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The Holy Wisdom of the Romans

Istanbul is a city of layers. Surrounded by clusters of skyscrapers, its business districts form the outer crust. Further in, identically patterned apartment buildings rub shoulders with European style palaces where Empire gave way to industrialisation and democracy. 2,971 more words


Sturm: One of Charlemagne’s Lieutenants in Spiritual Warfare

When Charlemagne decided to invade Saxony in 772, he took spiritual warriors in addition to those guys with the spears and swords. Whether St. Sturm, the abbot of Fulda, was with Charles during those battles is not clear, but the king of the Franks put him in charge of the Christian mission in a large part of the conquered territory. 1,204 more words

Middle Ages

The Fall of America

I am concerned that our nation will fail in the manner that most great nations will fail. The purpose and vision, the vitality of the nation erodes into petty conflict; there are no people, there is no country, simply a gathering of lands. 2,498 more words


SAGA - Welsh Hearthguard and Warlord

I finally prepped my 4pt Welsh force for SAGA last week and got stuck in to painting them.

Hearthguard and Warlord

So far I’ve finished the four hearthguard and the warlord. 273 more words


Why the Saxons Kept Breaking Their Vows

Alcuin of York wanted the Christian mission in pagan Saxony to succeed, but in the 790s, he was deeply troubled by how it was carried out. 745 more words

Middle Ages

Widukind: Murderer or Freedom Fighter?

“Widukind? A freedom fighter?” my Frankish characters say. “Are you mad? He’s burned churches. His murderers killed indiscriminately.”

“Widukind is a hero,” my Saxon characters reply. 651 more words

Middle Ages

You had just one job..

For three thousand years this nation had a whole class of self proclaimed scholars called Brahmins whose only job according to some invisible texture of questionable existence and authority was to read, write and gather knowledge and get free stuff in return. 139 more words