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“All rise.”

Those two words echoed in an otherwise silent chamber as a fat looking man wearing a long black overcoat entered the room through the rather old looking gate in the back. 1,534 more words


Satan's Brew (1976)

I have watched many, many films over the course of my life, from nearly every conceivable nation, decade and across several genres. To this day, I have not seen a film as polarizing as… 1,607 more words

Dark Comedy


I managed to catch the last showing of this dark twisted and brilliant play on Sunday night. Now even with a familiar face in the cast, I promise to be completely honest in my review of this whodunit play. 473 more words


Political correctness and the death of dark comedy

I believe no subject is safe from humour. And in my belief no subject should be safe for that matter. Ok fine, a white man who has painted his face black, is striding around in a costume held together with leaves and shouting “I’m mr big bongo” is perhaps not alright, but that’s because not many people would find it funny, just immature. 331 more words


Shane Black Comedy

Today’s little gem is a Robert Downey Jr. flick. If you wanna go by the director, his name is Shane Black. Ok, so the year is 2005, three years before Jon Favreau’s blockbuster Iron Man gets released into theaters, really kicking off Jr.’s career. 1,145 more words

Black Comedy

Friend: sex is simple as fuck.
Me: bop it
Me: twist it
Me: pull it
Me: begin the sacrifice
Friend: XDDDDD
Me: tally the quarterly annual revenue… 11 more words