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The Truth About Viking Armor: No Horns, No Uniformity Either.

While the History Channel would have us believe they were a leather-clad biker gang akin to the Sons of Anarchy, the real Vikings would have had a much more diverse wardrobe. 718 more words


Dux Bellorum AAR: The Bard's Tale

My friend Francisco and I have been playing Dux Bellorum about once a month, and we recently tried the scenario “The Bard’s Tale”. If you’re unfamiliar with the rules, this scenario is pretty standard except that both sides have a bard with their army, and victory is determined by the glorious acts of heroism he witnesses. 850 more words

The Curious Case of al-Ghazal

In the 9th Century a Moorish ambassador named al-Ghazal set sail for foreign lands to study a people called the Majus. His account tells of his voyage across the ocean to a splendid island described as having lush, flowering plants and abundant streams leading to the ocean. 329 more words


Ranking the Players of the NBA Dark Ages: The Top Five

Part 1 here

Part 2 here

Part 3 here

It started out, much like the beginning of the Dark Ages, with ample hope and wild dreams of success.   2,285 more words


Ranking the Players of the NBA Dark Ages: #10-6

Well here we are.  I started writing this with this vague idea of an NBA Dark Ages and little idea of what that actually meant.  Since then I’ve ranked the best players of that era from the… 3,288 more words


Ranking the Players of the NBA Dark Ages: #19-11

This is part dos of Ranking the Players of the NBA Dark Ages, which until now has not been the official title of this series, but I like it more than whatever the current title is, so for now on this is ‘RANKING THE PLAYERS OF THE NBA DARK AGES: PART II!!!!’  Ik, so if you didn’t catch part uno of ‘RANKING THE PLAYERS OF THE NBA DARK AGES’ you can catch up… 2,796 more words