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Dark Souls Top 10 Weapons - New and Improved!

Here is the link to the video if you want to see these Top 10 Weapons in action:


There is probably no other game where the selection of your weapon is as important as in Dark Souls.  2,280 more words

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Dark Souls Magic Guide

I don’t know everything, but I wanted to give this a shot.  Dark Souls guide for Beginners Magic.

There are 3 types of Magic: Miracles, spells/sorcery, and pyromancy.   2,351 more words

Dark Souls PC - Kalameet and Gough (the Obsidian Greatsword)

I took advantage of the long weekend to get more intimate with Dark Souls PC.  I am starting my fourth playthrough of the new content and I am finally feeling comfortable with the boss fights.   351 more words

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Dark Souls Washing Pole - Dark Sun Gwyndolin

Here is the video for the optional boss fight against Dark Sun Gwyndolin.

Washing Pole Strategy
Dark Sun Gwyndolin rates high on the frustration meter. The fight takes places in an endless corridor. 228 more words

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