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Everybody has a dark side

I’m convinced that most people have a dark side that they hide form everyone. Some to the point that they forget this messed up part of themselves. 213 more words

2015 WClub Announces First Collection

If you are a lover of lingerie basic dolls and you chose this year to join the WClub, you chose well.  They just released their first capsule collection of ITBE Basics. 416 more words

Fashion Royalty

Enter the Darkness (Sitticus pubescens jumping spider)

Sometimes the shadows created by the rigid placement of my flash don’t work to great effect: they can be heavy to the point of distracting or distorting. 127 more words

Macro Photography

Obama’s Walk on the “Dark Side”


For commenting President Obama does not love America, former New  York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani need be admonished. 1,070 more words


Me And My Shadow

Welcome back my grinning friend

You’ve been away far, far too long

Where the HELL have you been?

No wait, you best not answer me… 152 more words

Images And Words

Woodrow Wilson and the Ukraine

In my book I talk about the “dark side” : those territories we tread when we do not acknowledge what is sacred about our humanity.   We’re seeing plenty of the dark side now on the news as a cult of death spins out of control in the Middle East, threatening to draw young people from all over the world into its arms.   502 more words


Yoda: The Best Benevolent Movie Alien, He Is

It’s Debate Day on Trope and Dagger! This week we’re discussing the best movie alien. We’ve split the debate into two categories: best benevolent alien, and best evil alien. 1,060 more words

Debate Day