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Searching for a song...

I woke up this morning, dragged myself out of bed after 20 minutes of snoozing the alarm and after a quick shower decided maybe some music would help bring me out of the numbness I had awoken with. 381 more words

Dark Days

It's not about how you look on the outside.

You would never guess I’m suffering. You wouldn’t put me down as someone who’s world slowly slid from colourful, to grey, to almost black. That’s the problem with depression. 656 more words

Dark Days

Hell Season

The photograph above mirrors the exact feeling that I have now. A sun hiding in the clouds, beautiful isn’t it? but at the same time lonely. 541 more words


Based on Psalm 44:

In old days long ago,

We have heard of Your might.

Your right hand You have shown

And have won us the fight. 145 more words


Thoughts into Action

I was overcome with sadness

My life wasn’t what I wanted.

People I had once lover

Had come and gone

Before I could even capture the moment. 232 more words

The Dark Days

These past couple days I’ve slipped into what I like to call the “Dark Days”.  Nothing feels right.  Everything feels dark and depressed.  Maybe it’s the stress of finals coming up, maybe its something subconscious, out of my control.   217 more words


Taking a Step Back (is Okay)

Reflections are necessary in order to remember where you’ve been. On those days when nothing goes right, when you feel dead and lose faith in humanity, it only takes a simple gesture to get you back in the best of moods. 503 more words