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Saga - Viking Berserker WIP I

I don’t know if I’ll ever get to play at all, but I recently picked up a Saga warband from Gripping Beast. I opted for the metal Vikings, which means I got four berserkers among my miniatures. 461 more words


Why are months so weird?

Calendars throughout history have struggled to be logical and maintain synchronism between the lunar cycle (about 29.5 days) and the solar year (about 365.25 days). 791 more words


The Dark Ages: A Historical Misnomer

The time in history between the collapse of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance (usually interpreted as the period between the 5th and 15th century) is referred to by many as the “Dark” Ages. 630 more words

Roman Catholic Church

A skirmishing we have been!

Its been a while since our last post but the time has not been wasted. The ‘first draft’ of the dark age skirmish rules are now in a playable state and hopefully readers will be able to down load from this blog. 545 more words


Bald's Leechbook: The Doctor is In

I find as I do research on the so-called Dark Ages that time and time again, my preconceived notions about what life must have been like have been proven wrong. 1,562 more words

Comet caused Dark Ages.

Comet caused Dark Ages, says tree ring expert…

By Roger Highfield, Robert Uhlig and David Derbyshire

A COMET exploding in the Earth’s atmosphere contributed to the collapse of the Roman Empire in the West and ushered in the Dark Ages, it was claimed yesterday. 347 more words

King Arthur II

In Search of Hope

In Search of Hope

If you have followed this blog to any extent over the last year, you may recognize a common theme: the need for hope in the midst of our stormy times. 1,214 more words