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Initial Descent: April 8 - 14, 2018

Well, the whole iTunes debacle of ceasing their store function for new music has resurfaced. Again. Reminds me of that new Tool album; might happen / might not. 670 more words

Daily Heresy

Album of the Day: Undergang - Misantropologi

Label: Dark Descent Records (CD)Me Saco un Ojo Records (vinyl)

Do you like old-school death metal? Because Undergang love old-school death metal. Misantropologi  234 more words

Album Of The Day

Album Review: Skeletal Remains - "Devouring Mortality"

Hey there modern scuzzy death metal bands!  Guess what?  “Groove” is not a dirty word! In fact when it comes to death metal it can be a very, very good word indeed.   764 more words


Album of the Day: Gravehill - The Unchaste, the Wicked, and the Profane

Label: Dark Descent Records

You can probably have a good guess at what The Unchaste, the Wicked, and the Profane by Gravehill sounds like just from the artwork. 234 more words

Album Of The Day


2017 for death metal was one of the most explosive years in recent memory and with Georgia’s very own Father Befouled. This is an album I cannot be anymore thankful enough to see them return with a punishing blow with 2017’s Dark Descent Records release of Desolate Gods. 175 more words


DEIQUISITOR to release "Downfall of the Apostate" April 23 on Dark Descent Records

From beyond the reach of our solar system comes the Downfall of the Apostates; fast, brutal and unearthly new death metal from Denmark’s DEIQUISITOR. 272 more words


Vastum and Spectral Voice split: dose of death metal for death metal people

Just like the album, this take is a quick one. San Fran’s Vastum and Denver’s Spectral Voice got together on a two-track split that came out last week and has unreleased songs with Vastum going off first. 344 more words