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A little more sassy: Dark & Snowy

It’s brunch time here on the east coast and the streets are stagnant. The world is dipped in a thick marshmallow coating that swallows cars, parking meters and our footsteps. 218 more words


Mopsus Potion

  • horklump juice (2 oz.)
  • exploding ginger eyelash (5 oz.)
  • bezoar (one)

Carefully, add exploding ginger eyelash to horklump juice in a glass. Add one bezoar.

Fever-Tree Ginger Beer

Fever-Tree has created the perfect mixer for a light and refreshing cocktail. Their Ginger Beer is non-alcoholic and has a wonderfully crisp flavor of fresh ginger root to awaken your taste buds and refresh your palate. 176 more words

All Things Foodie

pear + cardamom dark and stormies

“It was a dark and stormy night …”

Have you ever stopped and wondered about the origins of this phrase? I’m guessing not. I hadn’t really either until I started playing around with my Dark & Stormy recipe. 699 more words


The Cocktail

On Friday, we pay a penance for enjoying all that’s great about Thursday—football, turkey, my Pumpkin Spice Dark and Stormy. Most of us spend the day on our ass, fighting a food coma and grazing on leftovers. 290 more words

cheers to Thanksgiving

There is a lot to be grateful for, so why not kick off your Thanksgiving festivities with a cocktail. I remember the first time all my cousins came back for Thanksgiving during college and we were finally allowed to be part of cocktail hour. 182 more words


Cozy Date Sunday Night Dinner: Dark & Stormy

I love pairing wine with food, but sometimes it’s nice to switch things up a little bit. A few months back, I had my first Dark & Stormy. 163 more words

Sunday Night Dinner