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Fifty Shades of Blue

They say therapy comes in all different forms. Some people like to sit on a big couch and tell a professional all their problems; some people like to sit on a friend’s couch and tell said friend all their problems. 820 more words

Not Who I Thought I Would Be

Some days, I feel as delicate as a paper lantern, but those days I feel so delicate, it’s not winds that will blow me whichever way they please, it’s my moods.  263 more words


The Dark Days Are Over---It's Mah Birthday!

Welp, it’s been QUITE a while—mostly because of this funny-not-so-funny story: I’ve been recovering from a pretty bad eye infection for a little more than a week, which was seriously the WORST. 645 more words

There Is No Problem Here

People, its ok, go back to sleep.
You do not need all those weapons, we your elected leaders and our handlers will protect you.
Close your eyes and go back to sleep. 288 more words

Ramblings Of A Befuddled Hobbit

Mad Kings Ruling

Mad Kings ruling beyond thresholds
Dictating lives to their subject
As she suffers silently realizing
That this is as good as it will get

Childhood dreams of princes and love, 140 more words

Poetry And Prose

Human Infestation

Sickening extreme oscillations
of briskly shimmering heat waves,
Rising off of forgotten highways.
Crazy tar entombed rock ribbons
of confusion connecting human insanities,
where black hearted maggots once crawled, 61 more words

Poetry And Prose

Refuge of The Weak

Seek refuge from the shades
of past and present stupidities.
Temporary and superficial
but refuge still in the oblivion
of glass, gas or chems.
That the demon’s chatter… 43 more words

Poetry And Prose