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My Mid-Life Crisis

It snuck up on me, this middle age bullshit. My whole world started going completely haywire about five years ago, and in a blink of the eye I am watching myself creep closer and closer to forty. 318 more words

Dark Humor

Sleep Paralysis Adventures Pt.1

Not everyone experiences sleep paralysis – and those people are lucky but at the same time it can be an interesting concept. So for people who have or haven’t experienced it – let this sink in. 429 more words

Animals. Adult content ahead. Ch1 & 2

This is based entirely on a dream and I took the dream which I will describe soon and decided to make an entire story showing the individual animal sides to our characters or main characters for such a thing, plus it has been ages since I’ve done a story based on the old concept of collars which is a concept from Nayu’s world that will be expanded on slightly later on. 12,719 more words

Deathnight of the Apocalypse #23

Disclaimer: This cartoon is not for people who are easily offended and/or don’t understand humor.

Meno Silencio



I guess “thank you” to Vinegar Syndrome is in order for saving yet another obscure cult movie from oblivion. Strangely, I hadn’t heard of… 1,059 more words

Movie Review

Genie In The Bottle

Genie in the bottle in the office that his father had

glistening by the portrait of  family with his mom and dad

blowing in his ear of things that he thought were bad… 444 more words

Mattel's 'real swords for kids' toyline discontinued amid poor sales, industry shocked

This past summer, Mattel rolled out advertisements for a new toyline dubbed Swords For Kids. First up was the a toy called Student Samurai. 1,221 more words