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Dark #Fantasy or Horror? The Felix Chronicles: #BookReview, interview & excerpt

What’s the difference between dark fantasy and horror? I’ve heard lots of theories, and read lots of examples. Actually, that last bit is a lie—I’m a complete wuss when it comes to horror anything, so I do my level best to avoid it. 3,210 more words

Book Review

A Child's Fear

Fear is an incredible drug to the human mind, it can make a person hear and see things that aren’t there. It can make people do horrendous things that they would never dream of otherwise. 21 more words

My first book giveaway was a success...

Nearly 600 people entered the Goodreads contest to win a signed copy of my novel. Thank you to everyone for entering, and congratulations to the two winners! 37 more words


Fantasy Checklist Challenge: Dark Fantasy

~posted by Carrie M.

What constitutes a work of “Dark Fantasy,” can be difficult to define. For our purposes, we will be looking at some works that are fantasy in the sense that they have the mandatory elements of other worlds and/or otherworldly beings, but that also contain a “dark” element such as (cue *gasps*) horror. 444 more words


Fae In The Hunters Gift World.

As I said in my post on witches in the Hunters Gift world, there are three types of creature in the world. Witches, lycans, and fae. 834 more words

Urban Fantasy

First-Ever Guest Post & Ongoing Column Announcement

I wrote my first-ever guest blog post for a fellow author whose work I thoroughly enjoy. It’s been posted, and it’s all about sex–right on time for Hump Day. 152 more words


Book Review: Rushed (Rushed#1)

Book: Rushed (Rushed #1)

Author: Brian Harmon

The best way that I can describe this book is that Stephen King and HP Lovecraft collaborated on the Wizard of Oz. 183 more words