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Dark Souls 3: Arrows To The Everywhere

From Software have released a new gameplay video, showcasing the Thief class, and it certainly seems much faster than before.

The video, all in Japanese, shows the character in a new, unnamed area, with hooded enemies. 145 more words


Playing A Game The Way The Developer Intended

A lot of games include settings or are easy to mod to allow us to create an experience to suit our needs. These games are considered to be more user-friendly. 1,259 more words


Dark Souls – Can games be art?

Art is something that is very hard to define. Many people have different ideas of what truly makes art… Art. The general consensus is that art is defined by expression. 1,027 more words


More Dark Souls 3 Gameplay

Prepare to Dodge

Leaked Dark Souls 3 gameplay showcases the Thief class.  The gameplay shows off fast paced rolling and easy back-stabbing.  Also, the much faster bow and arrow is shown off.   10 more words


The 10 Coolest From Software Bosses (And The Lamest)

I thought I wouldn’t phrase this list as ‘The 10 Best From Software Bosses’ since nobody really enjoys boss fights in these games, mostly due to their cruel difficulty and ability to make the calmest person a tense mess. 1,289 more words

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PSTS Episode 180 - The Division Beta, Open World-Ness, and Nintendo Accounts (for real)


Jeff and J.D. spent a little bit of intimate time with the Division this weekend and are ready to tell you all about its RPG-y, Mass Effect-y, PvP-y gaminess and if they look forward to it. 42 more words


Everyone's Dead in Dark Souls

Last time on Decently Drifting Dark Souls, we stabbed a skeleton in the dick!  Yeah, yeah, I know, progress through the game, getting ever closer to saving the world, all that stuff that’s kind of important too, but I don’t know that there’s anything else we got that’s ever going to beat stabbing a skeleton in the dick.  2,320 more words

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