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Tyrion Lannister

As I said before, at first I had huge problems deciding on an anti-hero for the last AHPC theme round at first, but in the end I could not pick between Discworlds Death and this one. 553 more words

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge

DSM-1150 Female Thief

I finished off the female thief I started work on at the January NEMPA meeting.  Less than one month to get a miniature done! The original plan was to use her as my character in a one-shot that was intended to be today, but it got snowed out. 95 more words


Saturday Prepday

Started today’s bench time with assembly. Didn’t plan ahead and wasted a bunch of GS, I like to let my superglued joints sit overnight before poking GS into gaps, woops. 175 more words


DSM-1150 Female Thief - Update 3

The game for Wasp got snowed out (but will be rescheduled later), which is actually convenient because I decided not to use this miniature for her.  125 more words


Sunday WIPs

Championship Sunday, nice crackling fire, cat nestled on the blanket nearby…perfect hobby day. I spent it on a variety of things old and new.

I dusted off the Keeper, who has been languishing for a looong time on the bench. 231 more words


DSM-1150 Female Thief - Update 2

I made some good progress today on Wasp (that’s the character’s name).  Did face and skin, hair and started on the shirt and blade.


DSM-1150 Female Thief - Update 1

I am painting up this lady quickly (I hope) for an upcoming one-shot game.  I started her at the Jan 2015 of NEMPA at the Citadel Game Cellar in Groton, CT.  29 more words