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Mindful Monday – #Mindfulness & #Patience

Welcome to Mindful Monday! Each week I try to examine new or sometimes old things about myself. I have found that being mindful encompasses the act of being watchful, aware, wary, heedful, alert, careful, or attentive, in whatever area in my life I feel it applies to, as I attempt to live in the present.

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Mindful Monday

Hope Friday (I): The Kitchen-Master… He Shan’t do the Job of the Zhuangist?

This poem, as well as the prologue after the asterisks, resemble the Morose Monday poems…

But how?

One thing that can be said about both Morose Mondays and Hope Fridays is that while the ‘personal may be poetical,’ the poetical is not purely personal. 580 more words


Grief is not War, nor is it Peace

When you are ready, your pain at your loss and at the loss another has felt in their own selves, will change.

When you are ready, the fury and anger you inflicted on yourself will cool, and the steam will rise to an empty space, where you will never have to fear its wrath again. 459 more words


Self-will gets in the Way

“People often say, “We have goodwill.” Theirs is not God’s will, though; they want to have their own way and dictate to God to do so and so.

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Poems, Swerve and Alan Brownjohn’s Sky Blue Trousers

Life should be full of swerve is what I have been thinking recently. It’s how I prefer my days to unfold and certainly one of the main reasons why I value poetry. 1,166 more words

The Abecedary Form / Carolyn Forche

The Form: I wanted to share here some thoughts on my experiments with the form of the abecedary. An abecedarium (or abecedary) is originally an inscription consisting of the letters of an alphabet, listed in order. 1,124 more words

Desire and the Dao

It appears that many Westerners become interested in Daoism because it is not overtly moralistic. To me, Daoist themes offer a spiritual method that outwardly corresponds to a moral system, yet does so according to its own internal logic. 576 more words