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When a Tale about Fashion Becomes Subversive

When I read Notker the Stammerer’s biography of Charlemagne, composed about 70 years after the emperor’s death, I get the feeling that he didn’t let facts get in the way of his story. 197 more words

Middle Ages

The Incredible Shrinking Job-Seeker

Before I begin, some news: I managed to buy myself a little time to stay at the current location some members of my family are funding to keep me off the street. 741 more words

Looking For Work

Are we creating a Dark Age?

I ponder lots of things. I have insomnia which gives me plenty of time at night to ponder the world and it’s being.

History tells us in Europe from about 400AD the roman world started to collapse which lead to political and social cohesion falling apart, and there was a lot not documented or unverified. 316 more words

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Telling Time Through Time

Did you ever wonder how people told time without clocks? Time travelers beware! Watch your lingo! (Get it… watch? Ah… time puns.) In the medieval times, they did not tell time as they do today. 191 more words

The Rise and Spread of Islam

My social media feed went bonkers in the wake of the recent terror attacks around the world. There were the usual wackos talking about conspiracy theories, which are so easily dismissible that they hardly warrant discussion. 2,102 more words


Jungle Muscle Law

Black “radical” students at the University of Missouri have taken over the “jungle” campus in a bid for “total” power.

They are now employing “muscle” 1,152 more words


Everything Means Something, or, How to Think Like a 7th Century Celtic Christian

I sat on my chair, reading, the afternoon sun pouring through the windows. My dog, a big goof of a Labrador/Newfoundland mix, came into the living room and I watched as he walked around the room, sniffing at things. 1,336 more words

Dark Ages