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T for Tough time...

For #AtoZ Challenge:

We all have problems
We all have heartbreaks
And we all want to run away from this race
But the bitter truth is, we can’t… 64 more words


It’s overcast today
In the skies but not the mind,
Where there are everlasting stores
Of heartwarming sunshine.
And it won’t matter one bit
If there’s  rain, thunder, or lightening,

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I think everyone has darkness inside of them, some more than others, some darker than others. Yet it’s not something we generally take notice of. Some are not that dark, others suppress their darkness and some explore their darkness – but just with themselves. 532 more words

Depression & Emotions

Dark Sky

Moon hides tonight

Twinkling stars are no sight

Incomplete is night


Image courtesy:- antpkr/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Lune Poems

Leaving Kansas

A clear blue sky can be a thing of beauty. It brings warmth, clear air and a bright, happy mood. But sometimes a dark and sinister sky can be far more interesting. 94 more words

My Food Odyssey

Where's the sun?

While I was taking my walk last Friday, I saw these interesting-looking clouds in the sky … and also, the sun was hiding behind one of the dark clouds in a big way.   79 more words

Joseph Pratt's Interests

Easter Skies

I spent Easter up at Raetihi working on the house, with the weather being changeable I spent some time painting, and some time waiting for the rain showers to clear. 24 more words