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What Happened With Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2, by most accounts, is a decent game. While its faults were apparent and many fans of the series don’t like it as much as Dark Souls or Demon’s Souls, it still met favorable reviews and currently sits at an 91 on  681 more words

Dark Souls

In defense of "Git Gud"

I have played and beaten every souls game. The community around these games has been contentious with the way it treats new players trying to get into the games. 190 more words

Dark Souls

Best Brutally Hard Video Games For Xbox One And PlayStation 4

Dark Souls is a game that is popular and known for its immense difficulty even though it is not the hardest game of all time but it is for sure the most well crafted hard game. 652 more words


Praising Intensifies: My Ever-Warmer Feelings On Dark Souls III

I have never been a fan of ultra-punishing games. I’ve always felt there were enough challenges in my non-digital life, that I wasn’t driven to… 1,081 more words


Surface Pro Gaming | Episode 7: A New Challenger!

The Original Surface Pro has been a great machine, but now a Surface Pro 3 i7 jumps in the ring to do battle with modern games.


HUDless Bloodborne

Dark Souls and its spiritual successors such as Bloodborne have become household names for players seeking challenging gameplay, thrilling action and blood-pumping adrenaline rushes. Each of From Software’s installments are full of traps, hidden enemies, unbalanced situations, and the like. 1,080 more words


"The Dark Souls Of"

I love Dark Souls as much as the next guy, but even hearing its name is starting to bother me now. Though honestly, this has nothing to do with the game itself. 504 more words