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Sauce of the Day

Yesterday I went to an amazing Poetry Slam! There are many ways to wear a longline tee, however, I wanted to add a fashionable twist! So I decided to spice things up with Blue Skinny jeans a brown fedora, and brown chelsea boots along with a cherry red floral pin lapel. 51 more words


Chainsaw Dan warms up By A -Floor Register-

and a Dapper Pelican ,to boot 6 more words

Meet the world's most dapper squeegee man

Congo, Sapeurs (the Society of tastemakers and elegant people), are known for their love of luxury tailoring even while performing the most mundane of tasks. 303 more words

What's FUZZing???

The Sartorial Geek: A Pocketful of Geek

Every well-dressed man should understand that if it has a pocket, then that pocket needs to be filled. There are plenty of choices on what to fill your pocket with from pocket rounds to wooden squares, yet the common wisdom to fill it with a pocket square. 310 more words

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