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Casual Reviews - Dark Souls III

Guys and gals, let me just say I’ve missed you all. I have moved through 4 time zones, a new climate, and 57 bonfires to bring you this casual review. 1,104 more words


The Value of Story in Contextualizing Gameplay

People who defend stories in video games often claim that stories are valuable because they contextualize gameplay, thereby giving the player valuable information related to play while ostensibly just giving them information about the game’s world or central plot. 1,032 more words

Dark Souls

'Dark Souls 3' Patch Boosts Framerate for PS4 Pro

To prepare for The Ringed City DLC, Dark Souls 3 is receiving a major patch that aims to bring bug fixing and balancing. The patch will go live March 24. 104 more words


Nioh Review: A Samurai Odyssey

Real Talk By: Zombie Zac

Nioh is not an accessible game and like Bloodborne, and Dark Souls before it, success requires many, many deaths. There are tutorials, and the game throws you hints, but none of that matters when it comes to the skill that’s required to battle through it’s many missions. 1,077 more words


The sun muscled manticore

Parental love, chaos magic, and a reason to run.

When I was younger, I believed that adulthood meant escaping any emotional reliance I had on my biological parents. 945 more words

RUMOR: 'Dark Souls 3' Could Come to Nintendo Switch

UPDATE: GameSpot has said it was a mistake for it to say the footage was on the Switch.

Hey everyone! Previously, this video labeled the…

240 more words

My Reactions To Different Weapon Durability Systems

Undoubtedly the most divisive feature in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been its weapon degradation system. The discussion over it has gotten me looking back at how I’ve reacted to weapon degradation in previous games only to find it hasn’t been a uniform reaction at all. 913 more words