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From trauma to tourism and back again: Port Arthur's history of 'dark tourism'

Richard White, University of Sydney

The 20th anniversary of the massacre at Port Arthur again raises pressing questions – for surviving victims, their families and the Australian community more broadly – about ways of remembering the tragedy. 872 more words



After all of my research, one thing I can conclude is that there is not a singular reason dark tourism  is so popular. Whether visiting burial sites or memorials, people travel to destinations associated with death and suffering for reasons varying from a morbid fascination with the macabre to a need to work through past trauma. 101 more words

Dark Tourism

What’s So ‘Dark’ About ‘Dark Tourism’?

What’s So ‘Dark’ About ‘Dark Tourism’?

This academic article reevaluates the purported “darkness” of “dark tourism.” As with the Venbroux article I included earlier, this study discusses the historical context of death related tourism. 364 more words

Dark Tourism

The Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast

Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast Museum

When most people imagine a bed and breakfast, their thoughts turn to cozy houses in quaint towns. Fall River, Massachusetts might be a quaint New England town, but the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast located within it advertises itself as being anything but cozy. 363 more words

Dark Tourism

Returning to Vietnam

Why US Veterans are returning to Vietnam

War sites and battlegrounds have become popular “dark tourism” destinations; however, some people are returning for very different reasons than others. 205 more words

Dark Tourism

Tourism in the wake of Hurricane Katrina

How bus trips to the scene of Hurricane Katrina make profit from loss

“The intersection of tourism and human tragedy is an uncomfortable one.”

In recent years, there has been controversy over a new kind of tour in New Orleans: tours that visit sites of the destruction following Hurricane Katrina.

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Dark Tourism

Ground Zero Gift Shop

Looking Beyond the Outrage at the 9/11 Memorial Gift Shop

“For New Yorkers, the pain is still fresh. And while there are plenty of inspiring stories attached to the narrative, it’s still too early to celebrate with a commemorative refrigerator magnet, no matter how well intended.

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