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The Main Players

I’ve realised I need to cover some of the basics before I start summarising the episodes so here is a brief Who’s Who of Dark Angel… 1,533 more words

Hike: Devil's Garden


In August 2016 I travelled to Salt Lake City, Utah, for a conference. The following weekend was the National Park Service’s centennial and the entrance fees to all parks in the country were free. 1,213 more words


Hope is For Losers (or, How to Survive the End of the World)

Dark Angel Episode 1: Pilot

Written by James Cameron and Charle H Eglee

Directed by David Nutter

The end of the world brings with it a kind of ecstasy. 1,743 more words

What is Dark Angel?

Dark Angel (2000-2002) is a Fox TV show created by James Cameron and Charles H. Eglee. It is a genre mash-up of paranoid conspiracy thriller, workplace sitcom, apocalyptic urban survival story and ‘monster of the week’ procedural. 732 more words

Second Life | I see you from the dark

Shhhh……….. I hear you voice

I hear you from the dark, it’s me. Your secret admire,  I’m always there beside you, without you knowing it. I am you, and you are my fear.  186 more words

I come in Peace / Dark Angel (1990)

Director: Craig R. Baxley

Jonathan Tydor
David Koepp

El sastre de Dolph Lundgren y su decorador de interiores.

Prólogo al visionado.

Ir al comentario en si, a la chicha, a la mandanga. 2,818 more words


Angel in Disguise; Halloween Outfit 2017

I think by now we all know I love dressing up for holidays and event; it’s the perfect opportunity to play around, be creative and be EXTRA! 1,047 more words