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The Joke Is On Us, Revisited

In 2014, I wrote on my job-search blog the following article. It featured a job-seeking young intern named Leah presenting herself on her CV as a Lego block figurine. 554 more words

Looking For Work

28mm Dark Ages Shieldwall Rampant Playtest

We are prepping in ng for HMGS Little Wars. We are running a game about a Viking raid on an Irish monastery. There is a lot of fascinating history associated with the Irish coastal monasteries and the many years when raiding came to Ireland. 187 more words


I had occasion to attend a Dark Ages event for which I needed earlier clothing. As usual the clothing looks wonky on Cecil because she is straight and I am not. 124 more words


Hailing Frequencies Open.


Given a choice, I would rather be working full-time with benefits than working part-time-to-not at all.

If there any “look on the bright side, David” aspects to the situation I am in now, the one thing I was able to find was it’s happening to me in the Age Of Social Media. 774 more words

Dark Ages

Society News: The Church

This post is part of an ongoing series, in which I look at various classes of 7th century Anglo-Saxon England society. For previous posts, click the links below.  983 more words

Dark Ages