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Adventure Art

This spring there is a frenzy of action, movement, and change in all directions….

1. I had an awesome time as artist in residence at the… 275 more words

Hannah Viano

Dark and Stormy-ish

Lately, Q Ginger is hands down my go-to mixer. Have you tried it? It’s the ginger-lover’s ginger ale, delivering an earthy bite without the coughing fit that comes with some of the bolder ginger sodas out there. 411 more words


Dark and Stormy

True, the weather here has been a bit dark and stormy for the past week, but this post is about something much more exciting (and delicious)- the dark and stormy cocktail. 302 more words

Attempting Effortless

Dark and Stormy (Endurance Ride) 253

Inspiration: Post #300…and another weekly Endurance Ride playlist / profile. This week’s ride is back to a basic endurance theme with just a few stretches of quick interval work. 382 more words

53 Minutes Or More

Orange Creamsicle Dark and Stormies

These are my new absolute favorite.  My go to.  We got a bunch of ginger beer, and so I’ve been making these constantly (until we recently ran out of the ginger beer).   87 more words

Foodie Friday

A little more sassy: Dark & Snowy

It’s brunch time here on the east coast and the streets are stagnant. The world is dipped in a thick marshmallow coating that swallows cars, parking meters and our footsteps. 218 more words


Mopsus Potion

  • horklump juice (2 oz.)
  • exploding ginger eyelash (5 oz.)
  • bezoar (one)

Carefully, add exploding ginger eyelash to horklump juice in a glass. Add one bezoar.