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Batman: The Killing Joke (2016)

Reviewer: Zep the Bear


Batman: The Killing Joke


There has been an abundance of discussion about the portrayal of Batgirl/Barbara Gordon since Batman: The Killing Joke… 751 more words


About That Bro's Batman T-Shirt, or, Dark Night: A True Batman Story

People tend to think of cosplay as something that happens at comic book conventions, but you’d be surprised the amount of Supermen and Wonder Women you see at marathons and other races. 473 more words

Pony Tricks

WIP: Tank Glamour, Episode II

I spent the better part of yesterday in front of the Summoning Bell and Market Board, fiddling with my new tank glamour. While I was doing Palace of the Dead, I picked up the… 822 more words


Four Years Later...

On July 20th, 2012, a bunch of bat-fans just wanted to see a movie in Aurora, Colorado.

Four years and a day later, not enough has changed.  190 more words

4 Color Sequentials #8: 'California Adventures'

This week we’re back from a small hiatus. We cover Dominick’s California adventures, including his family’s private OJ Murder Tour and a tour of the Warner Bros. 44 more words


Will the new Batman movie be set in Arkham Asylum?

Not even six months after the release of Ben Affleck’s first outing as the caped crusader in the lukewarm Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and rumours are already circulating about his next portrayal. 287 more words