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A "heavenly" cloud

This Tuesday, while I was taking my evening walk, I saw a “heavenly” cloud in the sky.  The cloud here was dark and the sun’s rays were coming out of the cloud.   73 more words

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There's a small dark cloud inside of a big white cloud!

On July 16, 2016, I went to the Sts. Simon And Jude Festival in Scott Township with one of my relatives.  I saw some interesting things there and I bumped into some familiar faces while I was there.   88 more words

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Monsoon and Me...

Clouds are wandering in the sky
Thoughts are running, I don’t know why?
Some days are just dark, some are rainy
These are making me sad and shady


Five "cloudy" pictures, for your consideration

Yesterday afternoon, while I was taking my walk, I took five more pictures of some clouds.  The clouds were white, dark and grey, of course … and at times, those clouds would try to overlap each other. 167 more words

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Poem: Clouding Over

Poem created in response to Poetic Bloomings’ “An Entertaining Summer” Poem-A-Day event

Day 9, July 9th

Prompt: Summer Clouds

(form:  haiku)

Clouding Over

gazing Heavenward… 10 more words


Joseph's Trip To McSummerfest (Part 2)

Today, in the second part of this three-part blog post, I’m going to show you the clouds that I saw in the skies above McDonald while I was walking through McSummerfest this past Tuesday evening. 331 more words

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