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A Limerick

I trudged around with feet of lead,

To calm my mind and soothe my head,

So I talked to a friend,

For hours on end, 12 more words

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My One Mistake

I could feel her gaze upon me,
Even when I was alone,
I could sense her try to taunt me,
On the metro and at home… 146 more words


Corner Office

“I quit, Mr Abaddon,” I sigh, my fingers twisting around the hem of my skirt as my palms start to feel clammy again. Stay strong, … 451 more words

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Thanks A Lot, Kathryn

The metro creaks along its rickety tracks, the fluorescent lights flickering to expose the handful of passengers seated in its garish seats. Fourteen stops, I count mentally. 482 more words

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How Blue Is My Sapphire - The Final Chapter

This I am taken aback by.

“What are you trying to say??” I spit out just as Emma shouts, “Really?? After all those rehearsals, THAT’S how you say it?? 1,033 more words

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How Blue Is My Sapphire - Chapter Two

I must have slipped into a nap because I am woken up with a start when I hear Emma punching the buzzer, waiting to be let in. 637 more words

Dark Stuff

Goodbye at Last

He left her there
Crying in the hotel room
To party with his pals

He left her crying
To go drinking
Because he couldn’t deal with her… 397 more words