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O narracji minimalistycznej słów kilka

Dark Souls nie ma fabuły” – mógłby powiedzieć nieuważny gracz, który właśnie skończył wspomniany tytuł. Oczywiście bardziej zorientowani gracze w żaden sposób się z tym nie zgodzą i w moment przedstawią kilka tuzinów dowodów na to, że historia oraz świat przedstawiony w serii… 1,120 more words



Wrapped in ancient whispers, a place thought to only exist on old parchments and nothing more. Still those words spurred something in me, and I journeyed great and far on the back of myths and nothing more. 131 more words


Rediscovering Dark Souls

I love Dark Souls.

I think I’ve made that pretty apparent here at the Dojo. I named Dark Souls 3 as my Game of the Year for 2016, placed BloodBorne and Dark Souls 2 within the top five of such lists for their respective years, and really haven’t stopped singing their praises. 534 more words

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A Subjective Take on Video Game Difficulties

1. The Two Extremes of Video Game Difficulties

There are two extremes of difficulties in video games. The first one is about the spoon-feeding games where the players are bombarded with a cesspool of unnecessary hints. 9,084 more words


A Rather Large Axe, the joy of the unexpected ending and preferences

Big Axe, Big Fun: Near the end of Dark Souls, a group of Black Knights guard the Kiln of the First Flame which is essentially the end of the game. 899 more words

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More Favorite Games: Part 1

After almost a month of in depth analysis from all of my favorite games you might feel an empty place in your heart knowing that the series is over.  1,116 more words

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It took me seven years to beat Dark Souls

I laughed at the title of Demon Souls when I first saw it. What the hell kind of name is that? Did me when I was twelve and drawing the Grim Reaper in my notebooks at school to be edgy name this game? 1,140 more words

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