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Itachi Massacres Uchiha Clan! Joining Akatsuki - Naruto Shippuden 455

Naruto Shippuden 455 seems to have upped it’s game as this chapter shows the story of how Itachi annihilated his own clan, the Uchiha, in order to prevent war within the Leaf Village. 526 more words


Sasuke's Power! Naruto Returns - Naruto Shippuden 443

Naruto Shippuden 443 see’s the return of Naruto to the village of the Leaf, he notices that everyone and everything has changed into nothing but a village run by the police consisting of Sasuke and his thugs controlling and preventing the village from developing. 135 more words


Naruto Gaiden Manga:Saradas mother theory!!!

well all know the truth about Sarada ┬ámother is a bit ambiguous….at first we have seen Karins image with Sasuke..then we went on to see Sakura pregnent…then Karins cells was found in the Saradas…and to top that Sasuke is not looking cheating type…. 108 more words