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David's got a blog.

So my wonderful boyfriend, David, that I refer to quite often in this blog of mine started his very own blog. If you happen to be interested in being interested in things, then I’m sure this place will be great. 43 more words

Major New PC Games Worth Playing this October | Geek Snack

Much like most of 2016 so far, October will be a pretty crazy month for gamers, with major new titles coming out almost every week. Heck, a few of the bigger games will even launch on the same day,… 11 more words


Will Miyazaki Make Dark Souls 4?

A recent round table event at Namco Bandai headquarters in Tokyo, Japan has revealed Hidetaka Miyazaki doesn’t plan on making a new Dark Souls game. Fortunately, another installation in the series still may happen. 209 more words

Dark Souls: Rest in Peace

Hidetaka Miyazaki terminated the Souls series a few years ago. In earlier interviews, he’s said as much: Dark Souls should not develop into a franchise. And the creative sparks igniting… 472 more words

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Game Opinion - Lords of the Fallen

I’ve spent 3 pretty lengthy play sessions with Lords of the Fallen, and my opinion of it was changing with each one.

The first session was very frustrating to me, I actively disliked the game at that point, but that’s just because I was approaching it from the wrong angle. 498 more words


Dark Souls - FINALE - Mia Vs. That Dirty Hobo, Gwyn

We finish up, at least the videos of, Mia’s Journey to Become the Dark Soul™ with a full episode of that dirty hobo Gwyn riding me like a horse and swinging a flaming plank back and forth until I die. 103 more words

Dark Souls - PART 60 - The End of Dumpling Man

I finish Seigmeyer and Seiglinde’s plot lines, which is honestly rather tragic at the end, kill Nito (that perpetual chump), and head back into the Painted World of Ariamis to get the most RIDICULOUS armor in the game, which I giggle at mindlessly.