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It’s everywhere. Death is so common that tears seem useless in front of it. When you have to let go, you let go. Death works that way. 465 more words


What I never wanted.

I apologise in advance for the little spam I’ll be doing right now. I’m not sorry though. I’m just being nice.

“This is what I never wanted.

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So there, she sat, Ms. Mushroom, all long rooting tendrils and all, and turned to the maggot, eating its fill on the rotting bathroom door. 342 more words

Moulin Rouge Waltz [An Encore Post]

As we swayed around the ballroom, she kept her jade mask pressed on her face. It was a masquerade, after all. But I’ve always felt it inappropriate to sport disguises while dancing , so I asked her if I could have the honor of glancing at her face. 352 more words


One And The Same

So, I’m at it again, it seems. Poetry. This came to me during Biology class. Not sure how exactly that happened.

You hit me down, you toss me to the ground… 199 more words



So I was leafing through old books and files in the attic the other day and came across two poems that I wrote way back when I was nine years old.  219 more words


dark stuff / good stuff

I want to make plain from the outset why I’ve called my show and this blog dark stuff. I know of course that dark stuff or really just dark anything could connote the old racial epithets slung at Black Americans. 2,332 more words