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Matthew Harffy The Serpent Sword (Bernicia Chronicles Book 1) Review

Matthew Harffy is currently writing a series of novels set in seventh century Northumbria. The first book isThe Serpent Sword. The sequel is… 665 more words


Engels on materialism: part 7 - the 'Dark Ages’

This same unhistorical conception prevailed also in the domain of history. Here the struggle against the remnants of the Middle Ages blurred the view. The Middle Ages were regarded as a mere interruption of history by a thousand years of universal barbarism. 124 more words


Taillefer: The Minstrel Who Ended the Viking Age

The most widely accepted dates to demarcate the Viking Age are its beginning in 793 A.D. to its end in 1066 A.D. Each date has been carefully chosen to reflect events which historians could agree stood to characterize a new trend in the socio-political fabric of Europe of the day. 678 more words


Palm Sunday

The royal banners forward go,
The Cross shines forth in mystic glow;
Where He in flesh, our flesh Who made,
Our sentence bore, our ransom paid. 375 more words

Church Year

Spawn Bloodaxe & Thunderhoof Dark Ages Viking 2002 McFarlane action figures

Excellently modeled Spawn the Bloodaxe with his fearsome warhorse Thunderhoof action figures from Series 22 Dark Ages Spawn: The Viking Age

McFarlane, one of our favourite model makers, released this highly detailed item in 2002… 118 more words

March 2015

Predator hunting the Knights Templar? Seems legit

‘Predator: Dark Ages’ is a fan film that pits the Knights Templar against the icon alien hunter.


The Complex Reality of Early Medieval Slavery

Let me get one thing out of the way: Slavery is evil. No one has the right to own another person and do whatever they want to them. 405 more words

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