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Anatomy of a scene: Joker vs Batman in the Dark Knight

Today was an incredible day; I crossed off one major item from my bucket list, and voluntarily threw myself out of a plane and free-fell for a good-ish amount of time before deploying my parachute and thanking the faceless stars for their apparent intervention in my fate. 470 more words


The dizziness of freedom

One can get a glimpse of the brilliance of Søren Kierkegaard in his book, “Sickness Unto Death“. It is a compact and dense text – but not to be underestimated for its smallness of size. 439 more words


Spotlight on Cinematography: All Lined Up

My personal Instagram features many a photo of crisp clean lines. Whether it be rafters or sidewalks or warehouses, I am endlessly enamored by the orderliness and structure of long lines. 92 more words


Gotham Needs a New Hero

One of the most enigmatic players in baseball, Matt Harvey is a talented athlete whose career has been somewhat marred by injuries and off the field issues. 600 more words


Glamour Spotlight: Tanks #27

Sometimes I just get really random ideas while I’m wandering around in-game. The most recent occurrence of this had me suddenly wanting to make my tank glamour more fitting for Paladin and also to use the Custom-made Cuirass, which is a piece I’ve flirted with in the past but never really committed to. 662 more words


When Superheroes become humans

I remember seeing the movie Batman and Robin starring George Clooney as Batman back in the late 1990s. It was not impressive. Then came Spider-man movie series starring Tobey Maguire from 2002. 812 more words