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Dark Days at Glasgow's GoMA

Dark Days review by blogger Carol Anne Grady (Rock Salt)

I first heard about Dark Days from a friend at work.

‘This is a weird thing,’ she said. 1,513 more words


Wed Nov 26 3:07 AM 2014

On dark days, I think, I love the world so damn much that I end up hating it, and myself in the process. The wheels spin uncontrollably in my head and all perspective becomes warped. 188 more words

Primates On Typewriters

April 24th

“Chronicles of a wandering soul”

Opening my old journal has been bittersweet but has brought me to be more open and share my art through what I call my “chronicles of a wandering soul”. 506 more words


The truth of these words brought me through some very dark days

I’m sure I’m not the only one loving the good weather :-) Life feels so much better under a bright blue sky.

But what about those days covered in clouds when you’re up against far more than you can handle on your own? 507 more words

Glass House

I live in a house, a glass house. Though this is not just any old house of glass. No, it is in fact enchanted. Outside, people pass by day in and day out, curious eyes looking inward to catch a glimpse of the woman inside. 1,120 more words

Random Writings


This truly isn’t a good time to be black. Not that there had been a time in ancient and in recent times when being black came with good tidings, like how it is famously wondered how a good thing could come from Nazareth.No time comes to mind now, that can be considered as “Uhuru Time” for the black man as I write this. 1,022 more words


On the Edge of my Dark Days.

Sitted in a corner of the bathroom facing the door,
Blood flows freely to the floor.
I stare into the mirror and wonder if this is who I really want to be. 130 more words