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Introduction of DA:O

As any college student knows, it’s very hard to come up with a good introduction, and oftentimes they tend to fall flat.  Video games are no different.  488 more words

Video Game Discussions

FICTION: DAO by Steve Easterbrook

Shane was a DAO (Deceased Affairs Officer) working the Stockport area and, like most people, had fallen into his job shortly after school, abetted by a lack of qualification or self-knowledge to encourage active choice. 5,149 more words

Those Small Game Details Pt. 1

In the recent days, I started a new character in Dragon Age: Origins.  For those unfamiliar with the game, it’s a Western RPG that is focused on your choices altering the epic story that is present.  754 more words



For six months, I was a clinic supervisor at my former Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine college. There, I was in charge of facilitating and ensuring the smooth flow of the clinic, making sure that the interns, patients, and school were safe from any mishaps. 638 more words


Растение-робот поглощает биткойны и нанимает помощников для размножения

В мире есть одна диковина: поедающее биткойны растение-робот (под названием Плантоид), состоящее из самоисполняемого компьютерного кода, принадлежащее само себе и нанимающее работников для воспроизводства собственного потомства. 16 more words


( 日本 ) Nhật Bản: Vùng đất mặt trời mọc

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Quốc kỳ Nhật Bản (bản wallpaper)
Quốc huy Nhật Bản
Dấu triện chính phủ Nhật Bản
Vị trí của Nhật Bản
Vùng lãnh thổ do Nhật Bản kiểm soát, không bao gồm quần đảo Nam Kuril (Nhật gọi là
Vùng lãnh thổ phương Bắc) 7,500 more words