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I can see all kinds of clouds here!

Yesterday, the temperatures were in the 60s … and, since it was warm outside, I was able to take my first evening walk of 2017 late yesterday afternoon.   169 more words

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Dark Clouds

Do you ever feel like there’s a black cloud hanging over your head?

Could be…

Or it could just be Uncle Darth lounging on the platform above you.


I'd like to see some dark clouds in this sunset!

Back on December 26, 2016, I saw this fantastic sunset in the skies above Cuddy.  This sunset had a lot of clouds in it … and most of them were dark.   61 more words

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A Many-Colored Sunrise

A lovely sunrise this morning.  Not brilliant, but many-colored.  We awoke to a light snowfall, and the lower clouds, the dark ones above, were moving quickly to the south.  105 more words



In memory of my Grandpa. He passed away in 2009.

Lost in the mist,

nothing is clear;

My head is spinning.

Rain hits the ground, 30 more words