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The Light Shines Brightest in the Dark

My friends are sometimes surprised by the darkness of my writing.  I guess I seem reasonably happy and modestly well-adjusted in person (which seems very strange to me).  524 more words


Distracted Again

An hour had passed since Subject 32 roused from underneath his heavy blankets. He was still sitting on his bed, bent forward with eyes down on his phone. 970 more words


Chapter 7 Financial Alchemy

“And you’re working for no one but me”
–George Harrison, Taxman

“Let me tell you something about money, Mickey. It ain’t real. It doesn’t even exist.

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Bloater - Pen of the Damned Flash Fiction @PenoftheDamned

The Mission: Pick two of the five words and write a 100 – 150 word flash piece incorporating them. Here is mine.


Menthol, that’s all I smelled. 157 more words

Nina D'Arcangela

Open to Submissions, 2017

​Stitched Smile Publications is open to submissions for 2017!
We are looking for all facets dark fiction and poetry to add to our collection: horror, crime, noir, graphic novels, dark fantasy, dark sci-fi and more! 24 more words

Chapter 6 A Mouse and a Strawberry Mark

“Most people don’t realize that two large pieces of coral painted brown, and attached to his skull with common wood screws can make a child look like a deer.”

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Book review: Grimdark Magazine Issue #1

Grimdark is a genre that seems to be going from strength to strength. It is a kind of dark fantasy fiction with morally ambiguous characters, dark settings and worlds and it’s something I enjoy reading a great deal. 401 more words

Book Review