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Those you love at your Home Base

As you all know, my Grandma has the Best Lap in the Whole Wide World but…HER lap is my Home Base…

HER lap is the one that I love coming back to after my Pupcations with Grandma…the lap that reminds what a lucky little guy I am to have so much love… 63 more words

Cantos 6 in Purgatory and Paradise: prelude to authority

The common thread of all the Cantos 6: Inferno, Purgatory, and Paradise is political. Dante speaks to three people from Italy who expound upon politics in Italy. 168 more words


Let the spoiling begin!

Look at me…I got the full spa treatment and a new summer-time haircut…and then SHE tells me that we’re going to Grandma’s…yee haa…another Pupcation!

Yep…me and Mini-Me are headed to Grandma’s house…let the spoiling begin!


Music: Dante - Dance To The Bass (Belinda) + Cyant Stop We Fame

Onoja Daniel a.k.a Dante is a Nigerian rapper, singer, songwriter and Fashion designer who holds a Bachelor’s degree from Confluence state owned university (Kogi State University, Anyigba) in Public Administration. 123 more words


Canto 6 Inferno

In this part of Hell are the gluttonous. They are face down in mire and there is a constant cold rain pelting upon them.

Food is meant for vigor and warmth. 128 more words


I'll Never Tell: My Darkest Days

My biggest secret is a couple of months after my mother’s death I was hospitalized for a supposed suicide attempt. It wasn’t really, I wouldn’t do that. 379 more words



Bark Out Loud My Friends…It’s TGIF

You read the instructions…now get out there and run, romp and play….ooops, I mean celebrate…bark bark bark!