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Prince Ciaran the Damned

Prince. Druid. Murderer. Madman.

“You can add Mercenary and Monk to that list, as well. I have been all of them – and will be more besides.” 452 more words


World of Britannia

World of Britannia by Richard Denham and M.J. Trow is a historical companion to the BRITANNIA series. It’s a fun book. Reading about the beginning of the Dark Ages in Britannia (spanning 367 – 415 AD) was interesting, informative, and just plain fun. 168 more words

Book Reviews

Weapons, Technology & Power

This week we looked at a range of objects – of diverse type, time period and provenance. Each object’s significance lay in its illustration of larger histories, which continue to impact the contemporary world in crucial ways. 97 more words

The Age of Æthelflæd: Anglo-Saxon Warrior Queen, Interview with Author Annie Whitehead and Æthelred, Lord of the Mercians

I am so very excited to announce: Since last week’s installment of “The Age of Æthelflæd: Anglo-Saxon Warrior Queen,” it has been announced that Annie Whitehead’s second novel, … 1,494 more words

Before The Second Sleep

Deflation and Its Doom

The American economy is damaged in general. The real unemployment rate (as per shadowstats) is well into the two digits, not the phony 5% touted by the Government. 478 more words

Dark Ages

Oswald, King of Bernicia

There are so many fascinating people who lived in the 7th century. I have highlighted a couple of them on the blog. And it’s well past time to introduce you to one of the most important figures of the time: Oswald, King of Bernicia. 1,670 more words

Dark Ages

Why Bother?

I get it now.  The whole course of the election’s sounding pretty orchestrated, from the Bernie Sanders gesture to the noble concession, the anointing of the leaders, the Conventions and the clearing of the field for the debates.  75 more words

Dark Ages