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The Ghoul Next Door | Weekly Flash Fiction

I got the inspiration for this week’s dark comedy story from Inspiration Monday, and I think that any introduction would just spoil the surprise. 613 more words


Chapter 8: The Blind Leading the Blind

Flashing teeth, hungry mouths, sightless eyes, hooked claws: the only things I saw before my blood augmented the already considerable amount of red that had been supplied by the struggling sun. 1,143 more words

Dark Fiction

Down the Hall and to the Right


I sigh. I go to pinch the bridge of my nose, but my hands are shaking too much. I fold my hands together on the table. 650 more words


Snow Falling In Colours - Lee A Jackson

Looking out from the cliff top the day after the dark event, the search for something to cling to goes on. The answer was there yesterday, does it still remain, through all the destruction that rained down? 95 more words

Lee A Jackson

A Soul of Stone - Lee A Jackson

A Soul of Stone

Peyroux has been looking for escape from his childhood, but not even the darkness of his attic can afford him the respite from the voices in his head. 123 more words

Lee A Jackson

A Cup of Tea

Okay, so I don’t usually (read: ever) write fiction, but I’ve decided to try and spread my wings. It’s necessary. It’s also therapeutic. So, if you feel so compelled, please head on over and read and enjoy the submissions at Tipsy Lit under the prompt “Stuck in a Good Book.” Mine can be found among the others in the comments section. 88 more words

Prompt Replies & Short Musings


The overpass, a project long ago abandoned, abruptly ended on one end, blocked off by a concrete barrier. Beyond the barrier, overgrown fields stretched out to the horizon. 1,102 more words

R.M. DuChene