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Formed in 2011 from Denver, Colorado, Blood Incantation play a style of Technical, Old School, Astrological and Anunnaki Death themed of Death Metal. Starspawn is the debut full-length released through Dark Descent Records on August 18th 2016. 248 more words

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Review: Necrovorous - Plains of Decay

Greek deathlords Necrovorous have been rather quiet recently, but this three man wrecking crew have drawn fetid breath once more to release the frankly terrifying ‘Plains of Decay.’ It is due out 29th September on Dark Descent Records, and is a record groaning with riffs and morbid brutality. 209 more words


Diabolical Messiah - Demonic Weapons Against the Sacred

Big hooks and big tremolo riffs ¬†are the first thing to come to mind listening to Diabolical Messiah’s second studio album; throughout the album’s short duration, those two are the defining characteristics of the Chilean veterans’ songwriting along with the nearly constant roar of the band’s vocalist. 323 more words


Excommunion - Thronosis (Brutal Death/Black Metal)

Been waiting to review this EP for quite some time now and lucky I was to receive it in the latest The Metalhead Box so I could listen to it on an actual cd. 297 more words

Begrime Exemious - Primeval Satellite (2014), The Enslavement Conquest (2016)

Begrime ExemiousPrimeval Satellite (Dark Descent Records, 31 August 2014)

Begrime ExemiousThe Enslavement Conquest (Dark Descent Records, 04 March 2016)

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Heresiarch - Death Ordinance (Black/Death Metal)

From New Zealand Heresiarch has since the bands formation in 2008 been taking it’s time to release an actual full-length album, after having released two EP’s prior Death Ordinance. 239 more words

Initial Descent: July 2 - 8, 2017

All of a sudden it’s July. Half the year gone and I don’t know where it went but alas we have a full plate of metal for you this week here on… 510 more words

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