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Nioh Review

The way of the Samurai is glorious…

The trials and tribulation of the Souls’ series is a rather novel experience for myself, as I originally dipped my toes into this amalgamation of impeccable construct and design with 2015’s Bloodborne. 2,221 more words

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Random Stream: The Life and Death of Choco Dynamo

To live is to die is to live again. Just chillaxin and banging my head against a brick wall in Dark Souls.



Reviewing Fantasy-Adventure Gaming

While gaming may originally have been conceived purely as a leisurely pastime, and continues to be one even today, its evolution throughout the last couple of decades has given rise to many other facets that foster a… 386 more words


Game Therapy: Games Teach Us How To Fail Well, Part 1

It’s getting dark outside, you’ve been playing this game since lunch. It’s your day off and you’re spending it in front of a screen, cursing under your breath every 5 minutes. 1,794 more words


The Internet is Going Crazy for this Dark Souls Cosplayer

Cosplay is a fun hobby and has a massive following of fans across the internet, but many people miss out on the fun of it. “Cosplay” is a word which combines “costume” and “play” although many people miss out on the actual playing part, instead simply posing for photographs and videos. 245 more words

Bloodborne: An Exercise In The Gothic

The Gothic is a particularly interesting genre. Starting off as a sophisticated joke (Horace Walpole’s Castle of Ontranto) it soon worked it’s way into mainstream Victorian literature ( 827 more words

An Analysis of Music in Video Games

Should one understand video game music as a component of the interactive medium in a cinematic matter? Does that interactivity serve as a substantial obstacle to underscoring the emotional and visual current of a video game or does this interactivity present new avenues of understanding? 3,312 more words

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