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Inferno by Dante Alighieri


I’ve recently completed my journey through Inferno.  What an imagination!  An unforgettable descent through the nine circles of Hell.  The imagery of all those souls suffering through their various torments must have terrified those who first read it 700 years ago. 312 more words

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Everything is code, everything is number. And the medievals knew this, of course.

Modern biology has been telling us that all living matter may be reduced to code stored in the DNA. Physics may be reduced to mathematical formulae, which in turn can be distilled down to numbers, the most elusive of all our objects of thought. 286 more words

Recenzie: Aristotel si Dante descopera secretele universului - B.A. Saenz

Sincera sa fiu am fost atrasa spre aceasta carte datorita altor blogari sau youtuberi care o indrageau si care m-au facut sa vreau din ce in ce mai mult sa o citesc sfarsind mai apoi prin a o cumpara. 203 more words


You Guys Have Gone Too Far!

Well Well Well…look what happens when I leave Grandma’s house…another version of Mini-Me and Mini-Me2  come to take my place and celebrate Grandma’s Birthday

Thank you for helping to celebrate my Grandma’s Birthday…but you guys have gone too far…rides are only for me, THE REAL DANTE! 20 more words

Canto 26 Purgatory: lustful remade

Remember, reader, this is Purgatory. Where sin is no longer and where those who did sin repented in their life at a later point. But also remember if one does not believe in Purgatory remember this book as the journey from blindness and sin toward redemption, light, and God Himself. 337 more words


Here's how to spend your Sunday...

YAY! It’s Sunday!

I see you smiling…enjoy your Sunday!

Dante Reimagined

A rewrite of sorts of Dante’s Inferno.  For some, hell is only temporary. For others – perhaps not!

First Quarter

Level One – The Mentally Lazy / Indolent… 785 more words