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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio: Apocalips (CD, 2006/2012)

If the Satyriasis split was an unquestionable apex in ORE’s discography, then Apocalips, released the following year, is sadly a step down in quality. It continues exploring by and large the same themes both lyrically and musically, with the rather repetitive industrial/neofolk song structure being complemented by more ‘musical’ instrumentation, and Tomas’ vocals moving at times more towards singing rather than spoken word, and having an increasingly sensual edge to them. 189 more words


Aquilo Released a Live EP So We Can Re-Savor Their Darksweet Rawness

When it comes to British synthpop duo, Aquilo, we are caught in ambivalence – lyrically they have some saccharine lines that you’d expect to eyeroll, but instead you end up reciting it in the shower and feasting on its bittersweet cheesiness – oh Cheesus. 161 more words


Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio/Spiritual Front: Satyriasis (CD, 2005)

I was given this CD as a Yule gift from my girlfriend at the time. If I recall things correctly, which is a thing that can often justly be called into question, it was the same Yule evening that I proposed to her, which would mean Yule 2005. 240 more words


Meet the Mysterious Canadian Duo P’ARIS

There are only three things that we know about the band P’ARIS: 1) it’s a Canadian duo, 2) they craft electropop and 3) that electropop is amazeballer. 152 more words


TENDER - Afternoon

Moody little dark pop number from North London new comers TENDER. Check out here:

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Lila Rose - "We Animals" Review

Lila Rose released one of my favourite albums of 2012 “Heart Machine” and returned in 2015 with her follow up album “We Animals”. What made me initially love her first album was the interplay between vocal, drum and piano. 733 more words