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Lords of the Fallen, a new Let's Play blind series.

I started a new series where I play blind with no earlier experience of the game Lords of the Fallen. I already uploaded a couple of episodes. 113 more words


Do Video Games Really affect people?

Hi there. First of all, Welcome! come, sit down by the fire, make yourself comfortable. oh, it’s not lit. my bad.

I haven’t played many games for the last few years. 850 more words


Bloodborne Review

With the release of The Old Hunters just on the horizon, I felt it was time that I finally got my review published. As always it will be spoiler free! 1,458 more words


Books that Inspired my Campaigns - Part II

Song of Ice and Fire

This series made me step out of the traditional mold when it came to world-design. Before I read the first novels of the series, my campaign worlds had been pretty standard “European” or it had been Earthdawn (which as a game itself also inspired me a lot). 1,416 more words

Dungeons & Dragons

Nigmabox Rundown (15/11-21/11) Despair Deepens

So, I am now in the weeds regarding a massive group project I have doubts will be completed on time.  I am behind on my next novel, The Malicious Abigale Quinlan after some major retooling occurred.   579 more words


Dark Souls 3 Will Be Final Souls Game?

I read something very interesting this morning. Miyazaki, president of From Software, is planning on ending the Soul series after Dark Souls 3. The long time fan in me is heart broken… 303 more words

From Software

What Bloodborne Can Teach You About Good Writing

Bloodborne, the spiritual successor of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, at its surface, might not seem a very complicated game. In fact, you might miss most of its stories and narrative design if you’re not a very good observer and a competent reader of clues.  835 more words