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The belief that the world is a ‪#‎illusion‬ , a “‪#‎hologram‬” , has roots in ‪#‎physics‬ and ‪#‎religion‬. Sensory input that makes order and meaning out of what is merely atoms . 38 more words

Small Thank yous...

Appreciation is a mild gesture to those who full fill our deepest desires . Yet sometimes, it is socially  the best form of expression .  If you express all that you felt inside  it might scare away or frighten your loved one. 25 more words

Listen: Emmy Wildwood - "Scream"

You may have heard it in promos for FOX’s new fall show, Scream Queens featuring Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, other Hollywood starlets, and last but not least scream queen herself– Jamie Lee Curtis. 49 more words