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The Battle of St Beocca's Abbey, Dark Ages WAC.

This week at club we had some extended gaming time so a good chance for a larger game. Matt, Jen & Dave were keen so we decided to dust of are Dark Ages army and join in battle ;o). 236 more words


New Computer - Old Operating System

I often fantasise about a licence to print money. I also fantasise about scantily-clad ladies and plates of cheese and biscuits but that is none of your business. 348 more words


The Vikings: Even Their Poop Is Interesting

Archeology has done wonders to expound many of the mysteries surrounding Scandinavian culture of the Viking Age. Scientists have found pieces of armor, leather, ingots, a helmet, swords, axes, whole ships and…poop. 341 more words


It's a Monk's Life

Religion is what you do with your solitude.”  – Archbishop William Temple

The Irish Celtic monks who lived at Lindisfarne in the 7th century would have understood this quote. 1,047 more words

Dark Ages

The Reindeer Antler Comb That Is Rewriting History

Vikings have made the headlines this week across the globe after a surprising announcement from scholars at the University of York, in the U.K. Researchers claim they have found evidence that the Viking Age may have begun long before the academically accepted date of 793—the sack of Lindisfarne. 667 more words


Great periods of history to write about – STAGE 1 (Ancient to Medieval)

Okay, so you want to write a historical novel, but what period of history do you choose?  The list is endless, but here are a few options…. 1,178 more words


How does Magical Thought in the Middle Ages differ from today?

Some work I’m doing for the MOOC course ‘Magic in the Middle Ages’.

One thing that magic in the  the Middle Ages and magic today has in common is that it is always a form of transformation. 388 more words