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Get In Or Get Out----The Clink Prison Museum

So follow up my last trip to Jack the Ripper Museum, on my hunt last Halloween weekend to find new creepy places to visit I came across The Clink Prison Museum! 719 more words

Simply Fluffing Around

The Crime Museum Uncovered and the edges of dark tourism

Above is a screenshot of my post at The Conversation. Below is a fuller and earlier version:

A few weeks ago I made a long-anticipated pilgrimage to… 994 more words


"Fancy Going to the Empire of Death" in THE GUARDIAN

My article on “dark tourism” and our desire to visit places associated with death is out in The Guardian today, featuring some stunning photos by… 9 more words


Transnistria - A Sliver of Land Hanging on to it's Soviet Roots.

On route to see the catacombs in Odessa, we crossed through the self-declared country of Transnistria which still clings to its Soviet roots. A sliver of land between the River Dniester and the eastern Moldovan border with Ukraine, Transnistria has its own government, parliament, currency, and passport, but remains unrecognized internationally – except for Russia, which has a base there with about 1,350 soldiers and heavy weapons. 122 more words

Photo Essay

Urban exploration as deviant leisure

By Theo Kindynis (University of Greenwich)

Recreational trespass, or as it has become known in recent years, “urban exploration” (often abbreviated as UrbEx or UE) is the practice of illicitly gaining access to forbidden, forgotten or otherwise off-limits places, ‘simply for the joy of doing so’ and / or in order to document them photographically (Garrett, 2013: 21). 3,571 more words

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Oooh, this is good! A very thoughtful essay on the ironies of urbex's 'double-helix' relationship with commodified leisure culture. Too many great quotes to pick from, so this one will do: "the performative project of (individualised) identity construction and intense competition for (subcultural) status are now primary motivations driving the practice of urban exploration towards increasingly spectacular manifestations." Well worth the read...

Phnom Penh - Smiling Gecko Foundation

From Siem Reap we took a 5 hour bus to Phnom Penh and as we started to enter the city, it really reminded us of Hanoi. 1,187 more words


22nd August 2015: The Jack the Ripper Museum and thoughts around "Ripperology"

I have been following the debate around the opening of the new Jack the Ripper Museum at 12 Cable Street, London both on the Museum Association’s LinkedIn pages, and also via the press who have interviewed irate support groups and local communities.  2,007 more words