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'All Travel is About Consumption': The Contentious Nature of Dark Tourism

The statement, ‘all travel is about consumption’, only becomes more contentious when it is said in relation to dark tourism. It is a form associated with death, suffering, violence, and disaster, and the marketing of such macabre subjects brings into question what is ethical, as ‘boundaries between the message (educational, political) and their commercialisation as tourist products has become increasingly blurred.’ 2,296 more words



I had learned about various horrendous aspects of World War II’s Nazi Germany throughout junior high school. While I had always wanted to travel, I had never really considered that I might actually end up on the grounds of one of the most well known sites of… 420 more words


When Life Hands You Lemons...

I had planned to stay only the weekend in Krakow, but there were bigger plans in store for me, as my passport was stolen during my time in the beautiful city. 510 more words


A Celebratory Weekend Trip

The end of the school term at NHTV was Friday, December 18th, 2015. I did not have to write any exams, but I did have to hand in a few papers and some large group projects. 319 more words


Some of the best places for Dark Tourism

If your are fed up with travel itineraries with usual tourist attractions like museums, ancient architecture or natural locations? Dark Tourism is another popular tourist attraction that can creep out travelers. 468 more words

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Odessa Catacombs

Odessa, Ukraine – One of the deepest, darkest places on earth. The Odessa Catacombs stretch an estimated 2,500km, significantly larger than those found below Paris (500km) or Rome (300km).  179 more words


Get In Or Get Out----The Clink Prison Museum

So follow up my last trip to Jack the Ripper Museum, on my hunt last Halloween weekend to find new creepy places to visit I came across The Clink Prison Museum! 719 more words

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