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Marineros “Secretos” Show Us Rated R Carnal Passion

Back in middle school, we took sex-ed. But instead of learning about contraception, we ended up watching a 70s VHS of some chic who gets caught making out intensely with a classmate and gets sent away from butffuck town in a train cus she brought shame to the family #townwhore #classmatecest. 94 more words


Oyster Kids - "Creepy"

L.A. pop group, Oyster Kids, premiered their debut single “Creepy” and in the words of Larry David, its pretty pretty pretty good. Well actually, the track is outstanding. 44 more words

We’re Edgy-Dancing w/ Hello Seahorse! “Me He Convertido”

There’s a dance epidemic in Mexico – Carla Morrison showed us her moves in “Un Beso” video a few weeks ago and now Hello Seahorse! has debuted their “Me He Convertido” (“I Have Become”) video where a self-saboteur gothic-ish woman dances with a monster. 132 more words


Crate-Digging Quick Takes: Makeup - Divine Fashion

(Dagger Forest, 2015)

I won’t pretend to have the pulse of the underground London electronic scene or its cassette culture (I know more about the French in this regard, for some inexplicable reason), especially sitting here in my beach chair on the sunny old Florida coast, but I know a good tune when I hear one. 347 more words


Meet the Sensual Voices of Chile: Marineros

“Existentialism and romance pop” is how the Chilean female duo Marineros (Sailors) label their music – we disagree. They should call it sensual hypnotic pop. Comprised of Soledad (guitar & vocals) and Cer (vocals), these two emit a dark pop resemblance to Lorde but with a psychedelic spark. 86 more words


The Neighbourhood: R.I.P. 2 My Youth (music video)

The Neighbourhood released their music video for the song “R.I.P 2 My Youth” today which was directed by Hype Williams. The video is shot in black and white in typical Neighbourhood-style. Check it out above.



Melbourne collective RKDA crept onto the aussie music scene earlier in the year with the release of their debut track Meta. Meta was a track which to me seemed to come from a chaotic and confusing place of sharp edges and industrialised synths. 168 more words

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