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I was that sure by now that in 1986, they will all run on nuclear power

Here’s a collection of kitchen appliances!

Real cheap too!

Sorry, they just run on regular electricity.

Sale Of The Century

G-Dragon Act III: MOTTE in Manila 2017 Experience

Kwon Ji Yong also known as G-Dragon in the K-Pop world is the leader and 1/5th member of BIGBANG under YG Entertainment. This time, he has a solo world tour introducing himself as Kwon Ji Yong instead of G-Dragon. 1,973 more words

YG Entertainment

Jamu Kampung Cik Anis Lawa

Dapatkan stok Jamu Kampung Cik Anis Lawa yang mengeluarkan pelbagai jenis jamu untuk seisi keluarga. Setiap khasiat Jamu Kampung Cik Anis Lawa ada terdapat dilabel Jamu. 16 more words

Lovely Of Seni Tea

Happy Labor Day!

It’s the last day when game show models can wear white.

And start wearing darker colored fur jackets afterwards.

Sale Of The Century