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The Super Bowl Pulls No Punches

Heading into the midst of a golden Super Bowl weekend, the studios hard hit with their own brand of “super” indeed.

It may only be the beginning of the year, but with Super Bowl Sunday captivating more than 100 million television viewers world wide, the studios have upped the ante with longer teases and full-on trailers for their upcoming summer movie slate — and then some! 475 more words

DC Comics

A Dark Night - Short Story

I’d heard he wasn’t the most punctual of people, but a second past fifteen minutes is the beginning of unforgivable tardiness. Teetering on the edge of giving up hope I suddenly saw something above. 857 more words


Going Bats!

Since the announcement of the release date of Zack Snyder’s highly anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, fans of the caped crusader are eagerly looking forward to seeing the iconic, gadget-loaded automobile – the Batmobile – in action again. 254 more words


Glamour Spotlight: Tank (New!)

I mentioned last week that I wasn’t particularly happy with my tank glamour. Well, after my Free Company finished decorating our new home last night, I had a lot of idle time since I had already finished up with various tasks for the weekly lockout period—and as often happens, that meant I started playing around with stuff for tank again. 378 more words


Who is insane ? Joker or Batman ?

Joker Vs Batman

So you’ve got a dangerous psychopath who goes around killing people and ruining lives for fun. A real dyed in the wool killer, who sees the dark humor in everything. 442 more words


The Dark Knight

A mix of Batman styles from over the years. Created in 123D Sculpt+ and rendered using the Sketchfab website. 7 more words

123D Creature