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Strange notes

I remember doing drugs with Darby Crash. Only one time, I think–joints don’t count–and it must have been 1980. We–me and my wife, or wife to be at the time–were at the Capital Records swap meet. 238 more words


Atomic Cafe

Found this tucked away in the drafts folder, not sure how old it is. Someone told me the corner is now a hole with a subway in it. 146 more words


Decline Of Western Civilization 6857 Franklin Ave


The apartment house is much as it was in 1979. Run down grimey and filthy. Hollywood will never shake the seedy element. It is as much a part of Hollywood as is glamour and fame. 27 more words

What We're Reading

January Staff Reading List

UNP staff members are always reading new books within our list and outside of what we publish. Here are some of the books our noses have been buried in. 588 more words


1978 Clothing.Holiday Sale

Why not purchase something fresh, exciting and original?  I hand screen and sew the garments myself. I will ship a personalized piece to your door for the holiday season. 90 more words

Forest of poinsettias

This was actually the opening to a Christmas party invitation, believe it or not…. Not sure what year.

I’m looking through a forest of poinsettias. Red leaves, yellow leaves, pink leaves. 599 more words

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