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Sasuke's Power! Naruto Returns - Naruto Shippuden 443

Naruto Shippuden 443 see’s the return of Naruto to the village of the Leaf, he notices that everyone and everything has changed into nothing but a village run by the police consisting of Sasuke and his thugs controlling and preventing the village from developing. 135 more words


Naruto Gaiden Manga:Saradas mother theory!!!

well all know the truth about Sarada ¬†mother is a bit ambiguous….at first we have seen Karins image with Sasuke..then we went on to see Sakura pregnent…then Karins cells was found in the Saradas…and to top that Sasuke is not looking cheating type…. 108 more words


Chunin First Test Passed! Round Two - Naruto Shippuden 397

Naruto Shippuden 397 ends the first test of the Chunin Exam as most of them pass without doing a lot, they begin round two as a elimination round with the first 30 individuals to get there first will get the spot. 380 more words


Uchiha Clan Assassination! Rogue Ninja - Naruto Shippuden 359

Naruto Shippuden 359 shows the depart of the now tagged Rogue Ninja Itachi Uchiha, as he joins the Akatsuki in order to keep on eye on Obito. 876 more words


Shisui's Death! Coup D'etat - Naruto Shippuden 358

Naruto Shippuden 358 shows what had really happened when Danzo had forced himself into taking Shisui’s eye for himself as well as what the Uchiha Clan did during Kurama’s attack that led them to actually building a Coup D’etat. 700 more words


Itachi Joins ANBU! The Darkness - Naruto Shippuden 357

Naruto Shippuden 357 shows how a young Itachi goes through his early life by joining the ANBU by the Hokage and uses the intel he gains to deliver it all back to the Uchiha Coup D’etat. 817 more words


Yamato Joins Hokage's ANBU! - Naruto Shippuden 356

Naruto Shippuden 356 begins with Orochimaru’s Snake approaching Kakashi and Yamato, to which they have to fight and escape due the poison. Yamato returns to Danzo with a fake eye to which it allows for him to express how he really feels about who he is, he fights his way out when Kakashi comes to rescue him, Hiruzen also appears in order to request Danzo to let go of Yamato so he could join his own ANBU squad ultimately helping and learning how to stop a raging Jinchuuriki.¬† 628 more words