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Understanding True Taoist Tranquility

Tranquility describes the path to enlightenment, a worry-free state in which we can be one with the Tao and our nature.

Here some short definitions of tranquility and how to obtain it: 334 more words


Purity And Tranquillity

All clinging and attachments have nothing to do with the Tao or the virtue.

People fail to realize the Tao because they have deviant minds. 128 more words


The ancient adepts of the Tao

The ancient adepts of the Tao were subtle and flexible, profound and comprehensive.

Their minds were too deep to be fathomed.

Because they are unfathomable, 116 more words


Blockchains, Smart Contracts and the Law 

“Is The DAO a legal contract?

Smart contracts were initially envisioned as having the potential to replace or supplement legal contracts for some functions. But there’s a persistent myth that smart contracts are inherently legal contracts. 254 more words


Dao and the relation to Female

In Chapter 25 of the Tao Te Ching (Dao De Jing), Lao Tzu tried to explain the origin and nature of Tao (Dao). Throughout the years, other saints and sages have attempted to define and describe the essence of Tao, knowing the difficulty of using language and words to convey the essence directly. 1,700 more words


An Atheist Visits Temple

​She >> He said you are neither spiritual nor religious too.

Me >> I’m spiritual, not religious.

She >> He said that you are an atheist. 445 more words


What’s in a Name? — The Disambiguation of Smart Contracts

“Contracts run along a spectrum. For me there are probably 4 or 5 different types of “contract”:

  1. Executable computer code — This is not a contract, it is just some code that will follow instructions…
  2. 178 more words