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What Are "The Middle Ages"?

We’re familiar (or at least we think we are) with aspects of life from the Middle Ages. You know, castles, knights in shining armor, tournaments, kings! 998 more words

European History

Selective Compassion

I had to wait a while until after the Christmas holiday before writing this topic. It’s quite sensitive and I know I’m going to get heck from at least one person for posting this. 720 more words

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Yeah, They Called It The Dark Ages

This is from the same people that I did a piece on a while back. Perhaps you recall the “Lisa Davis, In Jail for Christ” sign? 76 more words


So I’m not a werewolf: The Apocalypse GM, or player for that matter. I’ve played a few games of it, which have all had enjoyable elements, but unlike Vampire: The Masquerade or Mage: The Ascension, I have never really got into Werewolf. 502 more words

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Let's Talk, Once More.

Wednesday January 27th, 2016 was Bell Let’s Talk Day, where once again awareness is being raised about mental illness and depression. I was going to write something completely different in today’s blog post than what I have posted here, but something caught my eye during a Google search on the subject of depression. 1,255 more words

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The Celts at the British Museum

I have got into a bad habit when major exhibitions occur. I don’t go initially because they will be too busy and then before I know it they are almost over. 269 more words


"A National Embarrassment": Maine Gov. LePage; Bring Back The Guillotine

Maine Gov. Paul LePage says the guillotine should be brought back so there can be public executions of drug traffickers.

In a radio interview Tuesday on… 237 more words

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