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A bizarre title I grant you.

However the numbers are those that exist on a list of top ten geological sites throughout the UK that I have actually been to! 178 more words

Dark Flow Lyrics

Dark Flow – Copyright © 2014

From a single point of light
We all expand
Can’t really tell
If we’re in god’s hands
So I follow the plan… 426 more words


Undiscovered Discoveries.

Each day more discoveries are being made by researchers and scientists all over the world. Some of these discoveries are unexplained with our current level of technology and understanding. 462 more words

Just Like That

Dark Flow

Dark flow is the term that astronomers have coined for a recent cosmological discovery that is both thrilling and baffling: the galaxies of our universe are being pulled steadily towards a specific point in our universe, seemingly by a gravitational force.  198 more words

The Great Attractor - You can't make this sh*t up.

Allow me to paint you a quick picture. Metaphorical pictures are my speciality.. I think.

You’ve just turned off the shower. Your shower has a flat floor, yet all the leftover bubbles seem to find and stick to one another and gather around the central drain because it’s a source of gravity (humor me). 209 more words

"Adrift In The AirWaves: WPKN 89.5 FM"

And here lies the invite from my buddy DarkFlow from Bridgeport’s WPKN FM Radio. He sent me an e-vite a few months back and I’m just now getting to it. 16 more words