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Manage Your Anger

Chuck has three apples. If Chuck needs half a cheese wheel to defeat the Nameless King, then where did Jesus hide the prune juice? All these are very valid questions pertaining  to Dark Souls but more importantly, they represent resources that a player can manage to ensure the greatest reward. 526 more words

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Initial Reactions: Dark Souls III DLC Ashes of Ariandel

At long last, the first of the two planned DLCs for Dark Souls III was released just a couple of days ago. Once again we get to return to the snowy Painted World of Ariandel, which makes a triumphant return from the first Dark Souls game. 767 more words


Ashes of Ariandel - Part 5 - TOO MANY SCORPIONS

Billy and Tomas try to come up with fun animal collectives while Tom faces off against a super beast NPC. Tomas gets a visit from his landlord. 21 more words


Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel lore speculation

Note: These suppositions, speculations, revelations and conclusions were reached and realized with the help of Killian (@FionnBran) after a couple of days of ruminating on the items, characters, events, and descriptions contained within… 4,610 more words

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To All The Dark Souls Of The World

So I love Dark Souls; I am a filthy glutton for punishment. I’ve loved Dark Souls since before it was Dark Souls. I remember when I was on my L plates begging a friend to supervise me driving to go get a copy of Demon’s Souls after hearing from… 1,050 more words


Well, the latest (and only) Dark Souls 3 DLC has finally arrived! But does it live up to the high standards the main game set? 35 more words


Could Dark Souls be Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Although the Nintendo Switch has now been revealed, there’s still a lot of mysteries surrounding Nintendo’s upcoming console. For example, we know that Nintendo is trying to rectify their third-party troubles, which have been a thorn in Nintendo’s side for too long now. 527 more words

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