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Heath Ledger: 9 ans déjà

Il y a 9 ans Heath Ledger nous quittait à l’age de 28 ans en nous laissant une interprétation mémorable du Joker.

Le débat ici ne sera pas de définir quel acteur a fait le meilleur Joker (je m’attaquerai peut-être à ce sujet un jour). 331 more words


Jared Leto's Joker

So, I saw this picture somewhere on my Facebook feed last night and I just have to say something about it:

I think this is absolutely untrue. 286 more words


Editorial: Hollywood Exploitation-Does 'Dark Night' Cross The Line?

Hollywood is certainly no stranger to exploitation. With a business model that teaches studios to follow the money, the consumer’s should be accustomed to the growing number of films that manipulate and routinely prey on our empathetic nature. 931 more words


David S. Goyer and Justin Rhodes To Write Green Lantern Corps

Warner Bros. is moving forward with a Green Lantern Corps film. David S. Goyer and Justin Rhodes are on board to write the script. Goyer, who co-wrote Christopher Nolan’s… 120 more words


Glamour Spotlight: Paladin (12/26/16)

Well, that didn’t last long.

I was actually dissatisfied with my last Paladin glamour by the time I posted the latest Ninja one, but I didn’t have an opportunity to do anything different until over the weekend. 473 more words