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A Divided Country

It’s funny how I’ve been put off blogging for quite a while now; for someone who is, generally speaking, very vocal in his opinions, I’ve remained uncharacteristically muffled. 628 more words

Domestic Politics

Please quit the primitive behaviour

How low can the PN go? They send a letter wishing a happy birthday, and in the same sentence say that on his birthday he should send a donation to Simon Busuttil’s political party. 12 more words

Cyber-bullying? Awareness, not Law Required.

I’ve been reading with interest the recent furore surrounding cyber-bullying, cyber-stalking or cyber-harassment – call it what you want to call it – which has culminated in… 525 more words


Not much of a choice isn't it?

Ara biex qed jippruvaw ifottu.

GonziPN on mychoice.pn or whatever. As if anybody would click on that website.


They’ve put an advert on FACEBOOK…

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Who did Daphne vote in 1987?

Michael Vella (tal-liftijiet) is Daphne’s father. (at 0:40 seconds, the bald man with large glasses)

No, Daphne’s family didn’t trust Eddie Fenech Adami in 1987. 152 more words

Daphne Caruana Galizia's pride and prejudice

She didn’t even notice that her double-chin wasn’t photo-shopped at all but only accentuated by having Lawrence Gonzi’s left shoulder in front of it!

Quoting Daphne: 375 more words