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Summer drinking. Part 3: carrying on

The Alderman isn’t much of a rule-monger at any time, and as for carrying on, well, “This is Liberty Hall, you can spit on the mat and call the cat a bastard”. 3,477 more words





Los Angeles

637. Climate change

The thirty-first of January was a wild, tempestuous day. Well, so wrote Agnes Grey. Actually, it wasn’t Agnes Grey at all; it was Anne Brontë in her novel Agnes Grey. 123 more words


Dark Dungeons Novel

When we get down to work to develop a novel, we must keep in mind the space in which it takes place. We can choose a city known, invent a place as we please, choose our own environment because it is the best know. 518 more words

Dark And Stormy

Vampire Books

Since the beginning of time, vampire legends were spread across the face of the earth. But its distinctive mark is not comparable to that of other extraordinary monsters. 499 more words

Dark And Stormy

Fantasy Books

The term fantasy is used as the umbrella term for all genres dealing fantastic themes, or are these terrifying future. Sometimes speak of ‘Fantasia’ is all this talk about: fantasy, fables, science fiction, horror. 380 more words

Dark And Stormy

Epic Battle Fantasy

Every great story to speak more particularly of the tales seems to involve five critical elements: a) the core which serves a horror or abnormality (condition, entity, etc.); b) or typical effects of the horror, c) the mode of manifestation of that horror; d) how to react to the horror; e) the specific effects of the horror in relation to given conditions. 491 more words

Dark And Stormy