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A bit a heaven here on earth!

Oh Grandma…I really missed you!


Grandma’s really are a bit a heaven here on earth!


Dante's Virtuous Pagans

One of the most striking theological innovations (perhaps more so even than the “Neutrals”) in Dante’s Commedia is his inclusion in Limbo of, not just “little children,” but also of formerly pagan “men and women.” The classic doctrine of Limbo — as articulated by Thomists, for instance (cf.  328 more words

Thomas Aquinas

F is for Friday & Four-Day Weekend!

One guess where I’m going this morning….

Grandma says she is just as excited as I am too…hehehehehe…yippee!

Make room Grandma…I’m coming to sit on THE Best Lap in the Whole Wide World! Are we there yet?


Dante would have recognized them.

I teach literature and among my favorite topics is Dante’s idea of hell. His 9 circles of hell and the sins that qualify us to land in each of them have greatly influenced many cultures’ view of the afterlife. 324 more words

Filipino Humor

Eliot's Inferno

In The Waste Land, Eliot observes, “Unreal City / Under the brown fog of a winter dawn, / A crowd flowed over London Bridge, so many, / I had not thought death had undone so many” (lines 6o-3). 230 more words

T.S. Eliot

The Trinity pt7


   The sun peeked in from the open balcony of our French Quarter hotel waking me up, I slowly sat up and looked over to bother a still sleeping Katt. 3,488 more words

If Heaven And Hell Both Exist On Earth, Where Do You Prefer To Live?

It’s all relative, up for debate, and frankly a universal discussion that is deeply rooted in the fabric of mankind and secular institutions for centuries. Some of the world’s greatest operas of artistic and literary works and religious texts describe both existences so vividly — yet the sources of “proof” and/or “imagination” are in question. 614 more words