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Needley Tree

I just liked these, even though the composition is wrong.


“Life isn't all fricasseed frogs and eel pie.”

I would have guessed today is cooler than it is if I hadn’t gone outside. The view from my window is of a dark, cloudy day with a breeze strong enough to ruffle leaves and sway the tops of trees and smaller branches. 253 more words


(more) hands in the dark

just like the first post with this title this post contains a recommendation of a great song, two times (literally): 1979 (by dark day) and approx.  7 more words


"Recess and lunch are the best."

The sun was bright and warm earlier this morning. Now the sky is cloudy, and the day has darkened. No rain is predicted so I figure the sun will be back in a bit. 478 more words


“Don't try to make me grow up before my time…”

Today is overcast and dark and the air has a damp chill. It feels as if rain is pending. I hope so. It has been too long since the last rain fell. 386 more words


Foggy Day

Taken quite some time ago.