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Meetings, moral situations themes of Dardennes' films

It’s difficult to imagine the Dardennes brothers, who have made a scintillating career out of somber, unadorned verite dramas (L’enfant, The Kid With a Bike, Two Days One Night) playing anything for laughs, but at the end of our chat about their new drama, The Unknown Girl, there was Luc, upon hearing I was from Philadelphia, telling a long set joke via their interpreter based on my home city. 1,148 more words


Early Noughties Rewind: Reviews of four divisive and controversial films

As a precocious and rather-annoying kid just entering my teens, I fell in love with cinema in 2003.

That summer, when my Dad was away leading a school trek, I sat on the living room sofa with my two elder brothers, playing PS2 racing games and being introduced to everything from Leone westerns to Marx brothers films and the then-contemporary arthouse scene. 1,879 more words


The First Responder

The Unknown Girl may seem to meander in its midsection, but by the end it is gripping on every level. It’s a whodunnit complete with car chase. 64 more words


IN THEATERS (SF) - "The Unknown Girl"

The Unknown Girl (2017; Dir.: Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne)


By Daniel Barnes

*Opens Friday, September 22, at the Vogue Theater in San Francisco. 259 more words

The Unknown Girl (La Femme Inconnue)

Dr. Jenny Davin (two-time César winner Adèle Haenel) is, in some measure, a throwback to the romantic idea of a country doctor. She runs a public health clinic in her city of Seraing, where she treats everyone from babies to emphysemic senior citizens, making house calls and keeping her mobile phone turned on at all hours of the week. 498 more words


In Search of... The Dardenne Brothers' 'Unknown Girl' revisits their theme of ordinary people facing moral dilemmas 

Belgian filmmakers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne have been making movies together since the 1980s. The brothers, who write, direct and produce, are best-known for their breakout films, La Promesse (1996), about a young man (Jérémie Renier) whose father (Olivier Gourmet) trafficks African immigrants, and Rosetta (1998), a portrait of a disenfranchised teenager (Émilie Dequenne) who undermines a friend in order to get steady work. 89 more words


Watch the Trailer for the Dardenne Brothers' Next Quietly Intense Drama, 'The Unknown Girl'

From L’Enfant to The Kid With a Bike to Two Days, One Night, Belgian filmmakers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne have been making understated dramas with startling emotional and moral heft for quite some time — and their latest, … 109 more words