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[ClearOS] Patch Content Filter Warning Page for E2Guardian

If you following my previous tutorial for installing e2guardian in ClearOS you may face strage warning page when content filter detecting some block content, here’s some example. 84 more words


[ClearOS] Increase Content Filter Performance Using E2Guardian

ClearOS 6 using dansguardian version 2.10 as it’s web content filter service, i’ve been faced dansguardian performance issue in large client usage event though Performance Level… 323 more words

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Tweaking DansGuardian

When I deployed the new proxy solution I mentioned in the previous post, I said it was something about DansGuardian + Squid. This solution comes with ClearOS, and this nice box deserves a whole post later to talk about its features. 815 more words


Allowing specific services from Google through a proxy in blanket block mode

I deployed a new proxy solution just yesterday. Before that, we simply had a Squid running on our gateway and routed everything through it, but it was quite outdated, full of old rules that I didn’t know what the hell they were about, plenty of regular expressions that I couldn’t understand and maintain… a huge mess that was basically a pain in my ass. 858 more words