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10 Greatest Batman Quotes

Because the writer in me always wanted to write about the character i worship! How can we ever thank Nolan for bringing these amazing characters to life in these movies? 465 more words

Even Mass Murders Have Mothers and Fathers

This column first appeared in The Arizona Daily Star on September 8, 2015.

Mass Murderers are no different than you and me: at some point everyone had a mother and a father. 943 more words

Criminal Justice

"The Dark Knight III: The Master Race" Retailer Variant Covers [IMAGE Gallery]

The third installment of the both very much acclaimed and incredibly admonished series of Batman’s future, The Dark Knight, is finally coming out with its third installment.  182 more words

Variant Cover

The Wes Corwin Has Friends Podcast: Nick Saverino

By Wes Corwin

We’re now halfway through the existing WCHF episodes! And they only get slightly further from 30 minutes in length from hear!

3 Things I learned from Interviewing (at-the-time) recent transplant to the Austin comedy scene and master of exuberance, Nick Saverino. 180 more words


Happy Batman Day!

For some reason today we celebrate the awesomeness of the Dark Knight.  I’m not sure why, but I’m not complaining.  So put on your Batman shirts and your Detective Comics underoos and read a comic, watch a TV show or movie or do the Batusi, anything to show your love for DC’s iconic character.

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