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Shouldn't May 5 Be Dark Side Day?

I’m sure we all know that May 4th is known as Star Wars day. If you don’t know, then you probably don’t care and can probably stop reading this post. 126 more words

Dark Attitude

I think this photo kind of speaks for itself here. I am in a mood and I think it is a little mysterious and dark. Who knows why really but I am having a blast with it :) Too many fairs are feeding my dark side at the moment, so maybe it can feed yours as well. 87 more words

"May the Fourth" Indeed...

Look, I know the Galactic Empire isn’t perfect, but it is only in the firm grip of their iron grasp that I truly feel safe these days as an interplanetary citizen, what with all these rebels blowing up perfectly good tax-dollar-funded space stations and ships, along with the pilots of those vessels who were just trying to provide for their family with a nice government job. 70 more words

Creative Writing

May the Fourth Be With You 

My thoughts on May the Fourth:

I wanted to be a Jedi. Desperately. Still do. Only now I probably look more like Yoda than Princess Leia. 112 more words

May the Fourth be with you!

Have an amazing Star Wars day!

Today’s is May the Fourth, so I hope the Force is with you during this week!  I had a crazy and busy time at work last week, which didn’t let me post, but this week I’m ready! 14 more words


Dark Side parking

I don’t like figures! Better to say I don’t generally like ordinary figures, and the ones that cost as much as a premium model I won’t buy out of this exact reason. 687 more words


Being mentally unstable for a few days.

These few days I embrace a new identity: being mentally unstable. I have to admit when I should finally breathe freedom, I find myself trapped. I found myself powerless. 418 more words