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Dante's Inferno: Canto 22 Retelling — Ciampolo of Navarre and Deceived Demons

Chapter 22: Ciampolo of Navarre and Deceived Demons

Dante thought, I have seen military officers and battles and retreats. I have seen military scouts and raiding parties and tournaments. 1,129 more words

Are We There Yet?

Get your lap ready Grandma…your Little Dante is on his way!! Are we there yet?


Reading Dante

There was no hope in the Inferno

And neither was there any future

The first glimpse of future comes in Purgatorio

Where a man says “I will sing” 86 more words


Dante's Inferno: Canto 21 Retelling — The Grafters

Chapter 21: The Grafters

Arriving at the fifth pocket, Dante noticed a strange darkness. A dark pitch or tar was boiling in the pocket the way that dark pitch boiled when the Venetians repaired their ships during the winter when they could not sail. 1,133 more words

Dante-locks and the Three Beds

Once upon a time there was a Little Guy named Dante who was very very loved. He had lots and lots of friends & family who showered him (spoiled him) with Bo-Bos galore that he knows by name. 128 more words

Inferno Summary

Robert Langdon wakes up in a hospital with a short term memory loss. He then started having visions of people suffering.  Dr. Sienna Brooks, who took him under her care, told him this was the cause of a bullet wound. 297 more words

Dante's Spiritual Journey

Dante Alighieri lost the true path, as he called it, toward the middle of his life. Wandering without direction, he stumbled on the spirit of the poet Virgil, who promised to lead him through hell and purgatory to visit heaven. 589 more words