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How Important is Trust?

“Relax, Stevie, this won’t hurt.”

Early in his memoir, On Writing, and in his life, Stephen King described an experience with a doctor and his mother. 1,052 more words

Human Behavior

Her dark side...

I wanted to believe that she could do no wrong. I really did. Things began to happen though, that changed how I felt about her. Big things. 624 more words


I'd Be Lying

I’d be lying if I told you I don’t miss your touch

I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t miss you so much… 108 more words

New Poetry


Note to self: you’re not a super hero, respect your limits.

1 Word A Day

Why "ténèbreuse"?

I thought you might ask. Well, she has a name, another name; and that will remain between us two, for now. But I can tell you how I happen upon the object ténèbreuse. 427 more words


~I Thought~

I thought  you could handle me

But you obviously cannot handle my wild and soulful heart

I thought you knew me

I didn’t think you’d be this shady… 138 more words

New Poetry