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Why I didn't like Berlin!

I have travelled in many countries across Europe, yet in Germany I have been only twice: once in Lubeck (where I spent just a little time with some friends, and we stayed inside their home, mostly all the time) and last week in Berlin, where I got some time to experience the city. 1,049 more words

A Day Out In Canada

My foot caught on a loose piece of icy gravel and I half stumbled on the sleepers of the railway line.  As I regained my balance I looked ahead of me along the railway line to the long station like wooden building with the clock tower where the line passed through, and the group of people I had come to this place with on my day out.  848 more words


Kinugawa Sex Museum in Nikko, Japan

Sex museums in Japan are dying out. Once there were dozens of them all over Japan, now there are only two remaining: The Atami Sex Museum and the Kinugawa Sex Museum in Nikko; the latter one will close its doors for the last time in a week, December 31st 2014 at 5 p.m. 714 more words


Beautiful Absence: The Aesthetics of Dark Heritage

The former Czech village of Lidice is today a peaceful countryside, a neatly cropped rolling field punctuated by a postcard-cute babbling brook and a scatter of trees.  2,328 more words

Alternative to hip vacation: searching for dark tourism in Paris and Milan

When in these days the whole world is filled up with zombies, vampires, witches and all the other similar monstrous creatures from the deepest depths of the ground that may be appropriate to speak about the dark tourism. 426 more words

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Santeria religion, Cuba

Santeria is a fusion religion of West African animism/Voodoo and Christian faith. Africans who were brought to the Caribbean as slaves by Spanish colonialists were converted to the Christian faith but kept their religious roots at the same time. 150 more words

Dark Tourism

Consuming Dark Histories in Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus’ office and workshop sit along the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, Finland, and from his arctic headquarters Santa spends the year checking his list and entertaining visitors to… 2,477 more words