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Find Hope In The Edgy Pop Territory Of Bloom Twins’ “Set Us Free”

“You gotta set us / Set us free” chant Bloom Twins. The Ukrainian twin poptresses, Bloom Twins, take us into an edgy pop territory throbbing with hope in their new single “Set Us Free.” There is a cry for freedom in the piercingly wispy vocals of the duo amidst the marching thumps that enter your ears in midtempo. 161 more words


Post Punk Dark Pop

JORDAN STEAD (Bass)/ “POSS” STRICKLAND (Vocals/Guitar)/ STEVE WHITFIELD (Guitar/Vocals) / ASH (Drums)

Leeds based KLAMMER put a contemporary twist on the post-punk vibe. Although there’s plenty of hooks in their songs there’s an edgy, dark broodiness coursing through the sound of the band. 107 more words

No:carrier – Broken Rainbow

No:carrier is a duo comprised of producer Chris Wirsig and singer Cynthia Wechselberger who formed the band in Germany back in mid-1990s. In 2012, Wirsig relocated to California whereas Wechselberger stayed in Germany; however, the two continued expanding their project and have added more singers from San Francisco (Lauralee Brown, Liza Marie Sparks) and Los Angeles (Scilla Siekmann, Bobby Halvorson). 708 more words


Aquilo Shared “Sorry” For Making You Wait For Their Debut Album Until 2017

British duo, Aquilo, knows how to remove the cheesiness out of the heart-wrenching pop equation and peel off different layers of emotions that make their sound feel more therapeutic than melancholic. 139 more words


Get Immersed Into The Dark Atmospheric Layers Of Elsa Carmona's “Ritual”

Sweden-based songstress, Elsa Carmona, knows how to stack up different layers of moodiness with mellow yet ADHD-taming melodic stacks with her new single “Ritual.” Her crisp vocals deliberately nestles within the sea of fuzzy synths and wobbly percussions sound familiar – if you think you’re imagining things, you may be semi-right. 85 more words


Mysterious Swedish Gal, Laura Nox, Unveils Her Video “Save A Little Love”

Mysterious Swedish poptress, Laura Nox, shared her video for her debut single “Save A Little Love” – a cloudy, theatrical electropop that suspends you with intensity. 63 more words


Dividing Light from Dark, Covenant Edge Back from the Dancefloor with a Smoldering Dark Pop Gem

Just as the name ‘Covenant’ evokes that Biblical pact of ancient times, so too did the title of the Swedish electro-titans’ 2013 album… 978 more words