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Dante's Paradise: Canto 19 Retelling — Jupiter — Symbolic Eagle

Chapter 19: Jupiter — Symbolic Eagle

Before Dante’s eyes was the figure of the Eagle, a figure that was formed by the joyful souls of the just. 2,080 more words

My prescription of love worked!

I have spent the last two weeks helping Grandma to feel better…and Dr. Dante feels great that his prescription of love worked….Grandma and I spent our last day together with time outside in the sunshine (and my reward was a ride on Grandma’s walker!) 11 more words

Wrath of Khan - Literate Sci-Fi

“How do you feel Jim?”

Do you ever read a book or watch a movie as a kid who was maybe too young to do so, and think… 1,277 more words


Dante's Paradise: Canto 18 Retelling — Jupiter — Lovers of Justice

Chapter 18: Jupiter — Lovers of Justice

Cacciaguida was happy because he knew that Dante would eventually write The Divine Comedy.

Dante was silent for a while as he thought about the exile awaited him. 1,642 more words

Vox in Papam

Are you there already, Boniface? Are you Benedetto Caetano?
Ah. No, you’re not. I thought you are.

I’m here because of what I have done. Having the life on Earth brought me to sins, to simony.

199 more words

The Wall

Recently struck with a monster case of writer’s block, which is in and of itself a wall, I panicked, which never helps. It’s like trying to stop drowning by inhaling more water, figuring that if I drink enough of it, it will no longer be there to suffocate me. 870 more words


Friends at Burning Man

My first year at Burning Man was a solitary experience.

For the most part, I felt like I was struggling to do things with anyone but myself. 234 more words