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Everybody's Chattin + Question of the week: Favorite directing duos & their film(s)

Hello, hello! How’s everybody doing today? I’m still basking in the all the feels I got yesterday from THIS lovely tweet from my gorgeous cinematic sweetheart… 460 more words

Everybody's Chattin'


By Daniel Barnes and Mike Dub

DANIEL: As I’ve stated many times, the real purpose of these festivals is to fill in some of my more glaring cinematic blind spots. 1,107 more words

ESFS Festivals

ESFS Festival 10, Film 3 - "The Son"

The Son (2002; Dir.: Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne)


By Daniel Barnes

In my festival intro, I mentioned that actor Jérémie Renier served as the Dardenne brothers’ “on-again, off-again muse,” a blonde-mopped personification of moral turpitude and financial desperation in modern-day Belgium. 550 more words

ESFS Festivals

ESFS Festival 10, Film 2 - "Rosetta"

Rosetta (1999; Dir.: Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne)


By Daniel Barnes

There persists an idea that the Dardenne brothers create aimlessly verisimilar films, but now that I’m five movies deep into their filmography (deep enough to create my first… 590 more words

In Theaters

ESFS FESTIVAL #10, Film 1 – "La Promesse"

La Promesse (1996; Dir.: Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne)


By Mike Dub

In the hands of the right filmmakers, adolescence provides fertile ground for exploring the conditions that shape society. 466 more words

ESFS Festivals


I am not sure where to begin or how to begin.  Seldom has the same film evoked conflicting emotions. Two days One Night puts forth some hard hitting questions. 382 more words


ESFS Festival #10 Preview - Dawn of the Dardenne Brothers

By Daniel Barnes

I came a little bit late to the Dardenne Brothers party (by the way, this party has the worst refreshments ever – it’s just Diet Mountain Dew and a bowl of loose prescription medication). 382 more words

ESFS Festivals