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Bible Reading

Jinty Nelson and Damien Kempf eds. Reading the Bible in the Middle Ages. London: Bloomsbury, 2015.

People use the Bible in very different ways. Some meditate on individual verses, others read whole chapters or books at a time, while others just use their Bibles to beat each other over the head with. 1,094 more words

Astronomy? Astrology? No Difference in the Dark Ages.

I hope my post on Unusual Historicals won’t drive my scientifically minded friends too crazy. I’m using the term astronomy to describe a natural philosophy closer to today’s astrology. 101 more words

Middle Ages

Song Lyric Sunday

Helen Espinosa’s Song Lyric Sunday theme this week is either protest songs or songs about “surviving this crazy thing called life.”

Before the British Invasion of bubble gummer rock, Folk music in America was hitting a more mature stride than The Four Preps and The Lettermen hit with their College Pop music style. 344 more words

When a Writer Must Imagine the Unthinkable

I’m nervous about my post in English Historical Fiction Authors. In an eighth-century German community, a young disabled beggar killed her newborn, to the horror of the villagers and a group of missionary nuns from Britain. 160 more words


Blocked From GoFundMe For Being Poor

At the beginning of July, GoFundMe Ireland took over the administration of all North American GoFundMe fundraising drives. Why this was done was something I did not care about for as long as it did not interfere with my own GoFundMe initiative: to raise awareness about my homeless situation as well as funding to be raised to help me return back to financial self-reliance and sustainability. 1,322 more words

Looking For Work