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What is Dark Tourism?

Dark tourism involves going to places associated with death and tragedy, like former prisons, sites of natural disaster, or Walmart on Black Friday.

It’s not a new thing – gladiator games in ancient Rome, public executions, etc. 399 more words


Dark Tourism

The Holocaust has long been an event of shame in history, an almost unrealistic event at that. The Nazis exterminated 6 million Jews, with another 5 million being killed of different races that were all considered inferior. 1,098 more words


LBS academic Elspeth Frew featured on ABC Radio National’s Blueprint for Living

Recently, La Trobe Business School Associate Professor Elspeth Frew, was featured on the ABC Radio National Show Blueprint for Living, where she spoke about the ethics of dark tourism and why people are attracted to sites like tourism sites of war, disaster, murder and unrest. 9 more words


Walking Tour in Viña del Mar and Valparaíso's Cemetery

Our Company offers night tours in Playa Ancha’s cemetery, Pantheon Hill cemetery in Valparaíso and Santa Inés cemetery in Viña del Mar.

The tour starts at 9pm and is at least a 2 hours tour. 92 more words

Cambodia's dark history

An overview on ‘dark tourism’

Termed ‘Dark Tourism’ the act of visiting sites of horror and death has become increasingly attractive to tourists.

The morality of this type of tourism is an obvious and heavily discussed subject, ethically the exploitation of such sites of death causes concern and anxiety which the media often sheds light on. 1,088 more words


From abandoned buildings to amusement parks, these are the places the world forgot

Holidays don’t always have to be about sunshine and beaches; they can be dark also. Here I list some not-so-happy places that you can venture to. 23 more words


Abhorrent Bodies: Burying Evil

The Wal-Hamdu-Lillah Cemetery hails itself as California’s first Islamic cemetery, a 20-acre mortuary and burial ground established in 1998.  The cemetery adheres to Sharia burial rites… 1,828 more words