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The Raven's Head - Karen Maitland

A little boy is removed from his family, renamed, and forced to live in a monastery with other boys in fear and horror at the secret rites that they are submitted to every night. 416 more words

Christmas reading (3)

Mrs Grant, our Safety and Environment Manager, was the next person to write to me, telling of the book she read during our Christmas break.  She read the début novel of writer… 520 more words


The Muslim Who Persuaded Charlemagne to Invade Spain

Charlemagne’s 778 invasion of Spain, commemorated inaccurately in The Song of Roland, is often portrayed as a type of Crusade. In fact, it was a Muslim who convinced the Frankish king to cross the Pyrenees. 777 more words

Middle Ages

Circular economy? We’ve done that before!

The sun is setting in the west and with it cometh the darkness. The darkness shrouding the whole world. Shrouding it in a thick blanket of smog and emissions. 664 more words


An Everyday Hero in the Dark Ages

This 9th century manuscript page from Salzburg is a gem. It provides one of the rare glimpses of life of a common person—someone who wasn’t a royal, aristocrat, or saint. 191 more words

Medieval History

2016's Turn to Post-Truth Politics Threatens Grad Ed more than Neglected Attention to Grad Ed Practices

Who needs a doctoral education in the Trump era?  In Canada under our former, anti-intellectual, authoritarian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, knowledge came under siege, government academics lost their jobs and their freedom of expression.  1,020 more words


It is New Year's Eve - and things happen

Tomorrow is a New Year; new work; new challenges – and long standing beliefs. These beliefs go back to happenings long ago – but were they… 529 more words