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In the laughing times we know that we are lucky, and in the quiet times we know that we are blessed. And we will not be alone. 7 more words

Dar Williams

Fr. Daniel Berrigan (1921 - 2016): The World Is On Trial Today

…the world is surely a poorer place today.  Tears fill my eyes.


I Had No Right

God of the poor man this is how the day began… 248 more words

Union Maid


The day after May Day leaves you in a fighting spirit this Monday morning.

Billy Bragg on lead vocals, Mike & Ruthy Merenda on banjo and violin, Dar Williams on guitar with an updated verse, and the New York City Labor Chorus.

Thanks to YouTuber lanningck


Songs of the Sea: The Ocean

Here’s another for my Songs of the Sea series. Dar Williams is another of my favorite singer/songwriters. I love her stories, she can really sing too. 455 more words


Mortal City

Dot writes: on Something More on Tuesday Tim Shiel played a track by Domhnall called ‘Lucy Hates Her Life in the Big City’. I was reminded, by the title more than by the piece itself, of Dar Williams’ song ‘Mortal City’, from her 1996… 338 more words

Lucky Dip

Feminist Songs...: Day 13, I said I was a boy; I'm glad he didn't check

Our post today comes to us from Kate Norlock, a feminist and philosophy professor at Trent University in Canada, where she holds the Kenneth Mark Drain Endowed Chair in Ethics. 827 more words

Dar Williams, Sophia Smith, & you.

Dear 2005 Smithies:

One of my friends on Facebook wrote: “What’s a better Dar Williams song for today: February or Iowa?” Given the un-February-like warmth (63 degrees!?) in Boston today, I’ll pick Iowa, where the marathon sprint to the White House has officially started. 275 more words

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