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Respect and Remembrance

Yet another quick link to the difficult subject of respect and “dark tourism”.  This article discusses a personal reaction to seeing selfie sticks at Auschwitz.  The author had a similar reaction to my own on seeing tourists at Pompeii experience the plaster casts purely through their camera lens, as I wrote… 245 more words


The Darker Side of Life

There are times in life when despite how well prepared one is mentally, emotion can still rein supreme. The type of emotion and level of expression which a situation evokes varies from person to person. 653 more words


Dark Cities?

This is a presentation based on research that my colleague Raymond Powell and I have been carrying out into Dark Tourism in Europe.  Raymond gave the presentation at the 2nd Annual Conference of the… 348 more words


The Killing Fields of Cambodia

To keep you is no gain; to lose you is no loss. Khmer Rouge slogan

Choeung Ek | Darrin Henry

Today an unanticipated heavy weight of sadness has draped itself over my shoulders and lodged in my chest as the reality of man’s inhumanity to fellow man is conveyed in harrowing detail on this visit to Cambodia’s Killing Fields.

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Disaster Tourism And The Darker Side Of Travel.

Disaster tourism is essentially the act of travelling to a disaster area out of a matter of curiosity, or using a disaster to create profit in the form of organised tours and treks. 1,386 more words

Responsible Travel

Orphanage Tourism

The term orphanage tourism seems unbelievable when you first hear it. To benefit from the unfortunate is against most peoples human nature but when there is money to be made others are willing to prey on the unsuspecting. 249 more words


The Darker Side of Tourism

It has only been in recent years that dark tourism has been collectively referred to. It can vary from travel to places that have association with death, disaster and destruction. 494 more words