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Dark Clouds

Gathering tempest,

Calm yet threatening stillness,

Birds fall silent as if in prayer,

Foretelling the impending disaster,

Prayer, the last resort of the damned,

The desperate, 11 more words


He's Dead

He’s dead
I should’ve buried him
A long time ago
But instead I carried him
Everywhere I go
In dreams, in visions
He stalks my soul


seeking civility

we recognize our dark side

push toward the light



I do not belong to the sun – summer, for me, can be a bit overrated. Romantic fools like me find a sense of joy and peace of mind in days that are dark, cold and gloomy. 227 more words


The real travellers

“So where was your last trip?”
“Towards China. It was fun being there. Lovely place. Almost touched Great Wall of China. But had to make it a short trip.” 138 more words

Short Story

The nights cloud is ripe
Full of Heavens dew to give
Rain drops on our faces to wipe
And to our beds warmth we cleave

What you can do with your problems

It wont’ be a surprise to anyone for me to say that “advantages come to those who work hard and exert effort”. I think that’s generally a true statement and can be observed pretty easily in our world. 358 more words