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The Incredible Shrinking Bee: Week 2

cn: eating disorders, food, fatphobia, weight loss, ableism, classism

I wasn’t expecting that much change from Week 1, because I barely did anything. Week 2 is gonna be a bit of a push for me, to compensate for not having an exercise bike. 248 more words


Thay đổi suy nghĩ về chạy bộ

Cho đến lúc này, sau khoảng 6 tuần thực sự bước vào chạy bộ, mình bắt đầu thay đổi suy nghĩ. Một phần là do bây giờ thời gian không có nhiều như mới bắt đầu, tiếp đến là cần nghĩ đến việc dưỡng thương cho gót chân trái bị đau, phần nữa là cũng muốn tập luyện cho các phần cơ thể khác. 365 more words

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Yoga in Isolation

Some might have noticed that they have been gaining a little weight during the isolation. Maybe you’re eating a little more or have a couple of adult beverages to pass the time. 328 more words


The Incredible Shrinking Bee: Week 1

cn: eating disorders, food, fatphobia, weight loss, ableism, classism

So, I’ve struggled with binge eating practically all my life. Since around 2007, I’ve had multiple diet/exercise spells, all of which have ended in disaster. 898 more words


Surviving the Pandemic Part 1

Today I am starting the “Hero’s Journey” program from Darebee. Day one is “Press Start” has 3 different levels depending on your abilities, and is composed of Side Leg Raises, Squats, Toe Tap Hops (which were new to me), and Climbers. 473 more words


Darebee Cardio Trim Program Review

I finished Darebee’s Cardio Trim program today. Yay! This is a 30 day fitness program that has a little bit of everything–strength, cardio, some hiit, and ab work. 311 more words

Darebee.com Full Circuit review

January 1 I started the 30 day Full Circuit workout program created by Darebee.com. It cycles between 2 days of hiit for 21 minutes, no rest breaks, followed by two days of ab/fascia work for 9 minutes, no rest breaks. 271 more words