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A Poem for the Day


The day was bright and shone with light.

The flowers grew up in April.

Down on the grasses they shot – and – and – … 75 more words


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Hey, greetings, wassup (or what's up for my word logic members), welcome to a serious, thinking edition of Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week a poet; a thinking one M. Henning's poem called "Colum-bine" (nice play of words I might add) speaks on a serious matter of our schools. I assume my followers, especially the ones with children of school age fear the potential violence in schools. They made not happen everyday or not as much as mainstream might lead us to believe but it is still real. My advice; always stay in tune with the "goings" of your child(ren)'s school(s). But back to this intelligent heart groping poem. It will make you think and that is a good thing for the safety but healthy education of our future leaders. Or at least future stand up citizens who will have a chance to achieve that status and more.. [caption id="attachment_1158" align="alignleft" width="600"]www.denverpost.com www.denverpost.com[/caption]

Chapter 16: The Hungry Flock

Black Molly Patience had walked the nightmares of humanity since the close of the Great Darkness, and had chewed the courage of an entire generation down to its rubbery gristle; and while the thought of finding her darkness and making it my own was exhilarating, I couldn’t help but imagine the toll such an act would exercise upon my conscience. 1,633 more words

Dark Fiction

Xeno Hunt

A short distance from the place I grew up, a new building looms – the invader’s fortress. Battles raged across decades, lifetimes. Combat consisted of buttons, laboratories, and nanotechnology. 519 more words

R.M. DuChene

Dear Mr. Elliot

Dear Mr. Elliot,

Thank you for your recent review of my story, To Kill with Style. Although I enjoyed the way that you picked apart my story’s plot and poked fun at my grammar skills, I feel that your review was a bit short-sighted. 542 more words

R.M. DuChene

Dark Art

I have recently discovered an artist who embraces the dark side of life, Nial Parkinson. He has recently coupled his art with writer Lemmy Rushmore’s soul shattering poetry. 306 more words


An Interview with John Everson

If you could live in any world, real or imaginary, where would it be and why?

I’d pick this world… but I’d like to have the wherewithal to enjoy it right. 1,423 more words

Dark Fiction

The Family Tree by John Everson

Scott Belvedere receives an inheritance from his great-uncle – The Family Tree Inn located in Virginia.  His family has been running it for generations and now it belongs to Scott; there are no other Belvederes left.   158 more words

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