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Sought After

Have you ever felt like you are being chased by demons everywhere you go? Like there is no light in your life except darkness (bad days)? 445 more words


spring, spring, goddamn spring

Spring has sprung! Oh god, punch me. Like we need more cliches or analogies to the more obvious oddities that come around every few quarter months. 592 more words



Have you ever felt a loneliness,
that doesn’t go away?
it’s that one gray hair,
you keep plucking out,
and it keeps growing back.
loneliness isn’t palpable, 341 more words

April Reads

There are some 460 pages in Yuval Noah Harari’s masterpiece Sapiens. That means I’ve probably read something in the region of 130,000 words over the past few weeks buried beneath it’s covers. 3,839 more words


When Willpower Fails | Choose Joy

I’ve been dealing with this depression thing for the last 20+ years, pretty much my entire life, and despite my vast experience, I’m always a little surprised by its power. 498 more words

Choose Joy

The Flight of Alistar

The crunching splash of sleet that covered the asphalt had long since died from her consciousness.

The swish, flap, groan; swish, flap, groan of the windshield wipers kept time with her beating heart. 96 more words

Life Inside A Twisted Mind


These are dark days
Our minds are filled with small thoughts
like dogs on short leads
we don’t stray far
from the concrete
Our lives shrink to fit… 35 more words