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Meet Rising Dark Pop/Androgynous Artist: Andrea Di Giovanni

Exuding a dark glamour and enigmatic aura, Andrea Di Giovanni is the latest rising artist who is taking over the dark pop scene in UK. Think of The Weeknd, Zayn, and Perfume Genius, but with a deeper vocal substance. 116 more words


Get Your Hands On Deux Trois’ New Onanistic Single “Late Night Girls”

It’s not common to find songs about onanism since it’s kinda hard to go around it without being too porn-level explicit or 007-level enigmatic. But Deux Trois really scored the intimate relationship we have with our hands in their new single “Late Night Girls.” It’s a playful anthem that smiles upon its anti-innocence where the rolling drumbeats and gusting choruses flood you with the euphoria of self-love. 129 more words


Obsessed: Night Drive - "Anyone's Ghost"

If you are a true, avid fan of Musically Amusing, you should know that I am OBSESSED with Night Drive. Their debut album last year was fire. 85 more words


Black Light White Light Go On A Psychedelic Desert Wandering In “Horizons”

Danish/Swedish act Black Light White Light guides us through the insanity and primal desire for company in his new video “Horizons” where we follow a desert wanderer struggle with his own loneliness. 180 more words


Sampson Cuts Through Your Existential Fears In Her Haunting Single “Damned”

We’ve all been there – you’re stuck between Postmating and indulging in cabin fever or going out and socializing with friends and frienemies. You’re doomed either way. 132 more words


PLYA Shares New Video “Feast My Eye” Featuring Actor Gabriel Thomson

London-based trio PLYA walks us through the disintegration of an unfaithful relationship in their dark video “Feat My Eye: featuring My Family’s actor Gabriel Thomson. 65 more words


Jedidiah Captures Spontaneity Through Touch In His Video “Crowd”

With slow-burning croons and smoky ambience, Jedidiah places us into a monochromatic world of tactile pleasures in his new video “Crowd.” The breathy choruses and the fluid melody rushes through your skin while exhaling a misty air. 117 more words