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Tao Te Ching / Daodejing / Mandukhya / non-duality

Recently, I chanced upon a book called “Tao Te Ching” a.k.a Daodejing an ancient Chinese scripture/text written by the old master, yes, he is referred to as the old master as nobody actually knows who the author was..  818 more words


Dàodéjīng 5: lots of talk often exhausts

Heaven and earth are not humane.

Use countless creatures as straw dogs.

The sage is not humane.

Uses all families as straw dogs.

Heaven and earth’s spaces, are they like bellows? 191 more words


Dàodéjīng 4: in a pluralistic mode

Ways are empty, but sometimes using them does not fill them.

An abyss! They seem to be the countless creatures’ ancestors.

They blunt their edges. 306 more words


Dàodéjīng 3: not Aristotelian

Not preferring the worthy allows people to not quarrel.

Not prizing hard to obtain goods allows people to not act like thieves.

Not displaying what can be desired allows people’s hearts to not be troubled. 555 more words


Dàodéjīng 1 and 2: A more literal rendering


Ways that can be ways are not the constant way.

Names that can be names are not the constant name.

Without name, heaven and earth’s beginning. 506 more words


Dàodéjīng 2: a field of ambiguities

I’m mostly producing these versions as a way to deepen my own understanding, but someone may find something to value here anyway. Notes are after the chapter. 462 more words