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The Frankish caballarii or protoknights had been modeled directly on the klibanarioi of the Byzantine Empire in southern Italy, who themselves were derived directly from the cataphracti of the later Roman armies, and indirectly from the heavy cavalry of the Parthians and ultimately of the Sarmatians of the third century B. 1,467 more words

Ancient Warfare

The Not-So-Dark Ages

I’ve been wanting to clarify something for some time. I use the term “Dark Ages” to describe the era in which my historical fantasy trilogy… 1,353 more words

Dark Ages

How Did They Measure Horses in the Dark Ages?

When Fastrada, my heroine in Queen of the Darkest Hour, is comparing the Avars’ horses to her husband Charles’s Roman military horses, I have her think the Avarian steeds are about a foot shorter. 491 more words

Middle Ages

Translation, please!

I’m quite adept at reading between the lines of a duties and responsibility description on a job application. In fact,  there are some that remind me of the expression, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig”. 366 more words

Dark Ages

Kill a Poor Person

This is the answer to the question:

How do I become or stay in the middle class.

There is a middle class squeeze; it is being squeezed out of existence. 56 more words


SAGA Grand Melee 2015 Review

The open air museum of Oerlinghaus set the scene for this years SAGA Grand Melee. 28 protagonists took part in this event that was exellently staged by “Sir Wennig” of… 63 more words


How Did the Viking Seafaring Tradition Develop?

Ask any schoolchildren today what they first think of when you say the word ‘Viking’ and you will find that the overwhelming majority will think first of their ships (or, woefully, their horns, but that’s a wholly different problem). 476 more words