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Friday Morning Coffee Break: Darkroastedblend.com

Good morning today. Indeed. The sun is out, the birds are chirping and the weather is unusally warm today. Nothing better to do than wake up and enjoy the view. 317 more words


Urban Decay

I’ve always been fascinate by desolation and abandoned places. Places created by man but have been left abandoned and left to nature.

The Atlantic just posted these a series of pictures taken inside one of Chernobyl’s abandoned hospital’s… 81 more words


dark roasted blend

Big Mister loves this blog and I have just remembered to look at it.  (Never mind.)    Here is how the authors represent the blog:

dark roasted blend:  ‘highly visual “Weird & Wonderful” online magazine to complement your daily coffee ritual.’ 115 more words


A Vision of Space from the 50s.

Dark Roasted Blend has a collection of some beautiful and rare vintage visions of space from the 1950s.  Some fantastic creativity at work here….



First things first. I have never been a Harry Potter fan. Honestly I’ve never seen the appeal to it. But a couple of my friends are just way too excited about it. 133 more words

The best and the worst on the net

All of us have a fascination for lists. We like to know the ten best movies, the ten biggest natural disasters (morbid, but morbid fascination is a universal human trait), the richest men, the most fashionable women, … 151 more words


Numbers and Pictures

Clearly, I am on a numbers and pictures kick (probably because I am too lazy to read anything lengthy). Anyway, here are 2 lists of Top 10 (or possibly just 12, but not “Top”) grouping of pictures that the author came up with to show you they can make connections amoung similar concepts and/or imagery. 208 more words