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Welcome to the Kraken's Blog

Hello friends, family, and strangers to my new blog. I want to thank you all for taking the time to visit my site to inquire about what I am writing about here. 660 more words

Games of Yesteryear; Dark Age Of Camelot

When I look back over the games I played as a teenager, there are a few stand out titles that bring me fond memories, and not just fond memories… memories that are so ingrained in the very fibre of who I am, they are part of me, they explain who I am today, they moulded me, and I have a deep emotional attachment to them, they WERE my life for YEARS! 1,933 more words

The Lurikeen who was...

Ok, so ever since my friend and fellow former DAOC player Tim has started writing the history of his character I’ve been tossing around the idea of writing up my own character’s story as well.  1,299 more words


Dark Age of Camelot Anniversary Bonus Weekend

Today is the actual birthday of DAoC. According to Community Manager John Thornhill, to celebrate, the following bonuses have been applied and will run until the morning of Tuesday, October 14th: 340 more words


DAoC Battlegrounds Revisited

With so many options in the mmo gaming landscape, the newest addition being Trion’s ArcheAge, gamers now have more options than ever in regards to which virtual world they inhabit. 553 more words


With ArcheAge on the horizon I look at wow nerfs and DAoC updates

While Trion announced that ArcheAge is being released on Sept. 16, the open beta begins tomorrow and I am highly tempted to become a sponsor to begin testing it out early, albeit after all the early beta events. 513 more words