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Armored Core Needs a Reboot, Not a Sequel

As From Software’s focus shifts towards the PlayStation 4 hit Bloodborne and the continuation of their breakout Souls series, which could be seen as the company’s first major breakthrough hit in western games markets, one of the developer’s longer standing franchises… 1,063 more words


Dark Souls Series Reaches a Massive 8.5 Million Sales

Dark Souls known for its difficulty and challenging player verses player (PVP) components has reached and surpassed 8.5 million sales, 3.5 million of those were on PC. 207 more words


Check Out #EDGE's New Cover Featuring 'DARK SOULS III'

The issue is out tomorrow, according to Edge Magazine’s twitter.


'DARK SOULS'- Series Has Sold 8 Million Copies

According to gaming- site Destructoid, the ‘Dark Souls’- series has now sold in 8 million copies. The numbers are taken from Famitsu, who took it from the series’ developer From Software’s presentation. 50 more words


New Lap Record, or, More Like Bloodboring Am I Right? (The Blog Post)

It only took me a twelfth of the time I spent beating Dark Souls to beat its spiritual sequel Bloodborne. Which is to say rather than roughly four years it took me roughly four months. 636 more words

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The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is a spectacular game. Epic in scope, the game boasts an incredible story of both length and engagement. It has tons of interesting, fully-realized characters, locations, lore, and monsters. 1,038 more words

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Wilfwrite reviews - Dark Souls - not the hardest game in the world but one of the most rewarding

Dark Souls is an action RPG that came out in 2011 and was praised as one of the best games of the generation/all time. It does deserve the praise it gets and here we are going to discuss how challenge and effort are actually good things in an industry where spectacle and ease of progression are almost ubiquitous… 1,614 more words