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A Middle-Earth Brawl

Sometimes I get the itch to break out a golden oldie. Today, that was GW’s Hobbit Strategy Battle Game ruleset. Years ago, I played LotR SBG… 489 more words

After Action Report

Wandering Through the Web, Again

Awhile back I posted about some of the places I have enjoyed while trekking through cyberspace. Today I thought it might be interesting to you to have a look at some of the specifically Dark Ages or historical websites I like to visit when I am looking for information on the people and places that make up Northumbria in the 7th century. 576 more words

VtM NPC: Court of Mithras 1272 -Melinda Galbraith, Future Regent of the Sabbat

NPC for a Court of Mithras hosted in a camp outside Acre in 1272.

Sire: Helena
Date of embrace: 1113
Long term goal: To break free of your elders, particularly Helena… 508 more words


Do Shoot The Piano Player

Recent footage of a medieval re-enactor at a Russian event using a spear to down a photographic drone has surfaced on my Facebook page. I am afraid I was not at all sympathetic to the owner of the drone. 263 more words


Review: Edwin: High King of Britain, by Edoardo Albert

Edoardo Albert is an historian and author, and this book (published in 2014) is the first one of a fiction series titled The Northumbrian Thrones… 1,112 more words

Stop the Dark Ages!

Stop the Dark Ages! is perhaps an unlikely slogan, but it is one that caused a bit of a flurry among medievalists last week in response to… 1,005 more words

Dark Ages

The Bronze Age Collapse (pt 3/3)

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So what caused the Bronze Age Collapse?

  1. Greek gods threw a party and forgot to invite the goddess of Discord.
  2. 2,003 more words
Human Migration, Cultures, And Species Of Exit