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Review: Craven Idol - The Shackles of Mammon

London based metallers Craven Idol have taken a very old school vibe for their second record, ‘The Shackles of Mammon’, where their blackened thrash sound meets the like of Bathory, Mercyful Fate and Venom in a cacophony of catchy as hell savagery. 211 more words


Blood Incantation - Starspawn

Dark Descent Records

“From the production and execution down to the very arrangement of the track list, Blood Incantation pick up a sweeping victory for their debut album.” 781 more words


Top 25 of 2016 #8: Ghoulgotha - To Starve The Cross

Ghoulgotha – To Starve The Cross
(Dark Descent Records)

Maintaining a level of authenticity and integrity can be tricky when a band decides to step outside convention, especially when it comes to death metal. 522 more words

Top 25 Of 2016

Feature: The Metalhead Box

In their words: The Metalhead Box is a monthly subscription box service that aims to introduce the best, new, and classic Metal music from all over the world to the average Joe Metalhead. 691 more words


Death Metal Battle Royale Round 1: Timeghoul (Discography) vs Incantation (Onward To Golgotha)


Impressionistic appraisal: Timeghoul Discography (1992-1994)
I am a God, the prime being. I shall impale you on the crumbled pillars of the millenia“. 970 more words

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Review: Blood Incantation - Starspawn

Apparently Blood Incantation come from this planet. Colorado in fact. It’s weird really, considering the rumbling noise that emanates from their latest release, ‘Starspawn’. They certainly sound like they are birthed from the darkest parts of our cosmos, sent here to pass on unholy messages and portents of our doom from the outer reaches. 218 more words


Mulligan's Stew: a Collection of Leftover Releases

This week brought a lot of new and awesome albums. Unfortunately, a lot of releases get overlooked for coverage by the release date due to limited resources (or interest). 1,500 more words