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The Big Three of Gaming: Music

By Jw Story

There are three things that make games great. Not being the least important is music. Many games, from side scroling brawlers to sprawling open worlds, use background music and soundtracks that you may not even notice are there- but make the games so much better for it. 728 more words

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Dark Souls 3 moment

Hey everyone Night owl  here to tell you about some funny moments I had playing Dark Souls 3. Lets start with my encounter with the sword master who is near firelink shrine. 317 more words

Gloom -H.P. Lovecraft Inspired Story

Gloom is a action RPG indie game developed by hawec. This game got the some pixel art graphics as the another indie game Limbo. In this game you play as a mysterious hero who got severe amnesia.  125 more words

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The Madness and Majesty of a Dark Souls - Part Two

While the madness of Dark Souls comes from gods and their kin, the madness of Bloodborne comes more from within.  The destruction that has been wrought upon this world was done more by the humans who inhabit it.  1,244 more words


The Madness and Majesty of a Dark Souls - Part One

“Always fear the flame.  Lest you be devoured by it and lose yourself.”  -Quelana of Izalith

“As you once did for the vacuous Rom, grant us eyes, grant us eyes.”  -Micolash, School of Mensis… 1,269 more words


Dark Souls: A Retrospective

I have recently been playing LA Noire and found myself super unsatisfied with the story and gameplay. I don’t quite know why this is. Its not a bad game by any means. 1,190 more words