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"If you don't know what you're doing, don't go into it." The DAO: An experiment in responsibility

“In one sense, The DAO hearkens to a future of automated rule- enforcement that will take those inevitable human weaknesses out of a human-administered regime. But in another sense, this bleeding-edge high-fintech experiment points to an older age when we had less government because we needed government less. 128 more words


Does profit taking on the DAO create a great buying opportunity?

Over the weekend, the DAO started trading live on several exchanges including: Kraken, BTC markets, Poloniex and many more… and the share price tanked? Why? Well… as with most experiments, there were some holes in the experiment of a launching a crypto-venture-capitalist-firm-on-the-block-chain which leverages of the wisdom of the crowd! 202 more words


DAO Proposals Are Being Voted On

He has a passion for Bitcoin, open source code, and decentralized applications. Redman has written hundreds of articles about the disruptive …

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Since when is bowing a mistake?


Our teacher Ma Danyang was walking on the East Mou Road where monks and Daoists were going to and fro. Whether he recognised them or not, he would take the initiative and bow to them.

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Die DAO: Die ersten Vorschläge werden diskutiert - Slock.it sorgt für Irritationen

Die DAO steht kurz vor dem Ende der Genese – und am Beginn der Diskussion, wie die fast 12 Millionen Ether investiert werden sollen. Ein erster Vorschlag von slock.it kommt nicht ganz so gut an, wie erhofft, während andere Proposals mehr Zustimmung erfahren. 682 more words


Why Chinese swords (Jian) always have tassels

Many western people wonder why there always is a tassel on a Chinese sword. There are actually many reasons and not all tassels have the same function: 553 more words

Tai Chi

Slock.it makes a new proposal to the DAO to secure the network! May 26th, 2016


DAO.Security, a Proposal to guarantee the integrity of The DAO

“Acting as a much needed first point of contact for security disclosures: in the last 4 weeks we have noticed a number of reddit posts detailing alarmist ‘ 39 more words