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Come find me.

My magic lives at the intersection of intention, action, and reflection. My magic lives at the edge of the dark forest.

Image: Growing Through Grief by Natalia Drepina

Vespers In The Dark Wood

Death's End (Book three of the Three Body Problem)


Holy. F*cking. Sh!t. Batman. Shivers down the spine.

Written by
Liu Cixin in 2010, translated by Ken Liu in 2016

Death’s End is personally the most anticipated book of the year. 413 more words

Science Fiction/fantasy

A Radium Forest

Enter the mystical realms of colour scheme.
Black and white, the sky has died and bled on our purple dreams.

The throat of the moon, white as a stork, dirty as a feather and delicate as a heart. 70 more words


Tigerheart and Tigerstar

As you may know, Tigerstar is Tawnypelt’s kit which is the kin of Tigerstar. So, Tigerstar trains Tigerheart in the Dark Forest hoping Tigerheart will become as ambitious and powerful as himself.


Mudclaw's Placement after Death

After Mudclaw died, he didn’t go to the Place of No Stars because he wasn’t fully evil and had a good reason for believing he was the true leader of Windclan. 6 more words


Brambleclaw's Name

Brambleclaw’s warrior name was based off of his father’s warrior name, Tigerclaw.


Meaning of Tigerclaw's Warrior Name

Have you wondered how some of the warriors get their names? When Tigerstar was a warrior, his name was Tigerclaw. He had tiger in his name because he had a pelt like a tiger. 13 more words