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Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine

The recent WordPress Photo Challenge is about light sources that make things visible. I first thought to come up with a photo of a spider web, because most often you can just see them if they are highlighted by the sunshine. 68 more words


“There's no such thing as a vote that doesn't matter.”

This morning I slept late. It was cozy under the warm comforter. The dog sensing I was awake stood up. I just stayed in bed. Fern joined us. 384 more words


enjoying a feast of grace gifts

While we are being encouraged to ‘Go Sober for October’, slide ever closer toward ‘Movember’ and anticipate ‘Dry January’, this month is fast becoming ‘Wet-tober’ for us. 452 more words


Golden Ears

Fall colours and dark clouds compliment this shot of the Golden Ears Mountains, in  B.C.


Dark clouds

During our visit to French Riviera we saw this amazing sky, so deep colors and beautiful contrast between the colors of the sea and the intensity of the clouds – amazing sight!


The skies confused me a little bit one day!

On September 29, 2016, while I was taking my evening walk, I got confused because I saw a lot of things in the sky.  I saw some very dark clouds, I saw some white clouds and I saw some blue “holes” in the sky.   167 more words

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