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Dark Ages Painting

This is the first unit of Ceithern. They started a drab grey and where intended to be my “Green” unit. The plan is to mix the units up a bit as I go on. 103 more words

Dark Ages Army

On Friday night I visited my good friend Mark Farr from Footsore Miniatures who had sorted out the first part of my Dark Ages army. He very nicely had got me some banners and pikes too! 160 more words

Paradigms Are a Matter of Life or Death

Jordan B. Peterson, psychologist, truth-sayer and rock star of recent months, said the most important work to do is establishing the relationship between belief systems and the outcomes they generate. 1,022 more words


Working Close To Home

Caution: Coarse Language

I’m still trying to find a place to move to before the mass September 12th eviction, but let’s face it, it’s tough to find a landlord who will take me as a tenant without stable employment. 384 more words

Looking For Work

Saint Boniface: A Man on a Mission

In 750, Archbishop Boniface anointed the upstart Frankish King Pepin in Soisson. A Saxon in his 70s, he could have had influenced Frankish politics, or he could have retired to a monastery. 694 more words

Middle Ages

When the Bough Breaks

There is a man sitting on a bough of a tree. The Tree is very, very old, some think perhaps two thousand years. The Tree is the source of the branch, from small bud grown to a mighty bough, battered and blasted by centuries of gales a plenty but sturdy and undefeated. 220 more words


Pax in Nomine Domini! - Crusaders vs. Franks [SAGA battlereport]

Hello and welcome back for another SAGA showdown, this time between my Crusaders and Herman’s Frankish force using 6pt warbands! After having played several of the standard scenarios, like ‘Sacred Ground’, ‘Champions of God’, and the Challenge’, we decided that it was about time we stirred things up a bit. 1,942 more words