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Dark Tourism in The Town of Light: Dark Heritage, Player Agency and Phenomenological Experience

On Saturday the 2nd of September 2017, I presented my paper on Dark Tourism and The Town of Light at the EAA conference in Maastricht as part of the Session number 275: ‘In Play. 2,648 more words


Lost in Frogner Park, Oslo

“Where are we going?” I asked my Norwegian friend, as we rode the T-bane in a direction I’d never been before. “Oh, it’s this weird statue park. 343 more words

Dark Tourism

La Isla de las Muñecas, Xochimilco Mexico

There’s  something creepy about adults who collect dolls but in my experience, there’s none creeper than Mexico City’s Don Julian. Legend had it that after spending too much time preaching about Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ at a time where Mexican people weren’t really willing to hear it, Don Julian ostracised himself to an island in the Xochimilco Canals, leaving his wife and family in nearby Mexico City. 535 more words

Dark Tourism

Looking at North Korea

In 1945, two Americans drew a line across their map of the Korean Peninsula. Above the 38th parallel, the Soviets would demilitarise the Japanese (who had controlled Korea since 1910), whilst below the task would fall to the Americans. 252 more words

Dark Tourism

Hiroshima: Remembering the atomic bomb

We have mixed views about the two atomic bomb attacks on Japan. Both our Fathers were caught-up in the Pacific War and arguably would not have survived during a prolonged invasion of Japan. 202 more words


Respect Existance or Expect Resistance

August 6th 2017, Bangkok.

I have been lucky enough to be awarded the Magnus Magnusson award by Glasgow Caledonian University.

In July 2017 I travelled to Huay Pakoot – a village 5 hours from Chiang Mai to take part in a volunteer project. 286 more words

Chiang Mai

Euro Road Trip Diary – Day 47

Tuesday 18th July

I woke up shortly after 7am today, at least 2 hours before our usual road trip wake up time. After a quick round of coffee and porridge, we drove straight to Auschwitz ready for a morning of dark tourism. 894 more words