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Kamput, Cambodia - long day with kite boarding crew

Today was going to be our last day of kite boarding because we only have a few days left in Cambodia and we have so much more to see and a budget of course. 961 more words

In love w/ the coco

Ever thought about what would make you want to lick up a strangers puke from the pavement? For our pal Jack it was a no brainer. 35 more words


The House

Hi, there, guys! Long time no see! One of the things that seems to be omitted when you get those lists of “What Happens in Adulthood”, is the fact that there is never any time – what with trying to earn a living and all that. 1,248 more words

I Double Dog Dare You!

Are you stuck in a rut and finding yourself hiking the same few trails over and over again? I say, “Stop it!”. Stop immediately and decide to have new adventures and discoveries! 586 more words

Colorado Trail

NERVE (Review)

Starring both Emma Roberts and Dave Franco, Nerve follows Vee (Emma), a high school senior who is particularly shy and apprehensive about doing things too far out of her comfort zone. 561 more words

Danger of Death

The sign read Danger of Death. Well, that was like a red rag to a bull for a twelve-year-old. Fastened to the fence in striking gold, the sign double-dared me with its figure getting struck by lightning; he looked like the Flash. 356 more words


Dare devils hunt !!!

It’s 10. 59 pm.  I am lying on my bed and my imagination are running wild.
Its 11. 18 pm and I find myself in a haze… 436 more words