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Prep bench update

I’m not dead…yet! Mostly been spending any hobby time I get here and there doing some prep work so that I can focus on painting this winter. 44 more words


Half Orc on Pony

One of the ‘creations’ from AD&D that made it’s way into Warhammer Fantasy Battle (WFB) was the Half Orc.

Supposedly a product of *ahem* ‘union’ between Humans and Orcs, there was also the possibility of gene pools being mixed further with Goblin and Hobgoblins also supposedly able to procreate with Humans. 574 more words


Home from ReaperCon 2015

I was finally able to make it to ReaperCon and I had a blast. So many awesome people, inspiring artists, fun games and beautiful miniatures.  I wish I had brought a camera but my luggage was already quite hefty so it didn’t make the cut. 726 more words

Reaper Miniatures

WIP Dark Sword Female Undead Hunter

Here are some quick WIP shots of a current commission of a Female Undead Hunter from Dark Sword Miniatures. This mini is really beautiful, and the details are so tiny…also, the face is extremely well done. 50 more words


Tyrion Lannister

As I said before, at first I had huge problems deciding on an anti-hero for the last AHPC theme round at first, but in the end I could not pick between Discworlds Death and this one. 553 more words

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge

DSM-1150 Female Thief

I finished off the female thief I started work on at the January NEMPA meeting.  Less than one month to get a miniature done! The original plan was to use her as my character in a one-shot that was intended to be today, but it got snowed out. 95 more words