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TV Review: Powerless S1E4 Emily Dates a Henchman

When Emily sets her sights on the dating world she unknowingly falls for one of the Riddler’s henchmen; Teddy and Ron find a Batman artifact and discover Van’s superhero fantasy. 468 more words


TV Review: Powerless S1E3 Sinking Day

After the ream loses a client due to Van’s incompetence, Emily tries to clinch a deal with Atlantis; Van’s father gives him a chance to redeem himself; Teddy and Ron are convinced that new employee Alex is a superhero. 332 more words


Thwip! Watch - Powerless - S01E03 - Sinking Day

Thwip! Watch is all about what goes on our screens, namely TV. Whether CW or Fox or NBC or what-have-you, you can be sure that we here at Thwip! 276 more words


Powerless (S01E02) "Wayne Dream Team"

Can you combine being a boss and friend with her team? Emily tries to balance it out.

This week’s episode deals when Emily and her team gets word of their latest idea, the rumbrella, gets the go ahead to be made and tested. 391 more words

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TV Review: Powerless S1E2 Wayne Dream Team

The second episode of Powerless sees a superhero power up in a good way. When Emily tries to get the members of her team excited about a new product idea, she can’t get them to break their obsession with a Fantasy Super Hero League; Van makes plans to be included in the Wayne dream-team photo. 234 more words


Powerless (S01E01) "Wayne Or Lose"

It’s a great concept: “It’s a superhero world and we live in it.”

Powerless, the first comedy from DC Comics, dives into the world where normal non-superpower people who lives with superheroes battling villains everyday and suffers from it. 273 more words

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TV Geek Review: Powerless (Pilot)

It’s gotten quite good to be a comic book geek in recent years, having going from a real niche area of fandom, looked down upon, save for children’s entertainment.   607 more words