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Đạo Phật và những ghi chép mỏng

Đạo là sự hiểu thấu một chân lý

Đức Phật là người đã tìm ra và hiểu thấu chân lý đó và hướng dẫn cho những người sau để mọi người cùng thoát ra “bể khổ”. 198 more words


The Immortal Way of Wudang Gong Fu

Wudang is merely a modern name for the immortal spirit of hard work. Once we embark the journey to self cultivation, we find ourselves in Wudang and this is why we ask many questions today. 345 more words


Why Don't Jesus Rebuild Black Mothers' Hearts?

African Americans we have no reason to hold on to the American’ dream. We have no logic to pray our stock will champion self. For it is not, a plausible reason to adopt the culture of… 279 more words


The Dao of Bagging Groceries.

Six months ago I accepted a part time job at nearby grocery store. Fist retail job I’ve had in  eight years. In the beginning it was very new; it took some time to adjust to the fluctuating work schedule. 345 more words


A Brief History Of My Introduction To Bioware

It’s no secret that Bioware is often considered one of the most successful and innovative video game corporations out there. I touched my first Bioware game in 2010, not knowing much about it at all except that it was a standard RPG–an idle gift my brother bought for the household but never actually bothered to share with us. 364 more words