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Tombs, Tears, Dirty Little Horror Interview Now Live

And now, as promised (see November 9), Lindsey Goddard’s interview for DIRTY LITTLE HORROR is here!  As some may have noticed, these interviews have been sort of frequent of late, as if there’s almost been one every month, and, while I can’t guarantee when the next one might be, there is a reason.  124 more words


A Child of Woods #BookTalk

Divya shares her dream with us, was it a dream or something else? From the story “spurned lover”:

From where was the light coming? Then I turned my face a candle was burning on a table across the room. 571 more words

Book Talk

Writing a region: Kerry Hadley-Pryce on walking the walk...

Kerry Hadley-Pryce says she has always written on the quiet, but her career as a novelist only really took off when she had it confirmed that she could, and should, write about where she is from. 1,057 more words

Black Country Writing

All is Well

I’m a coffee addict and a guilty pleasure for me is to sit in a coffee shop relaxing. I usually try to justify this downtime by doing some work while I’m there. 465 more words


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Day 14 and a contribution from my storytelling blog. That particular blog On The Broken Road has been rather quiet over the last year as most of my story rather than poetry efforts have been focused on a larger fiction project. This is in addition to battling to complete my poetry collection Wreckage and my academic endeavours. This is why I really admire all of you attempting NaPoWriMo (and succeeding I hope) for not only having the belief in your ability to write that number of words but also sticking to the one project. Because while I am getting much better at completing drafts of stories and poems, I can never guarantee I'll be working on the same thing two days in a row. To prove it here is a poem based on a character and location from a story.

Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi - Breathe. Breathe. Review

Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

A few years ago I ran a feature on my blog titled Women in Horror. 1,066 more words

Dark Fiction

The Horror Fiction Review Loves TEETH MARKS

Anyone involved in indie press will tell you: Reviews and word of mouth are crucial to achieve even a modicum of success as an author or publisher. 141 more words

Anorexia, the Media, and Body Image in the 21st Century.

I’m known (incorrectly) as an author of horror. (I say incorrectly because horror conjures up images of Dracula, Zombies and other such B-movie stereotypes.)

I often write about horrific themes, but I draw inspiration from my experiences and the world as a whole. 198 more words