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Fishing for a Headline (Danyil Oranje; April 1, 2013)

March 5, 2013

Dynamo Kyiv @ Chelsea, EURO Cup
Chelsea 2 (Romelu Lukaku 45p; Eden Hazard 55) – Dynamo Kyiv 1 (Admir Mehmedi 82)
Blues’ Best: Eden Hazard… 875 more words


A Bit Disorienting (Chelsea; March 1, 2013)

February 1, 2013

Leigh sat on her couch, one hand absently tracing the ridged edge of the cushion. She edged the volume up on her remote. 1,901 more words


Far Beyond His Reach

January 1, 2013

Chelsea enters 2013 struggling a bit uncharacteristically: they sit with a few games in hand, but decidedly mid-table, eighteen points of league-leading Tottenham.

843 more words

A Tendency to Attempt the Impossible

Writing in this story will be less frequent than before and, if I am successful in what I want to do, focus more off the field than on it, although always with events at Chelsea as a strong part of the set and setting.

856 more words


June 29, 2012

Jozef. Thanks for coming by.

Our big bear of a goalkeeping coach, Jozef Mlynarczyk settles into the chair across from me. My nerves are on edge immediately: he is fiddling with a thread that hangs from the sleeve of his warm-up jacket, and his eyes, usually bright with energy and enthusiasm, are tight, shielded. 1,262 more words


Spreading the News

June 27, 2012

Danyil glanced up to see his face next to his name in large block letters on the back page of the paper Ruud was reading. 1,060 more words


The Chelsea Women (Chelsea v Portsmouth)

June 5, 2012

Under 20 International
USA Under 20s v Aruba Under 20s
, Rice Track and Soccer Stadium
USA 5 (Leigh Musicek 19, Chris Lee 23, Jack Beckerman 32, Jonathan Evans 45+2, Willie Roberts 83) 904 more words