movies and TV shows and comic books – their makers, their history, their detractors, their weird variations – wasn’t available for perusal at the click of a mouse. 359 more words


Starburst Memories: Cult Movies by Danny Peary

DUCK SOUP brought to mind, the book “Cult Movies” by Danny Peary. Published in 1981, it remains an important book in the film canon as it gave serious, passionate insight into films ignored by mainstream audiences at the time. 341 more words

Starburst Memories

Roger Maris: Baseball's Reluctant Hero

For all of you guys that don’t know, there’s a new book out called: Roger Maris: Baseball’s Reluctant Hero (by Tom Clavin and Danny Perry). I just got the book a few days ago, and I find the history and behind the scenes stories fascinating. 660 more words

Yankees Miscellaneous


‘Cult’ is a broad term. It can cover something successful with a rabid fanbase or something more niche, but with disciples willing to die, or at least, exchange crossed words with critics over it. 934 more words


The Initial Entry

My father was, and is, a film buff. His tastes and mine don’t completely overlap (subtitles turn him off, for one thing), but his influence over my initial interest in film in incalculable. 448 more words