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Songs of the Sea: The Ocean

Here’s another for my Songs of the Sea series. Dar Williams is another of my favorite singer/songwriters. I love her stories, she can really sing too. 455 more words


Mortal City

Dot writes: on Something More on Tuesday Tim Shiel played a track by Domhnall called ‘Lucy Hates Her Life in the Big City’. I was reminded, by the title more than by the piece itself, of Dar Williams’ song ‘Mortal City’, from her 1996… 338 more words

Lucky Dip

Feminist Songs...: Day 13, I said I was a boy; I'm glad he didn't check

Our post today comes to us from Kate Norlock, a feminist and philosophy professor at Trent University in Canada, where she holds the Kenneth Mark Drain Endowed Chair in Ethics. 827 more words

Dar Williams, Sophia Smith, & you.

Dear 2005 Smithies:

One of my friends on Facebook wrote: “What’s a better Dar Williams song for today: February or Iowa?” Given the un-February-like warmth (63 degrees!?) in Boston today, I’ll pick Iowa, where the marathon sprint to the White House has officially started. 275 more words

Class Notes

16-01-25 Begging Your Indulgence

I spent the last week as TA for a great class taught by the very talented Winona Barton-Ballentine (check her work out!) called In Design For Photographers at… 155 more words


That Time

My memories of that February are vivid

They are still caught deep in my throat


Your obstinance and coldness made me livid

As you manipulated my every move… 68 more words