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Some of this music doesn’t heal. But well, who said it was meant to? It’s absurd that on a day like this you’re listening to Daughtry and reading The Pleasures of the Damned. 238 more words


Ain't nobody gonna drag me down..

You can’t drag me down…
Though u can try….
In the end I will still be standing
Today Is not the day I give up.. 64 more words


Mind of Monsters; a Depression Perspective

Some days are dark, dim, darker than the others. The thoughts race, the questions bombard your every cell- how can I make it in this non-stop world? 452 more words

Short Writings


Early one Saturday in August of 2005 was the first and last time that Evan and I held Jake.

Late afternoon one rainy Saturday in July of 2007 Evan and I met the… 88 more words


For Days Like These

For days like these, when your memory fails to cover the wounds that haven’t healed, because the doctor said some don’t need Band Aid. They need to be left alone, untouched, uncovered…they need to ‘ 363 more words


Dissection in Seconds

There have been more than a few moments in my life that beg examination. My heart bleeds from the incisions burrowed by my own choices and I feel the pressing weight of dimness as debts pile, rising to a crescendo so deafening that suicide seems a viable option. 92 more words