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Better Call Saul- Review

Better Call Saul is a television series based in a time period set before the Award Winning television show Breaking Bad. In Better Call Saul  James(Jimmy) McGill is a lawyer struggling to make a name for himself and get a solid window of clients. 314 more words


Fargo - Season 1, Episode 1 (Review)

If you were a fan of the original Coen Brothers movie, you’re sure to dig the vibe of this TV series. It’s early days (for me anyway – you might have watched all of season 1 by now) but I can tell you that this episode has managed to keep in tact that humdrum mood to it of a sleepy snow-ridden town, plus creep in lots of dark humour to boot. 386 more words



Maureen is worried about life at home falling to pieces in her absence. Her real concern is that she’s starting to think her husband is seeing somebody else. 1,219 more words



Hesher is a phenomenal film that is darkly funny, daring, and unique. I have never seen anything quite like this movie. It is the reason I love independent movies because it couldn’t been made otherwise. 775 more words


What Everly Does In The Shadows

Everly is Salma Hayek playing Survival of the fittest/Die Hard in an apartment. It’s something brisk, exploitative and out there…at one point there are enforcers called Sadist and Masochist with a group of Japanese ghost dressed people. 261 more words


New side project: Killer Comedies!


Sometimes we laugh at things we know we probably shouldn’t. But hey whatever, that’s human nature right? This new blog of mine is dedicated to what many consider a very controversial sub-genre of film—the dark comedy. 85 more words