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Faith in Dark Souls: The Mound-makers and Desperation

In this series of blog posts I’d like to explore the importance of religion, and especially faith, to the inhabitants of the dark souls world. Initially I will be focusing on Dark Souls III as the most recent game, but I would like to go back and examine the other games in this series too. 1,235 more words

Dark Souls

Adventurer log - Dark Souls

Before anything else, if you haven’t played Dark Souls yet then it’s better f you don’t read this – yes, I know that the game isn’t exactly new/recent but surely there are people who haven’t played it (I’ve only started it a few weeks ago) yet and certainly don’t want the experience spoiled before hand. 427 more words


Dark Souls 3: Get Good, New Player Impressions

I know, I know I am really late into the Dark Souls series. The third game has already been out for 5 months and the DLC is steadily approaching. 2,740 more words

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Dark Souls - PART 47 - The Great Hollow

I head back into Blighttown for the last time this game cycle to get to one of the last places I haven’t explored yet. It’s a giant, three-dimensional maze filled with murder-children, death drops, and unfortunate clipping errors that might fling you into a death drop.