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Escaping Your Own Skin

I hate writing in stereotypes, yet here we are.  We all know not all jocks are dumb, in fact pretty much every NFL or NBA player has a degree in something,  MLB not so much.  2,276 more words


Blood Offering

Blood Offering by EC Revelle

Commander Varia faces an uncertain future. Her mercenary band, the Sure Blades, and the remnants of Lena va Maru’s army are holed up in the Shrine of Aru deep in the midst of winter. 106 more words


The Re-Animators (Part 2)

Part 1 can be found here.

Why did I take the job? Talking, really? I was a killer. I always have been. Ever since I’d been to war that was all I was. 620 more words

Free Story

Podcast: Kobold Tavern Tales Episode Six: Sarah L. Johnson

Cue the REM people, because it’s the end of the world as we know it. So, <Joey from Friends voice> How you doin’? Well, the main character from Sarah Johnson’s new release,  104 more words

Identical covers, different titles, red clues

As you can see from the covers of my novel and the four ‘origins’ short stories they are practically identical.

However apart from the title of the book there is a subtle difference between each one. 108 more words

Christopher Percy

Teaser Tuesday 3/20/18: "Brave New Worlds"

So this week I’m reading Brave New Worlds, an anthology of dystopian-set short stories. Because, you know, real life isn’t depressing enough these days. 315 more words


Book Review: The Demon Within (Last War, Book I) by Josh Gagnier

Demon Within by Josh Gagnier

Publisher: PorterMouth (Dec 18, 2016)
Category: Dark Fantasy, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
Tour dates: Mar & Apr, 2018
ISBN:  978-1520103358
Available in Print & ebook,  210 pages… 1,010 more words