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So this is what depression is. It’s midnight, and you’re in your bed, but you’re flat on your back with your feet shoulder width apart and your arms by your sides. 420 more words


An Extract From my WTNV Fanfic, Ode to Radio

It whispers.

It’s a worm in the ear, crawling into his head, whispering, and it’s the whispers, they spread into his head, a disease. A black disease, everywhere. 659 more words


Have Gotten Sick and am Having an Existential Crisis

You know when you tell someone you have no idea what to do with your future and they reply with “well, what do you want… 726 more words


One-Liner Wednesday -- Gravity

What good is a gravity theory that can’t find 96% of the stuff it says is out there?

Linked to Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday… 19 more words


A Limerick

I trudged around with feet of lead,

To calm my mind and soothe my head,

So I talked to a friend,

For hours on end, 12 more words

Dark Stuff

My One Mistake

I could feel her gaze upon me,
Even when I was alone,
I could sense her try to taunt me,
On the metro and at home… 146 more words


Corner Office

“I quit, Mr Abaddon,” I sigh, my fingers twisting around the hem of my skirt as my palms start to feel clammy again. Stay strong, … 451 more words

Dark Stuff