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Abstract Photography: Saturday Morning

Abstract Photography: Saturday Morning

originally a photo i posted to Instagram.

Dark and rainy

Outside it’s cold, dark and rainy. I am waiting for the snow, but it doesn’t seem to come… Snow is more fun than rain.

Last night I watched live on Internet when Daniel Radcliffe got his Walk of Fame star! 137 more words

My Dark Day. {Part 2} ~ Lori Thornton

I remember spending more time in the ER as they waited for a room, the room that would be my room in the ICU.

I remember a nurse, I don’t remember her name. 1,270 more words


My Dark Day. {Part 1} ~ Lori Thornton

My dark day occurred on Wednesday, October 17, 2001.

I even know the time—8:51am.

I even know what I was wearing that day.

Grey New Balance gym shoes with superman blue and yellow N’s on the side with woven laces of the same color. 1,361 more words


Needley Tree

I just liked these, even though the composition is wrong.


“Life isn't all fricasseed frogs and eel pie.”

I would have guessed today is cooler than it is if I hadn’t gone outside. The view from my window is of a dark, cloudy day with a breeze strong enough to ruffle leaves and sway the tops of trees and smaller branches. 253 more words


(more) hands in the dark

just like the first post with this title this post contains a recommendation of a great song, two times (literally): 1979 (by dark day) and approx.  7 more words