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Automatic Window

Confidence is an an Olds engine
knocking below a warped hood. You
do it like that.
Taking it in between frayed
swizzle-stick-wiring and playing
it from behind the dented chrome… 117 more words


Good Morning Faithful Butterflies;

I have a few dares for you today.

I dare you to find one thing to live for today.

I dare you to tell someone that everything will get better. 69 more words

New Series Dares People To Figure Out When Speedrunners Cheat

(Source: kotaku.com)

Sometimes a speedrun is too good to be true. Using editing tools and some sneaky cuts, a desperate runner can disguise that they are stringing together a series of videos so it appears that they’ve completed difficult skips or achieved a world record. 340 more words


Latest Dare of Tide Pod Eating Is DANGEROUS And STUPID

AUDIO:  (If you’re viewing this from the Home Page, please click on the title to get to the audio player.  NO transcript available to read this time). 13 more words


The 50 Push-ups Dare

This is not just a physical challenge, your mental toughness and self-discipline will also be put to the test in this is dare. We all know how important exercise is for our physical and mental health but making a habit out of exercise doesn’t always work according to plan. 575 more words