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Little Red Riding Hood in the 21st Century

(184 words -Flash Fiction/Poetry)

They called her Little Red in Sedona, Arizona where crystal-gazers told the fortunes of tourists who came to see the famous red sandstone hills beauty, that explodes in orange and red splashes of brilliant colors when the sun rises, or sets. 144 more words


Any Way You Slice It

Slice it,
Dice it,
Divide it,
Just give me a piece
Of pizza
Or else
I’ll slice you,
Dice you,
Divide you
In more than one piece,


Ricky Gervais' first stand-up show since 2010

“Ricky Gervais : Humanity” review with no spoiler.

In his first stand-up show since 2010,Ricky Gervais shows his genius and dark humor talent.

First of all,let’s talk about Ricky Gervais.Co-creator of The Office,writer,comedian,provocateur,animal lover,multi millioniare and bla bla bla.He is my one of the favorite comedians.His humour is on the level that %50 of people understand and laugh,%50 of people don’t understand and they… 125 more words

Dark Humor

The Flower Shop

For twenty-five years the shop at the corner of Pecos and Ground sold everything a gardener could possibly need to make the best flower bed on the block. 437 more words


Cracked 5 ... July 20th, 2019

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Threats That School is Starting Soon


A.  Giant bins in the store, once filled with beach balls, are replaced overnight with cheap spiral notebooks… 61 more words

Dark Humor

The Art Of Self-Defense (2019)

While walking home from the grocery store, mild-mannered accountant Casey Davies is beaten by a biker gang. This traumatizes him, and he begins desperately searching for some means to defend himself. 756 more words

Film Review

Finishing What God Started

Finishing What God Started

Once the polar ice has melted and the animals departed,
It’s only right that we continue on with what we’ve started. 33 more words