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Kolejny dzień i kolejne dwa projekty przed nami. Ale o tym później :)

Z ciekawostek logo kuźni skończone, oksydowane, polakierowane i podklejone na ładnej deseczce, teraz czeka na znalezienie odpowiedniego miejsca do sfotografowania. 200 more words

The Lindisfarne Gospels

There are many seeds that an author can point to that lead to an idea for a book. Looking back I can identify quite a few that led to my fantasy trilogy, … 1,451 more words


Dark Ages ?

I’m midway reading Ginenthal’s Pillars of the Past Vol. III and it’s pretty clear that historical ‘dark-ages’ occur when real history is erroneously expanded beyond historical reality. 318 more words

Dark Ages

The Dark Ages

The current narrative of our culture is that we are the most enlightened and advanced civilization that has ever existed on Earth. As evidence for this, the collective social body cites the advances of science and technology, world-wide communications, medical advances, the dissemination and understanding of diverse cultural information and so on. 1,385 more words

Circa 2015: The Pagan Age

Charles Colson, the one of Prison Ministry and the infamous Watergate Scandal, wrote a book the same  year that I was born called, Against The night: Living in The new dark ages. 1,046 more words

Review: Wulfsuna

Wulfsuna by E.S. Moxon
My rating: of 5 stars

Lighting up a previously dark age in my personal historical knowledge, Wulfsuna is a convincing and compulsive tale that starts with a bang of betrayal, battle and blood – and builds from there. 2,174 more words