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Dark Souls 1 and 2, is it Fun?

I’ve always had a slight interest in the game Dark Souls. I’ve watched people play it for a while now, I mean I’ve watched A LOT of game play. 1,829 more words

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What's the LOWDOWN on Dark Souls 3?

The next installment of the Souls series has been visible on the horizon for a few months now, however with Gamescom recently passing (and a few lucky individuals accessing) a playable demo, a summary of what we know can’t hurt. 449 more words

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JerpDoesGames Newsletter #13

PAX Prime 2015

The moment I got back from PAX South earlier this year, I immediately scheduled a trip to PAX Prime. I had a ton of fun last time – it was great to meet up with friends and see what was featured at the event. 991 more words


Does the game have to be so difficult?

I am, at the age of 54, a secret gamer. I have an elderly xbox 360 and enjoy Assassins Creed, Batman series and Dark souls. I am not brilliant at them, with my health issues, but I could hold my own. 476 more words


5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Dark Souls

Dark Souls is a mysterious series, and not many people know about it’s story, origins, or random things you could do. Here are the top five¬†facts I gathered! 344 more words

Dark Souls III Hype Cycle - Part III: Speed Changes

I’m back and this time I’ll tell you about the depth of the speed changes that have been confirmed since the Gamescom gameplay release. Of course nothing is set in stone, this is Dark Souls hype cycle we’re dealing with, but I’m keeping tabs with my sources and will make any amendments as they are presented. 115 more words

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What a Christian Can Learn from "Demonic" Video Games: The Brilliant Narrative of the "Souls" Series

Without fail, every year my grandmother on my mother’s side takes my two older brothers and myself out Christmas shopping when December rolls around. I remember when I was younger I always looked forward to the day Grandma would take us out and she would spend twenty whole dollars on each of us. 2,156 more words