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The Storm Within -- Part Five

Parts One, Two, Three, and Four are yours to read… only if you want them to be.

Allen feels his throat strain as he shouts above the unexplained snow squall. 1,622 more words


Icy World - Takoda Poindexter

“It’s beautiful!” Rose exclaimed as her hot breath blew across the falling snowflakes. She watched the myriad of ice crystals as they fell gently on her face. 759 more words

All Things Writing

These Circuses That Sweep Through the Landscape

While shopping for books in December, I chanced upon this anthology with a vibrant cover and an interesting title. While I was amazed by the illustrations, the blurb of the book was the real charmer that inspired me to pick this book . 1,084 more words

Book Review

Lottie Knew No Love Part II

Lottie was schooled in self actualization and Saturnalia to her was a confusing prospect. Slowly pacing the promenade which framed the cliff-face and stabbed down into the Warren below, her unrolled phablet was awhirl with push notifications from acquaintances and the media alike. 318 more words

Short Story

A Rational Agent Part IV

Thumbing my medipatch, pacing like a madman and spouting gibberish punctuated by ‘if onlys’ and ‘what ifs’, the unpleasant thought of tearing the biochip out really cowed me. 662 more words

Short Story

The Storm Within -- Part Four

In case you missed it (shame on you):

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Karen’s Explorer inched to a stop in front of the Parish home. 1,886 more words


Christian Tomatoes - Lee A Jackson

Christian Tomatoes

It has been a busy start to 2017 for me, a happy and productive one, and I have just published another short story on Smashwords which is available now for a download. 242 more words

Lee A Jackson