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Convert SEK to D.A.O Tokens

How to convert Swedish Krona in to D.A.O tokens. 

Rich Tella

Bitjoin Founder

Stockholm Sweden

A short video on how to convert Swedish Krona (SEK) in to… 171 more words


Điệp Sơn - hòn đảo phát sáng

Biển Việt Nam đẹp lắm! Những hòn đảo nhỏ ẩn mình ở những địa danh xa xôi mà muốn đặt chân đến cũng không phải là điều dễ dàng. 2,479 more words


內業   Nèiyè 01-07


001   凡物之精   fán wù zhī jīng

002    此則為生   cǐ zé wéi shēng

003   下生五穀   xià shēng wŭ gŭ

004   上為列星   shàng wéi liè xīng… 570 more words


內業   Nèiyè: the good and bad (well, not so bad) news for this blog followers

This spring I have decided to follow emendations of the text made by Harold D. Roth in his book Original Tao: Inward Training (Nei-yeh) and the Foundations of Taoist Mysticism, 1999 Columbia University Press. 195 more words

Chinese Culture

Prophetic Cemetery

The cemetery gate in Dao, Antiqué Philippines says, “Kami Karon – Kamo Dason.” Translated: “We are now here. You will be here.”


Story of the lowest Virtue

The ground which occupies a low position does not struggle to secure a lofty one; and therefore it is tranquil, and out of danger. Water flows downward, but one stream does not struggle to outrun another; yet it flows swiftly and never lags behind. 184 more words


Again, Farewell -- a Tang poem by Yu Xuanji





Water, being soft, seeks holding; 

But knows it won’t last.

Clouds disperse, and lack heart to return.

The spring day is over now, for this river; 

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Daoist Poetry