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"The Man Who Doesn't Stand" and other photos by Allie Robbins

Photos by Allie Robbins.

“Foggy Night”

“Dark Day”

“Hanging out with Friends”

“Fading Clouds”


“Dream Beach”

“A New Day With the Seashell Out” … 10 more words


Dark day

Just as a ‘bright day’ can occur without the necessity of fine weather, a ‘dark day‘ likewise is not tied to climatic conditions. In any case, we are able to embrace both the positive and negative elements of the moment and act accordingly. 352 more words

Brian Groves

Notes on a Dark Day

Last night, like a night last June, I bit my fingers to pieces. The cuts my teeth left turning the skin infected, hot and red. But nevertheless, I went to sleep confident that I’d be waking up in a world I’d still want to be in. 375 more words



After an 8.05am MRI in Euston (45 minutes scan with dye), and full on anxiety attack, a dip into despair , driving 2 hours, and a full on counselling session I’m pooped. 21 more words


"My mom said the only reason men are alive is for lawn care and vehicle maintenance."

I have emerged. The windows and doors are open. Today is much cooler and the AC is unnecessary. Earlier it sprinkled for a bit and the rain has left a chilly dampness. 432 more words


"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

The rain came during the night. It started around midnight. I could hear the drops on the air conditioner. I listened a short while then fell asleep. 494 more words