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Witchcraft and Conspiracy

Author; G. Jefferies

In a pub in Compton, the paranormal brothers are trying to makes sense of their recent investigations. Rumour and hauntings begin to find a common purpose. 1,975 more words

Dark Fiction

FICTION -- Chicken Bone Sunday

Tatie Wilson opened the envelope and smiled at jumbled printing. Her boy was never much of a writer, but his words warmed his momma’s heart. Phone calls were things that were hard to come by, long line ups and all. 611 more words

Twisted Sister

Flash Fiction - RESTITUTION - or payback's a bitch


She held the bouquet of orchids above the trash; of course he sent flowers, probably something rare. From South America. Big. Whoop.

Didn’t matter, it was over anyway. 144 more words



Our days are numbered. The fireball in the sky will make sure of that. It’s too bright to look at, but I stole a peek through my fingers. 293 more words

Writing Tips From Stephen King

Whilst I am wrestling with my #24-Hour-Novella, I am handing over to Stephen King for this week’s writing tips. Enjoy!


#writephoto microfiction: The hole in the wall from Jane Dougherty

Reblogged from Jane Dougherty Writes:

“Hey! Look! A hole in the wall!”

Above their heads, half-hidden among the ferns growing in the trickling damp, a half-moon-shaped opening yawned blackly. 76 more words