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Weslynn at Hard Rock

Weslynn At Hard Rock Café 3/20

by Meghan McNamara

If you have yet to check out local Phoenix band Weslynn, you’re seriously missing out. The trio performed at hard rock café for Alt AZ 93.3’s battle of the bands for an opportunity to play in Barcelona. 178 more words


Dark Days Film Screening & Artist’s Talk #guestpost

On 6 March, I attended the Dark Days Film Screening & Artist’s Talk, and the first thing I noticed when I walked into Gallery 2 at the GoMA were the lack of chairs available. 1,186 more words

Gallery Of Modern Art

The Growing Season

“Hey there dark cloud,

why did you take my sun away?

I don’t want to see you,

I don’t want to see you today.” 93 more words


False Modesty Falsely Faced

Orc daggers, wolfsbane
Treasure hunt, all terrain
Pirate do you savvy
Ricky Ticky Tavy
Superman Shomi
TV for the dull beat
Shower shows distract me… 118 more words

Ellie Harrison’s Unexpected Dark Days – Part II #guestblog

After dinner it was time to make a consensus as a whole group on how to spend the evening together. Everyone brainstormed and ideas such as make something, music and dancing, write a manifesto, discuss the “Dark Days” topic, quiz night, games, no set plan, make a “tower of awesome” i.e. 932 more words


Ellie Harrison’s Unexpected ‘Dark Days’ – Part I #guestblog

Exactly a month ago today, the final arrangements were underway for the Dark Days event. One hundred CAMP MANUALS ( camp-manualFINAL-print ) were printed, stapled and folded, GoMA’s gallery one space was being cleaned, … 972 more words

Gallery Of Modern Art

Relapse / Recaída


  1. To fall or slide back into a former state.
  2. To regress after partial recovery from illness.

A falling back into a former state, especially after improvement. 952 more words

Coping Skills