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Portraits : Beatrix

This drawing is based on a sculpture by Joseph Hugues Fabisch which is visible at the Fine Arts Museum in Lyon. It might be my favorite piece here. 24 more words


Mama's Boy...and Proud of it!

Look at this totally cute tee SHE put on me for our walk last night: Mama’s Boy.  Now I know in some circles that’s not cool…but when you are a little guy like me with four-legs…it is not only cool, it is something to be proud of!  70 more words

In Florence you do not have to look for Renaissance – it is on every single corner.

Even after over 500 years were are still discovering things that originate in Florence: gelato ice cream or Florentine steak –T-bone steak typical for Florence, leather products – they are everywhere and art. 880 more words

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Monday Morning Blues...

Just when I was getting used to HER Big Comfy Bed…SHE breaks the news that it’s Monday and time for HER to go back to work…oh no…say it isn’t so…why can’t SHE stay home with me another day? 7 more words

The Secret of Life...

Don’t miss that big beautiful Full Moon…look up!


♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ I Smell Good...Like I knew That I Would ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

A Day at My Spa sure does work wonders…a relaxing bath, a haircut, some pampering and a brand new bandana and I feel like a new Little Man. 36 more words

I wish

I wish

I wish for Plenty:
manna, songs, dancing, smiles
gin, tonic, lime – even porter and champagne

especially the hugs of others
warm hearths for my belly… 148 more words