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Dark Day

January 20, 2017. The day everything changed.

Many Americans naively believe that today’s the day everything will start to get better for them. They believe that the American economy will begin to improve as their countrymen turn to buying products made exclusively in the USA, resulting in more jobs for them, better livelihoods, and a better & stronger economy. 721 more words


Stoicism as Self-Help: A Bad Thing?

As you may be aware, Stoicism is hot these days. Some practicing Stoics appear to be view this as a non-preferred indifferent [1]. Rather than feel threatened or un-stoically irritated by it, modern Stoics should keep their chins up–or better, down, to peruse their Stoic texts and ignore the trend, which will likely die down soon enough to make way for the next big thing. 1,247 more words

Marcus Aurelius

History Lessons

that time we time-machined it
found hope-lack, forward and back

drawn onward, grit and press (what
could we gain in the rewriting?)


"What a severe yet master artist old Winter is.... No longer the canvas and the pigments, but the marble and the chisel.

We’ve lost the sun. It’s a gray day with no wind. Rain will be here tomorrow. You’ll hear no complaints from me. It isn’t snow. 335 more words


When I first thought about writing this, I wanted it to be another letter, similar to one I have already written. I quickly realized that’s one more thing that’s about him and this needs to be about me, because I’ve already spent too much time on him.

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Rotterdam at night.

Rotterdam, city of architecture. On a cold day, I went from Belgium to Rotterdam for some long-exposure shot’s. From buildings to bridges, illuminated with lights in all colors. Enjoy :)


God Won - Satan Zero

“Don’t you dare make me a 49-year-old widow,” I told my husband.  “I won’t,” he weakly replied.  Like I possessed the power to force him not to and he had the power to defy God.  520 more words

Church Of The Highlands